VIDEO The Artist Taxi Driver’s son asks Caroline Lucas MP: “Is our political system bankrupt?”

 Green Party

Glad that Mark asked about the Brighton refuse workers’ dispute and delighted that Caroline has come out in support of the GMB union in dispute! 

6 thoughts on “VIDEO The Artist Taxi Driver’s son asks Caroline Lucas MP: “Is our political system bankrupt?”

  1. bobchewie says:

    its certainly corrupt as sh*t’ thats fer sure….peers taking bribes..MPs using phoney statistics , DWP in the dock several times…yep its corrupt as hell…

  2. jeffrey davies says:

    yep its the question a young un asks they now their time is short perhaps grabbing all this monies well their ships are sinking she says this and that but we now that they are corrupt very with their fingers in all pies jeff3

  3. Prola Tariat says:

    Just been reading “UKs Biggest Tax Evasion,Money Laundering Scam” and funnily enough David Cameron PM and family are involved.

    1. bobchewie says:

      yeah that story is doing the rounds at the moment, that and the DWP propaganda videos theyve just put up…

  4. Barry. says:

    Caroline Lucas has come out in support of the GMB union in dispute over pay, this shows a defined split between the green party and there ideology equal pay means the women get what the men are paid not to reduce meds pay down to what the women get… just a thought though if Kitcat is saying med should be paid at the same level that women are paid why has kitcat’s money remained at the level in witch a man is paid?

  5. Andrew Healey says:

    The whole establishment is corrupt, democracy is just a word they use, to them it means nothing. Demonizing the sick and disabled,destroying industry causing massive rises in unemployment then blaming the unemployed, calling them feckless and workshy. When in actual fact they are creating an army of slave labourers, just fodder for the workfare schemes. Running down our healthcare system, hospitals, old peoples homes,care homes of all types, Destroying them from within by depleting staff, or maintenance and cleansing departments allowing them to be Privatized putting profits into their friends and supporters pockets at the cost of lives. How many MP’s and lords are sat just waiting for the full privatization of the NHS? Is it Lansley or Grayling who owns Hospital supply company’s? A few billion to be picked up there. Prisons already privatized Schools being privatized. Lets face it the school curriculum has been played about with until it’s almost unworkable, poisoning our children’s minds and rewriting history.Closed Courts,our media printing nothing but right wing propaganda, A Corrupt and fraudulent financial system allowed to do anything they want so our corrupt politicians can buy their seats on the board. Osborne has reintroduced another mortgage scheme exactly the same as the one that caused the financial crash the first time round. The whole house of cards needs to be brought crashing down, with arrests made in the house of lords the commons, the financial and banking sector etc. It is all utterly corrupt and we will not be allowed to recover until they start to issue arrest warrants. There has to be honest Judges,Police commissionaires, Lawyers, even MP’s out there who want to put things RIGHT. Ultra right wing UKIP are not the answer do not be fooled by these fascists..

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