'Mental illness has been depoliticised, so that we blithely accept a situation in which depression is now the malady most treated by the NHS'. Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters
‘Mental illness has been depoliticised, so that we blithely accept a situation in which depression is now the malady most treated by the NHS’. Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters


First Published: Monday 16th July 2012 – but a relevant as ever

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  1. Stepping Razor Sound Plate says:

    Mental Health is a political issue because no one is going to believe any one with a Mental Health Tag. Which is discrimination of the lowest level. Fooling the public saying Mental Health Is like a Headache that won`t go away. The lack of care for Mental Health Issues. They have an opinion that is fine, but when some ones opinion is breaking laws the media need to take stock of breaking laws otherwise they will be charged under those laws.

    Showing up who the Nazi press work for. Funny how the press can`t repeat what I write. Prooving it is not slander or lies.

    As the saying goes `The Truth Hurts`. Propaganda at it`s weakest.

  2. jed goodright says:

    you know, I was writing about this issue in the 1980s as were many others such as Julian Lusada et al, Redfield Jamison, Corrigan Smail – there’s really nothing new under the sun – and nothing unusual about the ignorant supported by the foolish leading to discrimination and oppression. Are we ever going to breakout of this cycle – it doen’t seem so

  3. Stepping Razor Sound Plate says:

    The wider issue is how disabled people have been & are demonizsed in society. The fight to live & survive and the struggles disabled people have to put up with even before the issues with our disability come into it. Double Bubble – Double Standards in a 3rd world country [The UK] as a 10th class citizen.

    Why talk to me like I am backwards because I look disabled. There is nothing wrong with my brain. It is also an insult to speak to people like that with brain conditions.

    Mental Issues & Physical Disability Issues are the same = Disability.

    Any one at any time can become disabiled, mentally or and Physically. Metaphysically speaking.

    The PR is terrible as a vote winner. Poll A Tricks.

    Keep putting off the review figures for even more fiddle sticks.

    At Eton they only learnt how to play fiddle sticks with not a brain cell among them.

    Welfare Reform Bill – Stop terrorising the disabled by their own uk government.

    Freedom Justice & Equality For All.

    End Slavery In The UK Now.

    We Have Evidence Of The Death Camps at ATOS DWP DPO IDS PM.

  4. David Calvert says:

    Mental health and depression have nothing to do with money or employment. Does this infantile government not understand that some of us through no fault of our own have suffered debilitating head injuries, post traumatic stress, autism and asperger’s syndrome syndrome all of which can cause mental health and depression issues. This government is to immature and ignorant to understand the difference between clinical depression, unhappiness and despair. Go stand in the corner little boys and don’t come out until you have an apology and remedy for the damage you have done to this nation and it’s people.

  5. Humanity2012 says:

    It is a Political Issue in the Sense that We Need Government Policy to be Compassionate Caring and in Touch with the Effects of Mental Health Issues

  6. Jan Tchamani says:

    A very loud AMEN to that! Also to the person concerned about mental health issues being presented as only being related to external circumstances: I agree – I have rapid cycling bipolar and I can be ‘high’ in bad circs and ‘low’ when things are going better. Can see why both have a valid point. Temporary (hopefully temporary!) mental health issues can certainly be brought on by isolation, despair, deprivation, social exclusion, low self-esteem, persecution by those in power who use terms like ‘work-shy scrounger’, being kicked out by a partner who only wants you when you’re bringing in money, etc. See what we’re doing to combat these on our website. Friendship and open, honest sharing and empathy can help. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my trusted, true friends.

  7. Stepping Razor Sound Plate says:

    To have disability equal rights is not a political issue. It is Human Rights Issue.

    Human Rights issues have never gone down well in politics in the uk, home & abroad.

    There needs to be a new Disability Law so nothing like the manipulation we have been seeing ever happens again.

  8. Steven Goodman says:

    What a total bastard you are!…I have already stated that there is no one within the DWP who’ll argue that their budget should be left alone. Easy targets ain’t it! Let’s qualify the thrust of your decision making – You want to preserve the military presence – first you have to have something worth defending!

    If I was to highlight an anti-patriotic system then it has to be the Lib-dem/conservative coilition ….As the public access systems of Welfare and health, were devised as payment in kind for all the working class lives and blood that was spilt in world war 2.

    To remove it’s protective intent is to betray this nation and its people. This coupled with the cosying up to international corporations and handing them large slices of the funds in the public purse is an insult to us all!

