Iain Duncan Smith claimed £39 breakfast on expenses (that’d leave him £14 for the rest of the week)


By Jason Beattie 

The Work and Pensions Secretary was accused of “living in a different world” after the Mirror uncovered his taste for the morning feast


Feast: Iain Duncan Smith claimed for a £39 breakfast Picture: Allstar
Feast: Iain Duncan Smith claimed for a £39 breakfast Picture: Allstar

Iain Duncan Smith’s claim he could live on £53 a week fell apart last night after evidence emerged of a £39 breakfast he tried to put on expenses.


The Work and Pensions Secretary was accused of “living in a different world” after the Mirror uncovered his taste for the morning blow-out which would leave just £14 to see him through the rest of the week.

The Cabinet minister claims he knows what it’s like to live on a low income and has dismissed a challenge from a 370,000-strong petition for him to prove it.

But Mr Duncan Smith – who has ushered in the hated Bedroom Tax – made a claim on his Commons expenses for a £193 hotel stay in a hotel, including a breakfast for £39.

The receipt, submitted to the Parliamentary authorities when he was an opposition MP, show he also claimed for a mini bar bill and, on one occasion, a £9 cocktail.

The claims were rejected by Commons authorities.

The Daily Mirror can also reveal Mr Duncan Smith has yet to visit a food bank since becoming Work and Pensions Secretary in May 2010 – despite his claim to know what it is like on the breadline.

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said:

“Everyone, including a man who spends £39 on one breakfast, would struggle to live on £53 a week.

“Iain Duncan Smith can bluster all he likes, but he is living in a different world to millions who have to live on a pittance thanks to his policies.”

Mr Duncan Smith sparked fury by telling a County Durham market trader he could live on £53 “if I had to.”

His comments came as a report by independent think tank the New Policy Institute said the government’s benefit cuts this week will hit 1.2 million families already living in poverty.

A spokeswoman for IDS admitted his £39 breakfast claim last night, saying:

“His office submitted the claim but it wasn’t accepted.”

The petition can be found here.

The Daily Mirror

33 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith claimed £39 breakfast on expenses (that’d leave him £14 for the rest of the week)

  1. Fiona says:

    The man is obviously a psychopath… with no care for the thousands he has killed… the news about the parents who killed their children got life sentence…. but IDS is WORSE! He blindly and deafeningly allows his programs to wantonly kill random sick and disabled British citizens….. yes its awful what happened to these poor children, but why isn’t the news reporting every single death by IDS and his Nasty party????? 11,000 and still rising!

  2. Boadacia! says:

    I think it’s going to be an interesting summer with much sorrow for both sides of this vicious class based war. Our screams might be on deaf ears presently, but the media cannot silence us all and forever.

    1. jack johnson (@jackjoh01219520) says:

      We can start with a general strike, whose participants will be abused by both the gov. and
      the Met police in particular.This should result in violent protests as people realise that we
      are living in a police state, then the violence may escalate leading to full blown revolution
      and the culling of fascist government ministers in the interests of solidarity?

  3. maureen says:

    Jesus christ £39 for breakfast!!!! i only have £6 a week now for food shopping!makes me sick to my stomach reading that hope he bloody chokes on his next one!

    1. John Lanigan says:

      He gets paid about £1500 per week but claims a £39 breakfast on expenses. Can ordinary workers claim for breakfast etc. LOL

      1. PJO says:

        And the greedy Bastards want a 20 grand pay rise! They’re not interested in the country
        and its people, they’re only in it to get their thieving grubby hands on the public purse so
        they can cheat, steal and line their own pockets before the parasitic shit stains are kicked out at the next election!!!

        Ian Dunked in shit, Fuck sake! If the man wasn’t so obviously unhinged and dangerous, you would merely stand laughing at him. His wife obviously doesn’t do it for him anymore so he now gets his jollies from sticking it to the poor, sick, disabled and unemployed.

