7 thoughts on “Aljazeera The Stream – Atos Accuses Online Critics of Libel – An Interview with John McArdle of Black Triangle

  1. bigleyma says:

    Well done, John. Watched it last night on Aljazeera. Very difficult to get points across in such a limited time, I think you succeeded. Just great that the movement has achieved wider exposure in this way. Anything that widens the audience and highlights the injustice of this governments policies towards the sick and disabaled is good. I think you were brave to take that on on behalf of those who are suffering here.

  2. John W says:

    I watched the item on Aljazeera English last night. It was a very good piece. I find it ironic that this topic had to be covered by a TV channel headquartered in Doha, Qatar. I have not seen any similar coverage on the regular. UK channels. I will certainly follow this site from now on. John

  3. Mo Stewart says:

    Well done Jon! What a star you are, and here’s me wondering why the UK TV channels don’t dare go that far – perhaps Murdock has the answer..?
    I had never before heard about this news chanel, so now I’m older, even more decrepid but better informed….
    Major report going out for the welfare reform debate in hte Lords on 13th, then I’ll publish on Black Triangle.

    Battle on. Mo

  4. Lynn Harrison on Facebook says:

    Great to see you on the telly 😀 You did get many points across, although, next time might be good to go for fewer and give egs of how individuals have been affected. Biggest point for me was Al Jazeera picking up on how disabled people are more or less beng completely ignored by mainstream UK media. Well done John 😀

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