HomeAtosDuncan Smith tells DNS: ‘I’m not going to be accused by you’ over mental health deaths
  • nick October 6, 2016 at 11:17 pm

    he was told many times about the ongoing deaths by myself and others and he knew of the situation
    he also knew of the website remember the dead . this was to keep him in the loop so he could do his own research

    there is no way a judge would say he was not aware and that most had committed suicide by having their benefits terminated by being classed as fit for work

    as we all know many thousands died in that process many because of there illnesses but at no time were these sick and disabled people fit for work

    they died thinking they were a fraud and to this day there deaths still go on and with the likes of myself having to record them

    David Cameron said he loved this country well for me i hate it and it’s government

  • trevorandrewmillar@yahoo.co.uk October 9, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Duncan Smith is a fucking war criminal! People who did what he has done were hanged at Nuremberg! He is the Julius Streicher of the Tory Party! When they get their comeuppance, all the other Tory war criminals will beg not to be put into the cell next to his! He’s probably writing the shooting script for a film called “The Eternal Benefit Claimant”! With scenes of rats coming up out of the drains!

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