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  • Alex February 16, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    I have been providing support to other disabled people for over 20 years on almost every issue but mainly to claim DLA and now PIP. I have witnessed the results of so many totally flawed assessments, mainly by ATOS Healthcare that have shattered the lives of disabled people throughout the UK.

    However, this must be rated as the worst I have either seen or heard of in all that time. Some of these assessments are works of pure fiction mixed in with a few lies for good measure.

    I have been with quite a few disabled people acting as their advocate at their PIP assessments and when we obtain the copy of the report from the DWP, it is so far from the truth and what took place that there is little or no connection between the report and the assessment.

    I could go into detail about how flawed these assessments can be but I have no doubt that what I would write will be too familiar to many who support the work of Black Triangle.

    Of course, not every assessment is so far from the truth but there are far too many that are.

    I have seen disabled people who have had to give up living in the homes that they love in the countryside and be forced to move into a town because they lost their vehicle along with the Enhanced Rate of PIP. This meant that they could no longer access services or even do their shopping.

    I have worked with 2 others who have lost their jobs because they can no longer get to and from their former place of work. One employer really wanted to keep the person on their staff and paid for a taxi to take them to and from work. However, with a downturn in trade, the company could no longer afford the taxi fares.

    Unfortunately, the death of this lady is merely another statistic for the DWP – not so her family and friends

    If this had been a private company instead of a Government Department, a charge of corporate manslaughter would be an option.

    I have kept my language polite but I am so f..ing angry because to witness the Government destroying so many lives week after week is really beginning to take its toll on me.

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