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  • Terminator August 11, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    All those doing WCA assessments were supposed to be transferred over to maximus? You cannot tell me that ATOS didn’t keep copies of any files they had in their possession as they tried to call me on a very old number when they wanted me to travel roughly 100 miles, round trip, for a PIP assessment in 2014 they ended up emailing me and telling me to call the 0800 number on the letter but the email started off with we tried to contact you by phone but got no reply on your mobile number.

  • mikey August 24, 2016 at 3:05 am

    to understand how all this assessement process works,,understand.that atos is a private company,,it has no legal personality or powers to compel,,,no more than does bnq,,top shop,,,everything they tell you to do is just a request,,thats all,,,,2,,,atos needs your consent to be assessed,,in giving it,,you recognise that nurse,,psysio as qualified,,which they are not,,.they get your consent by saying,,are you happy to go ahead,,thats consent,,dont give it..you have the right to be assessed by a qualified person,,,3,when on atoses offices,,they dictate terms of recording,in your home,,you can record if you want,atos will try to get you to sign a contract,which say they will dictate when and where this recording can be used,,this is ilegal,,and is nothing but a request,,atos has no legal powers, allways remember this,,whatever they tell you,,know they cannot enforce anything,cannot stop your money,,as they are always telling us,,its the dwp that does that,,this is a legal game of hide and seek,and it all depends on them getting consent,,without it ,they can do nothing,,by you insisting on a qualified person,,atos was secretly filmed saying,,get their consent,,we can do nothing without it,,,for once they told the truth,,we need to stop being scared,,and learn how all this works,,,when in the private sector,,you can call your employees anything you want,,a nurse suddenly becomes a health analyst,,,in the private sector these health professionals have no ..duty of care,,as in the nhs,,no nurse ,occupational therapist ect ect,,is qualified in the nhs to assess all illnessess,,none of them is,,this is all a legal slight of hand,,smoke and mirrors,,and it all depends on you giving consent,,to be assessed by unqualified person,,dont give it,,,demand your rights,,the whole thing is done on the cheap,,,,everone here should watch,,undercover assessment on you tube,,your one and only legal obligation is to turn up for assessment,,but thats it,,never ever feel that you must do what atos tells you,,,,they have no legal powers over you

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