AUDIO Have pity on us, readers: Labour’s new tough approach to welfare spending

Wings over Scotland


Have pity on us, readers Posted on June 05, 2013 by Rev. Stuart Campbell

Please don’t make us transcribe this nine-minute trainwreck of an interview with Margaret Curran on the subject of Labour’s welfare and spending plans, from this afternoon’s edition of BBC2′s Daily Politics.

We don’t know if we could take it.


Click the image to listen, if you have a high pain threshold.


Wings Over Scotland

24 thoughts on “AUDIO Have pity on us, readers: Labour’s new tough approach to welfare spending

  1. Boadacia! says:

    Surely there can’t be anyone still actually believing there’s a Labour Party? There’s only right wing, and extreme right wing (ie = UKIP) these days.

    Now we all reap the rewards of our apathy.

  2. Steph Sermon says:

    I’m curious to know who on Earth we’re supposed to actually vote for, in 2015 (if an early GE isn’t called, of course)…?!

    We obviously have to vote the ConDems out of power ASAP, but Labour, UKIP & BNP are all evil gits in their own ways, too… I’m genuinely starting to give The Monster Raving Loony Party serious consideration!

  3. owen meharry says:

    therein lies the hard part boadacia getting rid of Apathy it would be easier to get rid of M. Curran and Co. I tried to listen but only lasted a couple mins but it seems to me they want to make us suffer even more for not voting them back into power the *****

    1. Boadacia! says:

      The problem is that apart from said apathy and the ignorance of reading the right wing media/BBC, – those working will be useful for fleecing, until they reach 68 or even 70 soon.

      But after that, they can look forward to the land fill site, if they haven’t fiddled enough, to not need any subsidies, or health care.

      The politicians are willing for many thousands to suffer collateral damage to maintain their own privileges.

  4. FrankieP says:

    Regardless of whether it’s right or wrong to take away winter fuel allowance from wealthy pensioners (what constitutes “wealthy” bothers me somewhat), you can tell how right-wing our “left-centre” alternative is by the panicked denial of being anywhere near anything that vaguely resembles a social welfare policy.

    I’m starting to wonder just lately, since I’m a disabled socialist and there’s a good chance I won’t have to deal with the rigmarole of PIP until my DLA expires, when the people with torches and pitchforks turn up at my door, which aspect of me will require *silencing/ruin/character assassination/public execution?

    *Delete as applicable.

  5. John Lanigan says:

    It was right to give this audio an audience warning. I don’t have a high pain threshold but stupidly pressed the button to listen anyway.
    Well, I lasted 4 minutes then had to retire to a darkened room to recover. I should have known what to expect from M Curran as I’ve had the very unpleasant experience of listening to her rabble on before. It was almost a touch of deja vu only with different words but same claptrap. This woman is perfect for Labour, as she will say whatever sounds like the current Party dogma without batting an eyelid or thinking of the people that she has in the past represented and those who she might represent in the future should anyone be mad enough to vote Liebour.
    One thing though, she made it very clear in those 4 minutes that Labour will get the boot in to the working class at the very next opportunity.

    1. JJ says:

      A mirror image of Esther McVey. Will parrot any pernicious claptrap UK Labour feed her. I just hope people in Scotland wake up and smell the coffee, John.

  6. Thomas says:

    Who to vote for? Some tiny party who even under PR, let alone first past the post, will get no seats?

    1. John Lanigan says:

      The situation in Scotland is different from that in England or Wales. In Scotland there is a movement for the reorganisation of the left and I have been part of that process from the beginning.There is every chance that by the time we get to vote there will be a left alternative to the mainstream parties.
      Don’t forget that you get who you vote for. If everyone votes for a socialist party then thats what you get. Simple as that.
      The problem is that most people choose to vote for a mainstream party in the mistaken belief that voting for a “small party” wouldn’t do any good. It all comes down to numbers in the end.
      In Scotland there is also the Radical Independence Campaign which is doing extremely good work in tackling austerity and promoting the yes vote.
      Scotland at the moment has a unique chance to sort things out in the near future.

        1. John Lanigan says:

          People have the power to change things if they want to. If enough people vote yes in the referendum then Scotland gets the chance to run it’s own affairs, Simple as that.

        2. JEFFREY says:

          listening to this lady she could not give one answer to where the 100 million would go.
          nothing about getting anything off the banks
          who made this mess in the first place.
          blame the poor for the crash let give the banks more and those who left work 15 years to early make us work ill to pay for there folly .. jeff .. lph

  7. John Lanigan says:

    Nigel Farage left Scotland quicker than he arrived. UKIP will not be tolerated in Scotland.

  8. Mike says:

    I cannot understand why the sheeples here, continue to believe and indeed assist the Tory propaganda about Ukip.
    If being concerned about one’s country, and the takeover bid perpetrated by the EU upon us is “Right-Wing”, then I am “Right Wing” too.
    Despite years of manning the barricades against fascist extremism, and being a member of the WRP., and Anti-Nazi league, in the 80s., I am called names, with disinformation perpetrated by the pond-slime Tories.
    The gullibility of the Proles is always something which real fascists have always relied on for power.

    Seemingly, in the case of Ukip., it is working again.
    Someone wrote about Nigel Farage “leaving” Scotland.
    In this case this Prole gullibility is demonstrated to its full extent, as I can tell you that the demo in Edinburgh was a put-up job.
    The Tories are in Government, with full control over MI5 remember, and note how many of those “Demonstrators” were NOT Scottish at ALL!
    All that remains for me to write now, to the gullible, is carry-on; continue to play the Government’s game, until the next election, when because of the doubt planted by them, and furthered by the likes of gullible people, they once again get into power on a reduced majority, caused by a split vote, which the gullible Proles made sure of.

  9. Mike says:

    ** Just a further note. Is it not strange that the Scottish Proles apparently wish for the dissolution of the United Kingdom, yet apparently are “keen” to join the EU?
    Laughable, you couldn’t make it up 🙂

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