PA employers are facing probes into ‘sleep-in’ minimum wage back-pay

  By John  Pring Disability News Service July 27th 2017   Disabled people who employ personal assistants (PAs) are being investigated by the government for failing to pay their PAs the minimum wage during overnight “sleep-in” shifts. HM Revenue and … Continue reading →

Concerns over council’s post-18 support after ombudsman ruling

By John Pring Disability News Service July 2017 A local authority is facing claims that it is breaching the rights of disabled teenagers by denying them the support they need as they prepare for the transition to adulthood. The claims … Continue reading →

Years of austerity have left personal assistance in ‘very fragile state’

By John Pring Disability News Service 6th July 2017   The concept of personal assistance has been severely damaged by years of austerity and policies that have “degraded” the support mechanisms designed to enable independent living, leading figures in the … Continue reading →