A banner attacking workfare in In the London May Day march last year. Photograph: Peter Marshall/ Peter Marshall/Demotix/Corbis

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  1. AL says:

    Wow exactly what needs saying. It’s not just the unemployed suffering and the chronically sick and disabled, it’s lots of people in precarious jobs, jobs where they don’t fit, don’t count, or are just low paid. In order to fit humans into work, requires sensitivty, flexibility and insight into the nature of being human. Yes it’s about money. Money is essential. But after that it’s about finding your right place. Where you feel you make a contribution not just take a wage. Why are people getting sick, suffering stress and overwhelming the NHS with their problems? I believe it’s because more and more, they can’t cope with just struggling to make it through. People are swallowing anti-depressants, drinking to excess, eating too just to fill a void, doing what ever it takes to take the edge off. Doesn’t that tell you something is desperately wrong? If you are forced to take on the work load of two people, rather than one, you end up doing a bad job all round yet still having to justify you are meeting targets. If you exist on minimum wage, just getting by, surely what keeps you going, is the hope of moving up the ladder, not having to worry about how to land the next temporary minimum wage job or how you will cope trying to get benefit to keep yourself and family going until the next job. The Govts divide and rule approach is very clever, they are picking off groups one by one villifying them and thus justifying why they must be punished. We need to wake up. Minimum wage will be next, then tax credits, NHS? pensions? All our hard fought for rights are up for grabs. If we don’t unite and stand up for human dignity then we will all lose. A society that loses it’s humanity loses everything.

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