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  • Terminator January 26, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    There maybe a solution hand the assessor a paper that says the CEO will get an email demanding they attend a tribunal to try and defend the report and the same to the DWP demanding both DM’s attend to try and defend the decision. Don’t allow their solicitor to try and defend them when they are not there. You are going to be asking more than questions about the report like their time working at the company or DWP did they try and gather knowledge from websites about the medical condition(s) then hit them with why wasn’t it included in the subject access request as you stated ALL THE INFORMATION USED and that means information from websites. How many books pages paragraphs or sentences they read on the condition? whether they are available for the public to buy? If not why not? How long they have worked for DWP or company? Part time or full time? Their expert medical qualifications? Point out on the report what is fact and what is opinion?
    If they will not or cannot then it implies the report is not fit for purpose all what you have stated should be coming from medical fact and theirs from opinion.

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