    Iain Duncan Smith: cut welfare to fund police and Forces – Telegraph
    Iain Duncan Smith has offered to cut Britain’s welfare Bill by up to another £3  billion annually to protect spending on the Armed Forces and police, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

  9. Steven Goodman says:


    I was bowled over by Iian Ducan Smith’s display on the news Heartfelt concern for the Syrian rebels and the need to arm them…..Whilst largely ignoring that they and the Syrian Government have more in common with each other, then he ever has with other down-trodden people. Like the disabled whose going to supply us with weapons to fight to free ourselves?

  10. Stepping Razor Sound Plate says:

    The real war is in the UK PM Disabled !! The one that will get you the sack & charged for Manslaughter. There is no instant threat from the middle east, yet the instant threat is from your own people.

    The culture of `No One Is Held Responsable` ends. Corporate Manslaughter with the Onus on the Burden Of Proof against untruths & criminal Acts & Denial.

    Simply the PM has no defence – on what twisting words that can`t be twisted.

  11. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    DWP failed employee with Asperger’s
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    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been ordered to pay a woman with Asperger’s syndrome a total of £70,000 after an employment tribunal found it to be guilty of disability discrimination.

    The Business Disability Forum has reported that the tribunal, held in Dundee, heard how the woman was asked to return to work but felt that a breakdown in trust and confidence led to high levels of anxiety which she was unable to overcome.

    The DWP was judged to have subjected the claimant to harassment due to her Asperger’s. The syndrome, which is a form of autism, shows no outward signs but can cause difficulties in social communication and interaction.

    Many people with Asperger’s syndrome have a variety of skills that enable them to thrive in a variety of roles. However, they are often disadvantaged when it comes to securing employment because of their difficulties with social skills.

    The National Autistic Society said that many employers do not realise that people with some autism spectrum disorders, such as Asperger’s syndrome, can be highly skilled and qualified as well as being extremely employable.

    The tribunal initially awarded damages to the claimant of £54,000 as compensation for constructive unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. In a further hearing, another £17,500 was ordered to be paid by the DWP for failing to comply with a re-employment ruling.

    Judge Ian McFatridge said that the DWP had “treated the claimant extremely badly”.

    “We were required to take into account the fact that the claimant is psychologically unable to return to work with the respondents and that this is something which has been brought on by the respondents’ treatment of her,” he explained.

    A DWP spokesperson said that it acknowledged the tribunal’s findings and works hard to ensure that it achieves its commitments to good practice in employing and working with disabled people.

  12. AL says:

    Should it matter if you are sad or mad? Suicide is a desperate step to take and it’s frequency is increasing. It would seem to indicate that something is wrong and perhaps we need to discover what it is. Maybe it’s a logical act, when all other avenues are closed does suicide seem a viable option? Better than suffering and doing nothing to remedy it. In that clever people are often prone to depression and suicide it does make me wonder whether those who are happy are the crazy ones. Doesn’t it make anyone feel sad to know one of the richest countries in the world lacks the compassion and resourses to care for all it’s citizens? Choosing instead to blame and chastise those who cannot provide for themselves. Surely anyone with education knows that such a view is too simplistic? Govt agencies are recieving training to help spot people who may be suicidal and are supposed then not to make them worse, in other words they already know that their policies are driving people over the edge. They surely would not waste the hard working taxpayers money on such training if it was not seen as a problem?

  13. jay says:

    Grim reading, I also clicked the link under the heading European Economy

    JP Morgan calls for authoritarian regimes in Europe

    “First, the paper argues, financial measures are necessary to ensure that major investment houses such as JP Morgan can continue to reap huge profits from their speculative activities in Europe.”

    “Second, the authors maintain, it is necessary to impose “political reforms” aimed at suppressing opposition to the massively unpopular austerity measures being carried out at the behest of the banks.”

    People are being driven to their deaths by business scum like JP Morgan who don’t even live on the same continent. The true reasons for austerity are exposed quite clearly here.

  14. Annos says:

    “No such thing is likely to happen. Instead, as 2013 progresses, a further downturn will become visible through the orchestrated statistics. This time the Fed will have to get the printed money past the banks and into the economy, and inflation will explode. The dollar will collapse, and import prices–as globalism has turned the US into an import-dependent economy–will turn high inflation into hyperinflation. Disruptions in food and energy deliveries will become widespread, and a depreciated currency will cease to be used as a means of exchange.”


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