Why Monetary Reform Must Become Our Number One Issue – Jointly with Disability Rights!

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First Published on Sep 29, 2013

Joe Bongiovanni discusses our monetary system and why fixing it is the single most important issue facing people and the planet.

Universal Credit, the brainchild of Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, is the centrepiece of the Government’s welfare reform agenda Photo: Joshua Pulman / Alamy

Joe explains how money is created as debt by private banks and how that system heavily favors principles and values that are in direct opposition to those who seek a more just and sustainable world.

We are all playing by monetary rules that were written by our opponents.

It’s a game we are all bound to lose unless we change the rules. 

For more information on HR 2990 visit: http://www.monetary.org

For more information in the U.K. visit : http://www.positivemoney.org/

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The Lost Science of Money by Stephen Zarlenga

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This video was recorded by Jason Bosch on Friday, September 20th, 2013 in Chicago, IL

3 thoughts on “Why Monetary Reform Must Become Our Number One Issue – Jointly with Disability Rights!


    Paralympic hero David Weir is being refused a home with a downstairs toilet and is forced to drag himself up the stairs when he needs the loo, it emerged today.

    The six-time gold medallist‘s family have called the situation a national disgrace and said he is being treated like a ‘jailbird or a junkie’.

    Despite being one of Britain’s greatest athletes, the 34-year-old lives in a modest semi-detached council house on the Roundshaw Estate in Wallington, south London, the area he grew up in.

    Full Story – The Mail

    Upon reading this story, i felt as though i must say this;

    You can’t take it away from him, the lads a national treasure but because of his fame, his plight has been the focus of attention……….
    Meanwhile the depth of the barbaric attacks on the ordinary disabled go virtually unnoticed.

    The decision by the media moguls to have a blanket ban of the coverage of the atrocities by the DWP are a way of saying, “YES WE SUPPORT THE THOUSANDS OF DEATHS”.

    The DWP are a finely honed killing machine, the 21st century equivalent of the much hated Nazi SS.

    You are witnessing a cull of human beings on a scale never seen since the exploits of the second world war. Ethnic cleansing by decree, murder by decree!

    Meanwhile the likes of the UNITED NATIONS sit back in full knowledge of what is going on in our land.

    They have information from all sides of the globe about the extent of the murder that is rife……………..

    These are crimes of war that go against the basic principles of the Geneva Convention, they breach Human Rights Legislation, Equality Legislation and Disability Discrimination Laws, yet nobody is lifting a finger to help……….

    I was adjudged to be “DISABLED FOR LIFE”,after suffering an accident in the workplace.

    After a biased examination by ATOS, led by an exterminator called EMMA BRODRICK, i now have nothing……

    They stole my incapacity benefit and now they have stolen my means to get around, my Disability Living Allowance.

    They can take all my money but they can’t take away my voice.

    ,,,,,,,,,,and i will sing it from the rooftops, what a set of evil, horrible bastards they really are, along with the countless millions that are suffering with me!

    “Putting your hands over your ears and closing your eyes will never take away the heinous acts that you have perpetrated on those less fortunate than yourselves”

    You will never take away the lives of everyone who does’nt fit your bill in the “The True Arian Master Race”.

    The true horrors of your twisted campaign will be revealed in due course…………

  2. Robin Macfarlane says:

    Well Done, exactly what BSCParty has been saying for 2years. We must get Money Creation out of the hands of Banksters. Only way to do this is to Have Regional Assemblies(Parliaments) that Control Money for ALL the people. Banks must be stopped from issuing(creating) money & then using it as a commodity. Money has no VALUE, it should be used as a means of exchange ONLY.

  3. Toddy says:

    I have been fairly lucky, each time i was sent on workfare i ended up in shops selling fresh food………..

    Whilst the other staff, (the paid ones), were having their break , i would be spitting, masturbating, fitting bogies, sleep from the corner of my eye and pieces of earwax into the pastries on display.
    Twice i was nearly caught sneaking pies into the toilet, adding my secret ingredients and then sneaking them back.

    The customers were aware that workfare was being used in the shop, indeed, the manager used to take leaflets, advertising the fact off the windows regularly.

    It was my secret gift to the patrons who benefited from my situation.

    Look twice in future, “is it a piece of earwax or carrot?”

    ,,,,,,,,,and you all worried about horsemeat!

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