HomeBlogThe banana republic morality of Labour’s NEC ~ By David Osland
  • Mrc1410 July 22, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    Words almost fail me with what is happening to the Labour Party. How you can be a member and to be refused voting rights is breathtaking & immoral. Many years ago when I first started work I joined the trade union. From that point on I could vote and have a say at local, regional and national level.
    So why has the Laour Party done this in a pathetic attempt to stop JC being re-elected. When I saw the likes of Certain NEC members coming out head bowed desperately trying to avoid eye contact or make any comment, maybe shame had already set in at what they had done. Then to insist this price of £25 once again kicking the poor, unemployed & low paid,the PLP is not just out of step with the membership it’s trying to divorce themselves from having to have any accountability.
    They should be overjoyed that the Labour Party has more members than anyone else and growing but only it would seem if all new members are not JC supporters are they for real. I have lost count how many of the right of the party keep quoting democracy as they airbrush out last Septembers vote. When JC wins again as I will once again be voting for him will they insist on another vote, best of three, or better still Rock Paper Scissors.
    Get behind our Leader JC, there was no crisis until the PLP made one and to their eternal shame abandoned people like myself (disabled) and crying out for Labour to stick it to the Tories. I do not want reheated blairite policies, illegal wars etc I want to see council housing,better NHS, end to zero hours contracts and get back what we lost to privatisation.
    Come on everybody support JC, John Mac and his other loyal followers.

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