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  • Terminator March 2, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    I believe the DM’s and assessors should be called to tribunals to answer question’s. some tribunals are held in courts, I am led to believe, so if they could be made to attend courts then they should be made to attend tribunals and try to defend their opinion and decision that a person does not qualify for either ESA or PIP.

  • davidscott March 14, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    I had an appointment with ‘ATOS Healthcare’ and the letter plainly said ‘this interview is not a medical examination’.

    Then around a week after this appointment with Atos Healthcare I received a decision from PIP. I was refused for a payment on both mobility and living expenses! …on the grounds of what the letter described as ‘a medication examination’.

    The Atos healthcare specialist asked many intrusive and private questions – most were very leading…and used a word I did not agree with ‘unaided’. Most of the questions used this term ‘aided/unaided’. Therefore if I can walk badly, in pain and with great difficulty ‘UNAIDED’ I score ZERO! …In most questions you only get points if you answer ‘AIDED’.

    This is RIDICULOUS! …the Atos worker done a very basic quick test while I was sitting in the chair, push up, push down, grab my finger..etc – it was SO PATHETIC! …At no point was my walking and standing evaluated! … I wasn’t even asked to elaborate on this undiagnosed lower mobility problem I am having.

    The experience I have had of the social and health care system here in Scotland gives me no confidence in our country and the system … right now I am signed off work and live on a poor ESA benefit… I have ZERO inspiration to get back into work.

    I mean WHY would I want to work for a system that treats people so badly when they get SICK – I SPIT IN THE FACE of this farce of a health care system! … THEY WANT US TO DIE, IT IS A VOLUNTARY CULL TO GET RID OF THE WEAK!

    If you are of no importance or have no value to them, you will be pushed and pushed till you break – IN THE HOPE THAT YOU WILL KILL YOURSELF and do them a favour.

    Personally I have given up, but now I have such a bad option of the system in Scotland, I decided to work against it… I vandalise, I break, I cause problems, I smash things, I f*** s*** up for the happy successful people. I do things that no one even notices, little things, nothing illegal … but it causes upset to the big machine.

    I am the spanner in the works.

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