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  • MarkCarlisle August 10, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Atos always lie about peoples tests ive got health problems myself I can’t hardly walk since a accident a few years ago I struggle to carry bags because of the weight iam on permanent painkillers for the pain I suffer from bad depression my ankle also goes and my arm comes out of place sometimes if I try and reach something I had my test by the DWP for benefit and when I went for mine it was all lies by the person who did it she have me zero points and it said I was walking normal without any pain not one thing was even mentioned about my medication at all so if they are a qualified person how comes she did not know what codeine was for so by her report I don’t suffer from bad depression, I don’t suffer any pain,I don’t have a ulcer what has burst 3 times , so my question is why is my own doctor giving me medication and also says iam unfit for work this atos person never had a single clue ive appealed the mandatory appeal and failed so iam now in the process if appealing again at the next stage

  • Terminator August 10, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    MarkCarlisle ask them to write answers VERBATIM then when they say YES ask them to define the word VERBATIM in their words to you? It means as you say it word for word!
    I put on forms ALL VERBAL COMMUNICATION WILL BE AUDIO RECORDED! I ALSO DO VIDEO . They might think I’m bluffing but I haven’t had a F2F since May 2010, 1 PIP F2F and a couple of ESA50’s but that’s it.
    In 2013 I threatened the DWP with court over their ESA72 and the phrase WE WILL CONTACT YOU AGAIN ON OR AFTER (DATE) when they sent an ESAform 2 months before the date on the ESA72 and told them I would produce just one piece of paper as evidence with the above highlighted. In 2014 they removed the phrase but there are other things on reports that mean a minimum of two years! It’s over 4 years since I was posted an ESA50 and here’s to many more years without seeing one, although I do have an up to date copy on the PC ready if they do send one.

    That person should have taken them to court, ATOS as the employer of the HP and DWP as an accessory they just hope that people won’t appeal because of the Madatory Reconsideration, or TORY CON, as I call it. How many more has that excuse for a health professional done the same to other claimants and they lost appeals or got the original award back? They HP should also be reported to the relevent body NMC HCPC, it is highly unlikely they were on the GMC register.

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