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  • Terminator August 11, 2017 at 12:35 am

    If they ever claim to send me one I don’t receive then it’s a request for a watermarked copy, copies of proof of postage and receipt. the best they could do is a non watermarked copy and something along the lines of “we posted it on DATE and it should have been received on or about DATE” This is not what is asked for so tell them “SEE YOU IN COURT!” County court is cheap and as the DWP hardly ever turn up you win and they lose.
    If they send a solicitor ask them the same as you requested and add things like how was it sent with the normal daily post or by other means? What is the make and model of their copy machines, can it watermark a requested item? Why was it watermarked? Why do they not get a proof of postage for letters and a receipt of delivery? Let them try and answer that when 500,000 letters a week go astray in the post!

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