Liam Byrne’s article on welfare ‘reform’ is “An insult to the memory of Beveridge” and to victims of crisis

Shadow DWP Minister and Merchant Banker Liam Byrne will tell jobless : One strike and you're out - work or lose six months benefit

Liam Byrne on welfare ‘reform’: “An insult to the memory of Beveridge” The Guardian, Letters, Tuesday 3 January 2012 21.00 GMT Liam Byrne, in his argument for increasingly punitive treatment of benefit claimants (Beveridge for this century, 3 January), draws … Continue reading →

Campaigners attack drive to block benefits appeals as decisions get overturned

The Daily Record

A FIRM employed by the Government to weed outbenefit cheats are losing more than two thirds ofthe appeals against their decisions. Controversial French company Atos are paid £100million a year to get people off disability and sickness benefit. But Citizens … Continue reading →


SCOTLAND Bug 120461

HOLYROOD politicians were last night accused of “grandstanding” by refusing to rubber-stamp the UK Government’s welfare reforms. Nationalists and Labour MSPs united to reject benefit changes linked to Iain Duncan Smith’s shake-up. Among the more controversial measures is the capping … Continue reading →