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  • lankou May 29, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    The link to the Disability News Service does not work

  • QED September 2, 2015 at 6:49 pm

    This Government IDS, Cameron, Osborne are just the symptoms of the disease which the British people are now infected with, this now two time Tory Government are a direct result of the disease that we the British people have until we cure this disease then the symptoms will not go away, there is a nasty mean spiritedness in people today.

    The people of Britain wanted this Tory Government and their policies and attack on the welfare system we knew what we were getting.
    can we just look at IDS, Cameron, Osborne as being to blame and being evil they only exist because we the people allow them to enter parliament, why was it that on 20 July 250 thousand people marched against austerity but then the next week 750 thousand marched for gay pride ?

    people are more interested in SIN than in loving they fellow man and caring about each other, why weren’t those 750K gay pride marchers with the 250K anti austerity rally ? there could have been 1 million people at the anti austerity rally.

    if someone takes a little money from the Government to live a meager life on ESA or JSA they are scrutinized as if they are potential criminals but no one takes much interest in the £120Billion defrauded from the state by tax dodgers but if you strike up a conversation with a random person about benefits fraud you then see a red glow in their eyes and they are then fully engaged to tell their views and about the person who they know a neighbor perhaps who they believe or even say they know without any evidence is committing benefit fraud.

    Change will only come when we each individually take responsibility for our attitudes and the words that leave our mouth which come from out heart until we get our hearts right then nothing will change and austerity and the abuse and suffering of the disabled and JSA claimant will continue.

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