VIDEO: Neoliberal Labour Mourner-in-Chief Tory Bliar says “She will be sadly missed on both sides of the Atlantic”

TB has paid warm tribute to his confidante and mentor during yet another whirlwind tour on the extremely lucrative global lecture circuit.  


Tony Blair pays tribute to Margaret Thatcher in Lafayette College speech.
Tony Blair pays tribute to Margaret Thatcher in Lafayette College speech

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27 thoughts on “VIDEO: Neoliberal Labour Mourner-in-Chief Tory Bliar says “She will be sadly missed on both sides of the Atlantic”

  1. Steve West says:

    Is Blair lecturing on how to bomb innocent civilians ?

    He should – with Bush – be tried for War Crimes. !

  2. Barry says:

    Are but Obama isn’t robbing the poor to feed the rich unlike Cameron…
    Obama’s army may well be killing innocent civilians as some have stated hear but at lest he looks after the welfare of most sick and disabled Americans unlike Cameron that is stripping benefits to the sick and disabled and the less well-off, Thatcher may well have upset many British people in the 11 years she held office but she didn’t rob the poor, sick and disabled of there benefits and accuse them of being scroungers of the welfare state.

  3. jed goodright says:

    you don’t think i’m going to watch this do you? i’ve had enough of the venal sycophancy and bliar’s contribution adds nothing of interest

  4. kelpiemare says:

    Our wee household has banned tributes t Thatcher. She, and Bliar (like your spelling IDS, so apt!) will ne as sorely missed “as a boil between t cheeks of ‘your’ a@@e”. Or so hubby, in broad Buchan (NE Scotland corner!) dialect says!!

  5. Dissabled dave says:

    So Thatcher has kicked the bucket. After what she did to the steel industry I’m surprised she could find a bucket to kick.

      1. kelpiemare says:

        Arthur Scargill or muggie the hatchet….Arthur Scargill. He didn’t destroy Britain’s industry, she did. And all because she wanted the worker should be grateful for any crumbs her ilk would throw to them, without having anyone to stand in their corner. This govt of spivs are merely trying to finish what she started. She had, and now they have, no concern for the rest of the country, only the City…the dealers in money. They claim to be Christians, I wonder how long ago they expunge d “the root of all evil is the greed of money” from their creed? She was a monstrous deseminator, a pure, unadulterated bitch. And that, folks, is a gargantuan understatement. After all, Cameron doesn’t want us to criticise the abomination that made today’s Conservative greedy government of heirs and wannabee heirs flunkeys.

        1. Steve West says:

          Bollox – the taxpayer cannot afford to bail out a biz losing huge £ – and in a democracy, the ppl voted for her 3, imes so she must have been right – commies like scargill elongated the suffeting

          1. jed goodright says:

            if you know so much Steve why bother coming here to ‘remind us’? why not just piss off – the taxpayer is paying for her bloody funeral – it should be paid for by her family and any other private person wishing to do so – pity the burning’s not in public!!!!

          2. kelpiemare says:

            She never tried to find a mutual solution. Like today’s condemns defaming the sick/disabled/unemployed by the lazy, feckless brand….so she defamed unions and the workers. She had one target in mind (until near the end of her second term) the annihilation of the unions. She had to destroy them prior to privatising our assets. Then she squandered that income too.
            If there hadn’t been the Falklands conflict, she would not have been in no 10 for a 3rd term. And the Falklands? Well, that conflict is mired in politics. She was warned, by the Captain of HMS Endurance that there was a build up of Argentine military and Malvinas’ rhetoric. If she had acted then, sent some troops, the Argentine invasion of the Falklands would, probably, never have happened.
            She, and Bliar, were warmongers.

            1. Steve West says:

              Re Falklands Lord someon the Defence Sec. Told e her no wayy would the Arhies invade and she went by that – to know !
              PS Lord x resigned asap the clot !
              she was not

          1. kelpiemare says:

            Respect? I do have respect, for those who fought for workers’ rights, for their jobs, for living wage, for those who fought for those unable to get out and protest for themselves. I have total respect for those whose jobs are being eroded for the benefit of cheating, greedy employers. (See johnnyvoids blog re homebase staff losing paid work in favour of govt slavery scheme.) I have respect for health and all emergency personnel. But, respect for the hatchet? Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

  6. jed goodright says:

    As a measure of what this country has become:

    1. they have spent nearly 4 years and OUR money on planning thatcher’s funeral
    2. the police have licence to monitor and check all social media for signs of ‘trouble’
    3. people are already being arrested by the police in pre-emptive drives on grounds of ‘disruption’
    4. the media is united and totally banning any public correspondence on their websites.
    the labout party is condemning al those who ‘celebrate’ thatchers death.
    4various idiots (right wing) are promoting statues and other memorobilia of the great one
    5 we are paying for her funeral whilst the family are making an unspecified donation.

    I know what this sounds and feels like – are we truly now living in a tory dictatorship with no scope for any kind of debate/ dissention?????

    1. Steve West says:

      And we just had 16 years of labour dictatorship – during which we invaded 2 countries killng thousands of innocent civilians ?

      1. jed goodright says:

        you into dictatorship then hey Steve or are you, like cameron, just using the situation for political and ideologica ends??? You don’t know the meaning of RESPECT

  7. Linda says:

    He kept calling her a great leader who will be sadly missed. Is he really so out of touch with what the people think of her. Or is he hoping they’ll say the same about him when he’s gone.

  8. Humanity2012 says:

    I will Not Miss Margaret Thatcher

    I will Not Miss the Sweeping Aside of Thatcherism as Well

    Not even Tyrant Adolf Hitler would of Married a Woman as Evil and Vicious as
    Margaret Thatcher

  9. Kevin Mullins says:

    Everybody is focused on her passing but during her time in office she did not implement all her evil polisies (deliberate misspelling) on her own. There were millions who were convinced by the rabid tory press that they were in for a bonanza. Freedom to buy your council house ! (there’s no freedom when you are shackled to the banks and other lenders). There was a mad dash to buy shares in what up until then was OUR property i.e. British Telecom, British Gas, British Steel, British Petroleum, North sea gas then British Rail. The main target was the emasculation of the Unions starting with the NUM. She was a better warmonger than Churchill. She new how to manipulate the state machinery. There was no talk of cutbacks in policing or armed forces as we have now. She was going to war against the working class with accusations that the miners were “the enemy within”. Under the guise of streamlining the mining industry she brought in Ian McGregor( for those who remember him he was the man who hid his head under a carrier bag). Under instruction he picked the battleground and the correct timing, March 1984 and Cortonwood
    which was considered a viable pit. The rest is history.

    We have to remember on whose behalf she was acting and who were the mysterious players in the shadows. The BANKS and MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS they were the ones to gain most by the destruction of the UNIONS. As in struggles in the past the TUC let the general membership down by not giving leadership to defend our rights. The Labour party under Kinnock was a shambles not once did Kinnock set foot on a picket line because of his personal dislike of certain people and his fear of upsetting middle England. This man, if you can call him that, then made an infamous attack on Liverpool Labour council repeating false claims by the SUN newspaper when they made a stand against CUTS implemented by Thatchers government. He then in the same speech went on to attack the miners and there struggle again repeating words from the rabid tory press. He was a disgrace to Labour and with his help was one of the architects of bringing son of Thatcher Tony Blair into the fold of the broad church of the party at the same time expelling good and decent socialists from the party.
    SHAME ON ALL those who fed into her ideology.

    You will see them all the HYPOCHRITES an lackeys of the BANKS paying there last respects.
    What we have to focus on are those who are not in coffins YET the fight goes on.

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