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THE INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIAL MODELS OF DISABILITY by MIKE OLIVER, B.A. PhD. / READER IN DISABILITY STUDIES, THAMES POLYTECHNIC; Paper presented at Joint Workshop of the Living Options Group and the Research Unit of the Royal College of Physicians

CONCLUSIONS In this paper I have suggested that the medicalisation of disability is inappropriate because it locates the problems of disability in the wrong place; within the individual rather than in society. Further, once the true nature of the problems … Continue reading →

(ISG): THE STRUGGLE AGAINST DISABILITY CUTS GUEST ARTICLE FROM THE BLACK TRIANGLE John McArdle writes from the Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights on the National Week of Protest against ATOS.

On Saturday the 14th of May, we witnessed the obscene spectacle of relatively well-heeled people marching through London in support of the coalition’s program of cuts and austerity and “against the national debt.” No matter that the size of the … Continue reading →


This group is established to galvanise opposition to the current vicious attack on the rights of the disabled by the Government using “Work Capability Assessments” to re-classify genuinely sick and disabled individuals as “fit for work” This site is dedicated … Continue reading →