HomeDr Gordon WaddellExpert chosen by DWP appears to suggest scrapping ‘fitness for work’ test
  • Terminator December 23, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    If they used people with the correct medical expertise for the illnesses that the claimant has then they could scrap these so-called tests. They do nothing but degrade the claimant, how can they prove otherwise for the majority of the questions asked on or at a F2F assessment, shopping online is it convenience or because the claimant cannot get to the shop and back with a load of shopping be it for a day or week?
    Lifting a cardboard box or a pint or two of milk can be performed by just about any child. These are questions designed to deny the claimant money that is why the Health professional, don’t all laugh at once, or neither Decision Maker would turn up at a tribunal, they rubber stamp the opinions of the so-called Health Professionals.

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