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So-Called Minister “FOR” Disabled People Maria Miller hails Work Programme and Paralympian ‘Success’ stories as the real solutions to problem of disability hate crime

NOW you too can be a high-achieving Uber-crip! Stop whingeing, pull yourself together and stop expecting the state to look after you! If Professor Stephen Hawking can make his way through life – so can you! No wonder you all … Continue reading →

Tales of bullying and abuse ‘prove authorities have failed disabled’ By Nina Lakhani 12/9/11

Tales of bullying and abuse ‘prove authorities have failed disabled’ By Nina Lakhani The Independent, Monday, 12 September 2011 Victims of abuse and torture: clockwise from top-left: Michael Gilbert, Christopher Foulkes, Fiona Pilkington, Francecca Hardwick Public authorities are guilty of … Continue reading →

UK Human Rights Blog – ‘Inquiry into disability-related harassment reports’ – 13/9/2011 by Adam Wagner (1 Crown Office Row Chambers)

Rights Commission has published Hidden in plain sight, a report into disability-related harassment and how well this is currently being addressed by public authorities. The report, which finds a “systemic failure by public authorities to recognise the extent and impact of harassment and abuse … Continue reading →

EHRC in Scotland on Disability Hate Crime: “The issue is ‘hiding in plain sight’ because, as a society, we have failed to recognise the nature and scale of the problem.”

Abuse of the disabled ‘hides in plain sight’ Published Date: 12 September 2011 The Scotsman By ALASTAIR DALTON   DISABLED people are suffering harassment and abuse because of the systemic failure of public bodies to prevent such attacks, according a watchdog’s … Continue reading →

The Department of Health has sneaked out two toxic changes that could seriously damage your health by promoting ignorance and restricting your rights as a citizen.

Lansley’s unhealthy double whammy: What you won’t know or find out about the NHS While battle rages over the government’s  controversial reforms of the NHS, the Department of Health has sneaked out two toxic  changes that could  seriously damage your health … Continue reading →

A “Chronicle of heartlessness” – Mr Green said calling someone a cripple or a spastic is not just banter. “It is not funny to me, it is not a joke,” he said. Channel4 News – Crimes Against Disabled People ‘Significantly Under-reported” : 12/9/11

As three people are jailed for life for the “vile” murder of a disabled woman a report suggests there are many similar cases against people with disabilities that are never reported: 12th September 2011 As three people are jailed for … Continue reading →

Consultation on Rights of Children and Young People Bill/September 12, 2011/Scottish Human Rights Law Group

Let’s speak out for Scotland’s kids who have impairments! Let’s put our love and compassion – and Scottish values into action! NOW!!! September 12, 2011 The First Minister announced the Scottish Government’s legislative programme for the 2011/12 session of the … Continue reading →

“Boycott the Paralympics” They do nothing but harm the lives of ordinary disabled men & women in the UK

For many disabled people the Paralympics next year is just another kick in the face, especially as one of the major sponsors are Atos, this company seem to want to get their disgusting hands in everything, are they not contented with destroying the lives … Continue reading →

An Alleged “Tax-Avoiding Scrounger” – ‘Sir’ Phillip Green attacks UK Uncut and pontificates about social responsibility

Alleged “Tax-Cheating Scrounger” says that “The occupation of the Fortnum & Mason store earlier this year by protesters against Government cuts encouraged this summer’s rioters and looters” The owner of the Arcadia group of stores – whose shops were looted … Continue reading →