'The resentments fuelling Ukip run deep, and have built up over two decades of marginalisation and neglect. Apologies are a start. But there will be no quick fix.' Photograph: David Levene
‘The resentments fuelling Ukip run deep, and have built up over two decades of marginalisation and neglect. Apologies are a start. But there will be no quick fix.’ Photograph: David Levene


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‘Tony Blair won Labour power by winning the hearts and minds of the middle class. If Ed Miliband wants to do the same, he needs to win back the hearts and minds of the workers.’

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  1. Mike. says:

    I’ve read Ukip’s manifesto for the last council elections. Looks good to me, and I hope that they deal a hefty kick to the ToryLabLib pillocks.
    Ukip may be a passing fad, but threatening enough to jolt those self-assured other parties to make a difference.

  2. Serenity says:

    The reason labour have abandoned the working class is quite deliberate, it’s to give UKIP the opportunity it needs to rise to power,the rise of the far right is happening Europe wide.
    Pity help you if you are a foreign national, your days are numbered, the British public have stood by and cheered on the persecution of the sick, disabled and unemployed, do you think you will fare any better!
    As for the media blackout now being placed on George do what Bobby Sands did stand for election George and thank you George you are a very special person.

  3. George says:

    As a member of the working class my natural party of government is “Labour” note I did not say “new Labour”.White working class,that’s what I am;there is no political party which represents my need.
    “Labour”,old Labour was a party of the working class,this “New Labour”is a not,it tries to be all things to all men.It was once said that Tony Blair was not in the Conservative party for the simple reason they wouldn’t have him.
    “New Labour”took my vote for granted,and classed people like me a racist for actually showing concern about immigration.
    Gordon Brown classed people,or a person,ie. Mrs Gillian Duxbury a “bigot”for asking “what are all these East Europeans doing here and where do they come from.
    In a poll amongst Labour M.P.’s reported on December 28 2012 just 22% of Labour M.P.’s said controls on immigration would not be damaging.
    “New Labour” does not represent the views of the white working class of this country.

  4. Prola Tariat says:

    The Greens are the only semi socialist party at present,but they dont have enough candidates to cover the country,so not much hope.

  5. Trevor says:

    It says much about the abysmal levels of education pertaining amongst working-class voters that they can be so easily seduced by the lies and half-truths of Farage’s ragtag bunch of opportunists. If they really believe all of capitalist society’s woes can be cured be booting out immigrants and leaving the EU, then they deserve to live in insecurity and poverty whilst the rich (backers of UKIP) continue to live in opulence at their expense.

  6. Darren Nelson says:

    I find it amazing the negativity about the Green Party and it’s chances of a political breakthrough.Lets get some facts out there.As a “socialist” party the Greens policy and it’s main manifesto is totally up to it’s democratic base.That means YOU get to decide which agenda to choose and pursue.Of course it’s roots are in the environmental movement but it’s a party structure that ensures no big business has influence over it’s leadership or policies,unlike the rest.It is for the people by the people.It clearly called for the scrapping of WCA years ago,it is against workfare and corporate power and for real “socialism” if you can define that.I have taken out a £10 Green Party membership (available to low-paid) and suggest we all do.It also is backing the Peoples Assembly.Why would anyone here not be backing the Greens I ask myself !


    Seems hard to believe that a party is being so successful in engineering its own downfall.
    Ignore the principles that laid down the basis of your inception and face the wrath of the people you purport to represent.

    The electorate have not abandoned the party, the party have abandoned the electorate……..

    A party with bankers is a party of wankers. What you see is exactly what you get!

    Every time someone makes a statement, i cringe. The hole keeps getting deeper as they dig their own grave.

    Self destruction an ambition that will be hard to avoid…………..

  8. ephemerol9 says:

    The fact is : the white working class have ALWAYS hated foreigners(AS they see it) and their default setting is BNP/EDL etc.I am mixed race and people like me have always known what theyre like if you have to live and work among them – it,s never been accepred or even mentioned among liberal/lefty types, except now that Labour is trying to outdo Condems and/or get some of their traditional voters back.
    It isn,t lack of education/brainwashing by the press etc – all that is patronising and ignores the reality that won’t go away. The rise in far right is always worse alt times(economic crises) like this – but the facts aren’t caused by poverty etc,just exacerbated.
    There must besome way that people of mixed/different races who are on benefits/sick/disabled/poor etc can work with white people in the same position without actually having to share space/meet these people/get too near them – I know certain areas near me aren’t safe and it won’t get any better.Please don’t give a lecture on economics/politics ad/or how many nice white working class there are (I know some,too) – The facts on the ground haven’t changed in MY 40 years(out of my 50 something age) except for legislation, which still doesn’t change people(and can be eroded/reversed)
    I’m really sorry to upset people but if someone can think of a better way to put this(or a way that those of us who were BORN here can be safer AND fight for everyones rights and survival,please educate me and all of us Ephemerol9

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate says:

    There are no middle politics any more, let alone left wing politics. Simple people with simple ideas. There is no meaning to a 18% turn out at a General Election, only fiddle the figures to 25% turn out. The figures divide between rich & poor have never been greater. Even in Victorian times there were still workhouses, but in these rich times there are no workhouses to go to. To be a leader you need to be in with corporate international scam companies. So Labour has no funding because the Unions have stopped paying them. All the same rhetoric of denial with rhetoric of injustice to their denial claims. Twisting rhetoric.

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