George Osborne is fighting back, aware that tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for the frail shock even natural conservatives. But this is just the start
George Osborne is fighting back, aware that tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for the frail shock even natural conservatives. But this is just the start

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  1. jed goodright says:

    …. and having handed in her latest missive to the guardian polly trots off back to Tuscany

    neither Polly nor the guardian get it!!!

  2. kelpiemare says:

    Anne Widdecombe has no experience of raising children, nor of the costs involved. So, not only is she childless, she is completely clueless. Typical Tory conditions.

  3. NoOneIsListening says:

    Polly Toynbee has expressed this extremely well. She is a high profile journalist who takes the trouble to tell the story. We need people like her to keep these issues in the public domain. It is unfair to criticise her personal circumstances. You don’t have to be a loony lefty or from a poverty stricken family to care what happens to the most vulnerable – we need people from every walk of life to CARE and support us in any way that has an impact. She can’t walk in people’s shoes but she can and does show empathy with what is happening.

    1. Jezz says:

      Polly Toynbee has always said how it is…She has always had a sensible view on things and in my opinion has always Hit the nail on the head..when it comes to Moral Injustice.
      Her appearances on Question Time always ruffle the ‘immoral politician policy makers’, when they have crossed the line…The TorDemons have blown it….but will Labour rectify this ‘demeaning degrading ‘you spastic sing for your supper’, then crawl on your knees to work persecution of the disabled.. line they’ve taken….I think not…

      Oh for the pleasure of being Romanian or Bulgarian..everything for nothing ‘soon’ what a great outlook and prospects in life they have, they’ll be drinking their drinks and throwing the cans and cigarette butts they buy on JSA anywhere they like and living in a four bedroom houses with ten kids, none who speak English…Without any intention of getting a full time job or contributing to our society..all this … Whilst watching the spastics sweep the roads clean from their wheelchairs, holding the brooms in their teeth…..

      1700 dead as a result of ATOS’s criminal negligence, Their was an enquiry into phone tapping not so long ago….no one in my re-collection died from it….

      WHY IS THERE NO ENQUIRY INTO THE CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE that ATOS are carrying out… countless times everyday….

      Oh This Country Makes Me So Proud!!!!!!

  4. Mike says:

    Polly tells it as it is, no matter what some closet tory says.
    We need a lot of help against the nastiest government in history.

  5. Dissabled dave says:

    Best of all, somebody in Polly’s financial position would normally be expected to vote Tory, so when natural Tories start slagging off the Government MPs may realise that they have gone too far and are alienating their core voters.

    1. robertchewter says:

      @kevin mullins and the new overseer of Atos WCA says that being sick is a lifestyle choice..well he is connected to Atos so he would say that.

  6. miss carole frost says:

    people like myself do not take disability or being ill and sick as a lifestyle choice we struggle day to day we contribute to this country too we do not make millions just sitting on our asses doing nothing we do not have the luxuries of the rich ie holidays luxury homes second homes etc this government are wrong in every aspect of a disabled persons life ..we don,t have money for shares in off shore havens we are not tax avoiders the government and rich have always got away avoiding paying taxes now they are having a tax break while ordinary people at the low end who only have a minimum wage pay more in taxes like the bedroom tax this is not on ..the rich and tory governments over the years have done nothing but squander there rich lifestyles every time a conservative government have got in power this coalision are doing the same but worse before long we will have no britain left due to this government outclassing everyone who works or is disabled and ill ..this government has caused so much poverty in this country for so long now is the time to fight back and get rid of this coalision government once and for ALL of the vpeople of the united kingdom enough is enoughj we are in 21century not the 19th century.

  7. George Woodward says:

    Someone voted Tory at the last election,it would certainly be the top earners,but not enough to put the Tories in power,so who did vote Tory last time out,odds on you won’t find any average wage earner own up.

  8. K Peake says:

    50% of MPs cheat the outrageously generous welfare system afforded them to look after us, indeed we know criminality is endemic across the political “class”.

    0.7% of citizens cheat the barely subsistence benefits system afforded them to survive while ill or unemployed and being defamed by Britain’s privileged and oblivious criminal class who see conspiracies and project out scumbags wherever they look despite the facts and create ever greater messes for decent citizens to clean up in CMHTs, hospitals, suicide helplines, food banks, breakfast clubs, homeless units and so on and so forth.

    Anyone looking for the truth should consider those statistics.

    The Rev’d Paul Nicolson of Taxpayers Against Poverty describes this as a time of crass misjudgments. I call it and these people evil.

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