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Ethical Consumer: As the government goes on a fire-sale exercise with our public services in the name of austerity, Simon Birch and Tim Hunt ask: How ethical are the companies that will run our public services? Atos is assessed.

Monday 5th September  Photo: Demonstrators outside an ATOS office in Leeds (from Indymedia) There are many arguments against the privatisation of public services such as the creation of monopolies and the lack of democratic accountability. However up until now the environmental … Continue reading →

ED Miliband – OUTFLANKED on the LEFT by Tory MP’s on Social Justice 5/9/11

With Miliband and Labour so frequently outflanking the Tories on the right http://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2011/06/20/milliband-joins-right-wing-consensus/ : it now seems that he’s being outflanked on the left: “When Ed Miliband recently attacked the “selfish, greedy and immoral” bankers “who took millions while destroying people’s savings”, … Continue reading →

The Art of Conversation: A Guide to talking, listening and reducing stigma surrounding suicide (Revised 2011)

PUBLICATION « Back Publication name: The Art of Conversation: A Guide to talking, listening and reducing stigma surrounding suicide (Revised 2011) Description: The Art of Conversation, for those who work directly with people who feel suicidal, includes sections on the myths … Continue reading →

CHOOSE LIFE: Suicide. Don’t hide it. Talk about it! : “We’re here to help. We’re here for YOU when you’re feeling down.”

 Getting further help Encourage the person to make an appointment with their GP, or to call one of the helplines below. You can even call them yourself to talk things through – dealing with suicide can be difficult. Breathing Space on             0800 … Continue reading →

David and Samantha Cameron join the royal family in Scotland on Saturday: The PM wants to get tougher on welfare

The headline on this article was amended on 5 September. The original referred to “benefits cheats”, which was inaccurate. “On Sunday the prime minister went further, writing in the Mail on Sunday: “What about welfare? The old something-for-nothing system we … Continue reading →

Resistance installation : 03 October at 10:00 – 14 November at 17:00 Gloucester Cathedral cloisters, 12 College Green, Gloucester GL1 2LX

Resistance installation Liz Crow invited you · Share · Public event   Time 03 October at 10:00 – 14 November at 17:00 Location Gloucester   For Roaring Girl Productions – Resistance More info Gloucester Cathedral cloisters, 12 College Green, Gloucester GL1 2LXMore info at www.roaring-girl.com/productions/resistance-on-tour Share: Post Link … Continue reading →

A leaked government report has revealed the “disturbing” levels of discrimination, bullying and harassment faced by disabled civil servants

The report, obtained by Disability News Service, also reveals that many disabled civil servants – who are no longer eligible for support from the Access to Work (ATW) scheme – are facing a “real fight” to secure the workplace adjustments … Continue reading →

Government given dressing-down over ‘fitness to work’ figures by John Pring – Disability News Service

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 News provided by John Pring at www.disabilitynewsservice.com The government has been told by the UK’s official statistics watchdog to improve the way it publishes information about its controversial “fitness to work” assessments. The Department for Work and … Continue reading →

‘The misuse of evidence in incapacity benefit reform’ Steve Griffiths: ‘The use and misuse of evidence in the benefits debate’

Steve Griffiths, a freelance consultant and researcher in health and social policy, explained in the opening paragraph of a recent article based on research for Compass, entitled, “The misuse of evidence in incapacity benefit reform” (PDF), the basis for these … Continue reading →

Andy Worthington’s Blog: ‘Brutal Benefit Cuts for the Disabled Are Leading to Suicides in the UK’

When it comes to callousness, the supposedly caring veneer of David Cameron’s Tory party disintegrated almost as soon as the expedient governing coalition with the hapless Liberal Democrats was formed, when our new leaders announced, with evident relish, their intention … Continue reading →

The government’s Work Capability Assessment for disabled people is one of the toughest in the world – it is not fit for purpose

First published by the London School of Economics blog on May 17th 2011 A major component of the ‘new labour’ government and the current coalition government’s radical welfare reforms has been the Work Capability Assessment (WCA)  for disabled people. Debbie Jolly co-founder … Continue reading →

HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS UNITE AGAINST FORCED STERILISATION – EUGENICS is alive and well and is rearing its ugly head in modern Europe:

ALL STORIES SPOTTED BY SUE MARSH – DIARY OF A BENEFIT SCROUNGER: http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogspot.com/ 24 August 2011 /// A coalition of human rights groups is speaking out against the practice of forced sterilisation of women with mental disabilities in France: http://www.edf-feph.org/Page_Generale.asp?DocID=13855&thebloc=27880 A … Continue reading →