DWP Disability Euthanasia Assistance Application Form – Get One Here

The Black Triangle

Disability Euthanasia Assistance


Crippen's Brilliant take on this subject - Click on the above cartoon to visit his Blog.

They are taking the benefits away from the disabled, they are forcing the disabled to look for work that isn’t there and they are stopping the benefits of disabled who are not fit enough for work – What Next ? Voluntary Euthanasia ?

Let’s let the DWP know how people feel about the horrendous cuts that are being made to the most vulnerable in society and Atos, the sister of the company UnUm who has been totally discredited in the US where they were described as running Disability Denial Factories by downloading, printing off and completing the Disability Euthanasia Assistance Application Form on this page and sending it to the DWP & your MP, lets let them know we have had enough.

Please spread a link to this form, lets have as many hitting the DWP & MP’s as we can

Click this link to download printable .PDF of the DWP Disability Euthanasia Assistance Form (2.00 Mg) PDF

7 thoughts on “DWP Disability Euthanasia Assistance Application Form – Get One Here

  1. Calum says:

    You joke about this, but have you seen how much it costs to go to Dignitas in Switzerland?

    You can save almost £10,000 if you use the new DWP Euthenasia Service. Plus you get a free Black Triangle if you introduce a friend that takes up the kind offer of the DWP to give you the big injection ! ! !

  2. DJ Legless says:

    Brilliant! This will also be handy for those disabled people who feel guilty about claiming what is rightfully theirs and wish to lessen the burden on a system that was set up to help people like them! Pah!
    On a slightly different note, has anyone been watching Torchwood: Miracle Day? I wonder how long it will be until government ministers start a similar classification system for disabled people? Send the most ‘needy’ of us to incinerators to ease the drain on their precious resources!

  3. Psychiatric Abuse Scotland says:

    Killing the disabled many from choice for decades, known as psychiatry. Over 550 patients within Scotland stats years 2009-2010 gave to exit Scottish mental health hospitals never speak family again. This without doubt is the tip. End psychiatric slavery. Support pro-choice fear free services. End invasive compulsary treatment.

  4. Mozza says:

    Thank you for linking to my article, thank you for writing this amazing piece, thank you for your amazing ability at the absurd, and thanks for being you. Mo Stewart

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