Plymouth UKIP man quits after calling Scots ‘workshy addicts’ in Twitter rant

Wings over Scotland

‘Brit Nat Down’ posted on May 18, 2013 by Rev. Stuart Campbell

Thanks to the alert reader who pointed us at a Plymouth Herald story today about lovable UKIP candidate and teacher of British children, the charming Ron Northcott.

Plymouth UKIP man quits after calling Scots ‘workshy addicts’ in Twitter rant

A UKIP politician has “fallen on his sword”, after abusing Scots people on the social media site Twitter. Ron Northcott, a former election candidate in Plymouth for the UK Independence Party, resigned from the party yesterday. David Salmon, UKIP’s Plymouth chairman, said:

“Ron is not talking to any member of the press. I can say that following the appalling behaviour of some Scots against Nigel Farage, Ron was involved in what he describes as banter with a Scot living in London.

His out-of-character remark was unacceptable and he has stood down with immediate effect as a potential candidate for next years elections. We in no way condone his language and the sentiments expressed. He has stepped down and will be leaving UKIP.”

Northcott’s “banter” came to light because this site highlighted it and posted it on Twitter, where at the time of writing it had been seen by over 8,000 people. You can read the now-deleted badinage below.



Mr Northcott’s merry quippery wasn’t quite as “out of character” as Mr Salmon is attempting to make out, though. There’s some rather familiar-sounding rhetoric, stretching back to 2011, on Ron’s old Twitter account (closed down last summer) too:




Classy stuff. Wings Over Scotland – cleaning up British politics, one nutter at a time.

Wings Over Scotland

12 thoughts on “Plymouth UKIP man quits after calling Scots ‘workshy addicts’ in Twitter rant

  1. John Lanigan says:

    The treatment that Nigel Farage got in Edinburgh was not a one off event. We don’t put up with racists in Scotland and the next time Farage or any of his party come to Scotland they will get the same welcome.

  2. Mike says:

    If Nigel is a “racist” then most if the British public are, too.
    I have always been a Socialist; a member of the WRP for years, even before the big split, but even I can see the intolerable extra strain placed on on the services which I have helped pay for since aged 16.
    In any case, Ukip has more far-reaching plans than just border control.
    As for the Edinburgh fracas; I have it on good authority that there was MI5 involvement in that. The Tories are running scared of Farage, and shall use any means to disparage him. Seemingly, they are unable to find any info that he smoked a joint, or slept with a prostitute in his youth.

    1. Paul says:

      First of all, he is indeed a racist piece of case… An homophobic and misogynist… But the says he is not, and if Brits are mainly like that we are not here in Scotland… And I can assure you that the 60 guys and girls involved where not from MI5, most of them are friends of mine from the SNP, Scottish Socialist Party, Scottish Greens and Radical Students. Hence, we where there to tell Nigel that he would have the same welcome coming from us And May I give you a lesson of economics about demography…

      The population in Britain is growing… Not due to the descent of British (European Brits when its population decreases by 2% since the after war increase) but it is due to emigration.

      Then knowing that, all our system is based on the fact that we are relying in an increase of population to keep going… And acting like most Brits to UKIP’s, BNP or even Conservative scaremongering shouts is dangerous and may result in situations like the WWII or even an other Civil War… This Toxic toilet talks have nothing to do in a civilized society.

      My final and free advise to anyone not in agreement with my post is : “Think, put yourselves in the shoes of the less fortunate, what would you do in such situation? THINK!!!

    2. John Lanigan says:

      If Nigel is not a racist then I’ll eat my Das Capital. The WRP are not necessarily seen as being helpful when it comes to solidarity with the left so it’s no badge of honour. As for MI5, well I have to laugh. Was there ever a demo or action they were not at.
      Those of us who have been in left wing politics long enough will have had a few pints with MI5 and other agents, it’s par for the course.
      The thing that worries me more than MI5 Mike is the thought that you could be taken in by UKIP. LOL.

  3. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Don’t follow ” Mike’s” points. Sounds like trolling to me. Perhaps he can be more explicitly racist to allow us to shoot him down

  4. j.bradley says:

    This Toxic toilet talks have nothing to do in a civilized society.
    it sure is ………ROLL ON UKIP !!

  5. Dissabled dave says:

    I find it odd that people who can see the Tory spin in calling the disabled and sick fit to work, and who can also see the Tory spin in calling the unfortunate unemployed workshy scroungers, can’t see the Tory spin in calling Nigel Farage a racist. The UKIP views are:
    Britain should not be ruled by unelected bodies in Luxembourg: so what is wrong with that?
    We should not accept unlimited immigration because we can’t afford to give free health care and other benefits to as much of the rest of the world as want to come here; so what is wrong with that?
    It would be nice if Britain was so rich that we could afford to support the poor in the rest of the world and support anyone who wants to come here, but thanks to the bankers and the politicians Britain is not that rich, so we simply cannot afford to do so.

    So having complained about the lies told by the Tories why do people now complain when Nigel Farage tells the truth? Of course, the Tories want people to believe that UKIP is racist in order to stop their voters transfering their allegiance, but why are people on this site doing the Tories’ dirty work by repeating the Tory lies? Do you want the Tories to win the next election?

  6. Serenity says:

    David Salmon, UKIP’s Plymouth chairman gives us the most insincere, artificial apology I have ever heard!
    He calls that racist rant banter? A playful exchange it was not! It’s himself should be resigning! Swivel eyed loons is a compliment too UKIP, these morons almost make the BNP look articulate.
    It was the union of England and Scotland that brought about the empire,all modern politics due too great Scottish thinkers in Edinburgh in the 18th century, including Adam Smith. It would be easier to list the things we haven’t invented.It was the Scot’s put the great in Britain and don’t you forget it!
    Radstock Somerset, the only people raising tensions here are the labour councilor and UKIP, the muslims have not complained and have also said they are not offended, so what’s the problem ?
    Also it is the National front who forever associated the St George and Union Jack with the far right and neo nazi’s, this is ancient history regurgitated to use as propaganda with a modern slant encompassing UKIP’S sectarian bigotry of Muslims.
    BNP nazi’s in suits, UKIP tory neo nazi millionaires.
    Also note how the EDL always get a mention when UKIP are about!

  7. Christina Klein-Bissett says:

    UKIP …dangerous and stupid. I DO NOT Want THE TORIES TO WIN THE NEXT ELECTION, but to replace one evil by another is no solution.

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