        I’m an Atheist but i find myself wishing that Hell existed so i could be happy in the knowledge that one day this Evil Subhuman Bastard would be sent there to burn for all eternity!

        Sorry!! I was only gonna comment on the £39 breakfast, kinda went off on one.

        1. Boadacia! says:

          Worry not, we’re all with you, and we need a snigger occasionally for temporary relief. I think DNA tests might prove he’s not human, and one of those rat swallowing aliens?

  4. Dissabled dave says:

    It looks like he shaved off a toothbrush moustache for that picture. Circuses and travelling fairs with a rifle range tend to have a portrait of a current object of hate as a target. I reckon that if thay had a picture of IDS for this season they would all be multimillionaires by season’s end…

    1. PJO says:

      I would buy that paper and i would eat loads more Bran and Fibre just so i could go to the toilet more!

    2. Bluesky says:

      brilliant idea Boadacia, you would be a multi millionair over night, i’ll fire up the printing press….

  5. Barry says:

    Mr. Duncan Smith said he could live on £53 a week “if I had to.” But if he did he would not be able to afford a breakfast priced at £39.00 or a cocktail priced at £9.00 a shot this man is mentally unstable and is living in a dream weld- so is he fit for peruse to be fixing our benefits

  6. baz says:

    This sniverling shit fuck is beyond belief,i also hold to account all those ass wipeswho voted this miserable, spiteful and vindictive asswipe back in at the last election. How are they going to feel when he now begins to turn his back on their misery. This is the shit head who, a months ago was in histerical laughter when a Labour member told the house about the suicide of a DISABLED young man who could no longer take it. The other MP’s were respectfully silent. But this excuse for a human was in hysterics.When the Speaker asked him what was so funny, he simply replied ” it was so ve, very funny , Mr Speaker, tha’s all ” All you in his constituancy, who are now reaping the reward of his spiteful vindictivness, remember so at the next election. And all those who may not be effected by illness, disability or even unemployment and therefore say, ” i don’t care as it is not affecting me or my family”, beware any of these things could come knocking at your front door, and when it does, Duncan-Smiths evil will have its way with you. You have been warned. Excuse the swearing , but this lump of slime reminds me so much of Himmler. He had blood on his hands and reveled in it as well as Duncan Smith does. This low life parasitic worm one said he “enjoyed” being hated. Now is that a sure sighn of some form of mental illness!( oops, sorry, he has also cured every one of all their illness’s. yep , he also thinks he God. All of his constutuants who voted for him, SHAME ON YOU ALL. But redeam yourselves by getting rid of him in 2015. That is if you have the gumption to get of your backsides and vote, that is.

  7. baz says:

    i have just read my own rant. I deeply apologise to any one who may have been offended by my comments.

    1. Boadacia! says:

      Yours wasn’t so bad Baz, and a little light relief maybe to those who feel powerless against this cruel right wing purge, and blame-game for their own incompetence.

      I suggest watching ‘In the Loop’ for more entertainment and although fiction, it gives us all an excellent idea of who’s really running this island.

      I’m sure IDS will one day make similar statements to those at Nuremberg in 1945/6, – about his orders, except this time in history he may get a Lordyship for his blind loyalty.

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate says:

    These MPs are so thick & stupid, that`s what happens when you talk without thinking [they don`t know how to]. Because they have no one to tell them not to say such stupid comments, MP`s will continue to make uneducated remarks on all things because they have no general knowledge & common sense. Getting the slaves doing all the work IDS ID`s IDS IDStarting Fruad with atos & unum IDS. Sue The Names.

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate says:

    £39 for a breakfast – that`s a lot of money. Go to greasy Joes Cafe & get some toast for 50p.

  10. Chris says:

    EDS is a desease, meet the cure………. Liberty GB, Paul Weston is the man our country needs in 10 Downing Street. I think we have had enough of these evil crooks.

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