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  • Adam Lotun October 3, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Along with everyone else, I jumped on the leaked statement by the Minister and questioned the careful wording and sparse commitments and descriptions used.
    I challenged the DWP to confirm the statement regarding six monthly assessments and have only been advised that the “six monthly assessments” referred to are the assessments carried out by Job Center Adviser who carries out questioning of the claimant when they are called into the Job Center for their six monthly review.
    I also have attempted to get to the bottom of the statement from the Minister that assessments reports should be from qualified medical professionals, however this point has been dodged and ignored at every turn.
    In my opinion, this leak was only made to attempt to portray the Conservative Administration as compassionate, caring and “disability confident” in an attempt to distance this new DWP Minister & Administration from the Poison Chalice as portrayed under the leadership of IDS & Cameron.
    After such a leak and being jumped on by the Media and Political Commentators from all sides, many of whom fell hook, line and sinker into the trap that was set by speculating and discussing the hated WCA, which was never mentioned directly in the leak.
    Until the Minister expands on the leak and fleshes out the details, we will find that it was a lot of hot air and will not have any meaningful impact on the campaigns and actions against the DWP and the WCA and the State Sanctioned Discrimination against disabled people in the UK!

  • Terminator October 3, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    The companies that do the assessments see the DWP and more importantly the government as a soft touch when putting in for contracts. They put in prices for £500 plus million for a few years, how much of this is profit for the company and how much is actually paid out to the workers involved in the process? I bet it’s nowhere near the hundreds of millions they are claiming. How many assessors do they employ full time and how many part time? In all my assessments I have never seen more than one person waiting to go in when I have turned up, This throws up the speculation that only one assessor is used per assessment centre and they have the use of any number of rooms that have a PC in them as they are taught to log off if they leave their station/room.

    Come the time for them to renegotiate the contracts they shouldn’t be quoting as much but IMHO they will quote more than the last time claiming increased costs, but if they are assessing less people the costs should be less as Green has said people with conditions that will not get better will not have constant reassessments.
    I would like to know how much these assessors are paid per hour how many are full time and how many are part time? How many staff work doing just paper based assessments? How many other staff they employ purely for the assessment of disabled people from the receptionist when you arrive to the assessor and even the security guards? They are working for us taking public money so we should know all this, and more.

  • trevorandrewmillar@yahoo.co.uk October 4, 2016 at 10:26 am

    Oi! Damian Green! Now abolish sanctions!

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