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‘Responsible Reform – A Report on the proposed changes to Disability Living Allowance’ – Diary of a Benefit Scrounger


Today sees the release of this report which devastatingly exposes the Government’s extreme mendacity in pretending to have properly consulted the disabled people of theUK- when it has in fact grossly misrepresented both our views and claimed our support for … Continue reading →

‘Labour’s untenable position on social security and disability’ – Left Foot Forward

Left Foot Forward

Controversy rages about Labour’s developing position on social security reform as indicated in articles in the Daily Mail and The Guardian, writes Declan Gaffney In the Mail, a source “close to Liam Byrne” says: “Decent Labour voters see their neighbours lie about all day and … Continue reading →

Liam Byrne’s article on welfare ‘reform’ is “An insult to the memory of Beveridge” and to victims of crisis

Shadow DWP Minister and Merchant Banker Liam Byrne will tell jobless : One strike and you're out - work or lose six months benefit

Liam Byrne on welfare ‘reform’: “An insult to the memory of Beveridge” The Guardian, Letters, Tuesday 3 January 2012 21.00 GMT Liam Byrne, in his argument for increasingly punitive treatment of benefit claimants (Beveridge for this century, 3 January), draws … Continue reading →

Anger and shock over BBC’s “offensive” welfare documentary

"Humphrys concludes that the public don't like what they see as a growing sense of entitlement among some groups claiming benefits, and politicians respond to the public mood. He argues that there is strong consensus across political divides, and that reform would edge the UK back towards the original Beveridge vision of welfare."

Outraged campaigners have attacked the BBC for screening an “offensive” documentary about the benefits system. Campaigners say that the documentary – presented by veteran BBC journalist John Humphrys – was “shockingly poor” and little better than “propaganda” for the government’s welfare reforms. … Continue reading →