Joint Black Triangle – DPAC complaint against Councillor Collin Brewer submitted to Cornwall Council Standards Committee

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May 15th 2013 

We have sent the following complaint about what we consider to be the incitement to hatred by Cornish councillor Colin Brewer.

In Wadebridge East, Colin Brewer has been re-elected, despite his earlier remarks about the need to kill disabled children because they cost too much. 

It seems voters may have accepted his apology.

His comments had already sent shivers down the backs of all disabled people who knew about it – particularly, of course, those of us born with our impairments.

We have to our collective horror, however, now learnt from Disability News Service, whose reporter John Pring interviewed Mr. Brewer extensively, that far from realizing the error of his ways, Mr. Brewer has been emboldened to repeat and elaborate on his murderous and chilling views. 

We quote from the article posted on May 10th 2013:


“In the interview, Brewer repeatedly indicated that he believed there was a good argument for killing some disabled babies with high support needs, because of the cost of providing them with services.”

The contempt with which he views perhaps all human beings is revealed in this quote from the same article:

“People are not on this earth for very long. My main concern is planning and environmental [issues] and landscape. In that context, people are just transient. I have heard of terrific amounts of money being spent on specific individuals.” 

But as far as disabled humans are concerned, Mr. Brewer made it clear that he considers us no better than animals, saying about farmers:

“If they have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. They get rid of it. Bang!”

We could go on; Mr. Brewer certainly did, making it very clear that we were not worth society’s efforts and clearly having no idea whatsoever of the contribution we make to society.

Early on in Nazi Germany, a poster appeared with a disabled man sitting down looking unhappy, and a ‘doctor’ behind him (see below).

The poster told the public how much this disabled man was supposed to be costing them: From there, the gas chambers were trialed on disabled people first.

We believe Mr. Brewer’s comments reveal that he is not fit to hold any public office whatsoever.

How can you be a public servant, whilst advocating exterminating sections of the public who have done no wrong whatsoever? 

Our understanding is that public service standards should debar him forthwith and we ask that you rapidly address this.


Bob Ellard, Linda Burnip, Debbie Jolly, Anita Bellows, Andy Greene, Merry Cross and Ellen Clifford



John McArdle, David Churchley, Craig Lundie and Dr Stephen M Carty






Nazi Poster - translation: 60,000 Reich marks. What this person suffering from is hereditary defects costs the People’s community during his lifetime. Comrade, that is your money too.
Nazi Poster – translation: 60,000 Reich marks. What this person with hereditary defects costs the Volks (people’s) community during his lifetime. Volks Comrade, that is your money too.


Collin Brewer Abdullah Ahmerat

23 thoughts on “Joint Black Triangle – DPAC complaint against Councillor Collin Brewer submitted to Cornwall Council Standards Committee

  1. David McEwan Hill says:

    What is the moral differnce between Mr Brewer’s obnoxious views and aborting human beings at 30 weeks (ie 6 month old unborn children)

    1. karin says:

      The difference is that in the UK this is illegal. It is extremely rare for termination of pregnancy to be sought or granted when the woman is 20 plus weeks pregnant. Lets get this straight. No-one LIKES abortion. But, as with many other agonising decisions in life, it’s a case of what is the outcome in terms of human costs.

      When abortion is banned women die from septic abortion and haemorrage due to unsafe illegal practices- losing their fertility or lives and leaving behind bereaved children partners friends and family. No-one likes to kill a foetus. It’s a horribly sad business for all.

  2. Boadacia! says:

    Looks like Cornwall too has it’s fair share of nasty fascist slime that may be in more need of extermination, than their targets.

    Of course we all wouldn’t wish a large pallet of pasties fall on him, and he gets the feeling for being a [b]transient misshapen councillor,[b] and buried on much more important land!

  3. carolynne calvert-wightman says:

    I very much agree with Mary and the Man is very lucky to be healthy, and is prejudices scum!!!! He should be so ashamed of himself and the folk that voted for him!!!! (They must also be lucky to have their health and be prejudged!! Shame!!) Wish them all Karma!!!!

  4. karin says:

    I’m pretty sure his comments break the rules regarding conduct in public office. This repellant brute of a man, with his vile ignorant “opinions” should surely be held to account and sacked.

    1. karin says:

      Morals of course, aren’t set in stone. They vary enormously. I, for example, feel very uneasy about termination of pregnancy due to the foetus having disabilities. Others wouldn’t.

  5. Serenity says:

    I find it reprehensible that a lamb would would be treated in such a repugnant way it’s criminal, surely it could be done humanely. This man is evil how anyone would vote for such a diabolical monster is beyond me, I hope he is made to pay for his hate speech with the full force of the law.
    It’s Ok to spend millions on the royals,bankers,multinationals, MP’s et al though.
    I’m so glad BT & DPAC are taking action on this matter as this can not be tolerated or go unpunished.

  6. Laz says:

    Colin Brewer is a prime example of the type of people who have taken over the political system .At least to his credit he does not hide behind political correctness saying one thing and practicing the opposite which what is happening in Westminster at present .The Government coalition by their policies are breaking International laws made to protect the people from the atrocities and inhumane treatment of past ,the Atos examinations are a prime example driving many already seriously sick people to despair or suicide .MIRACULOUSLY declared fit for work by Atos when in fact prospective employers themselves would find the client capabilities far too limited if any to make them viable for work . The TRUTH of the matter is we have Nazi policies being forced through and a spineless bunch of yes ministers cowing down to Corporate and Elitist pressure. The fact that the Crown signed much of this into Law should ring alarm bells as this clearly indicates democracy has been high-jacked by those it was originally fought for to stop a Dictatorship be it political or Imperial .

  7. Mr Glasgow says:

    Mr Brewer is more than welcome to visit the Calton Tongs if he ever visits Glasgow …….we will show him some Tongland hospitality …… I am sure the lads would make sure he would never want to return …….. What a fu-king dirty nazi he is ……….. can someone a bit closer to him plz kick fu-k out of him …….

  8. Gary Barton says:

    Mr Brewer is more than welcome to visit the Calton Tongs if he ever visits Glasgow …….we will show him some Tongland hospitality …… I am sure the lads would make sure he would never want to return …….. What a fu-king dirty nazi he is ……….. can someone a bit closer to him plz kick fu-k out of him …….

  9. Qashie James says:

    Wadebridge, Cornwall, should be Black Listed by all Holiday Makers if they happen to be disabled adults or children or Blue Badge holders as the last time I was in Cornwall area I had to pay for parking with my Blue badge? A big Thank you to BT & DPAC for their coverage of this news well done?

  10. Pink Parrot says:

    And what is the difference between killing kids with disabilities on the grounds of costs and killing old people once they are no longer productive- ie able to work? I don’t suppose Mr Brewer would offer to have himself voluntarily euthanased once he reaches pension age!
    So sick of hearing these fascist views, and aren’t they crawling out from under their rocks lately, but mostly blame the idiotic voters who voted for him. What were they thinking of??

  11. Mary Jackson says:

    I really worry where this country is heading when voters will elect people like this man, how far from Nazi Germany have we come,? not that far it seems, I call for a petition to have this man removed from office,

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