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  1. Government claim they have created 1 million new jobs ??????? says:

    Lets remember that all people forced onto workfare are classed as employed so clearly the true unemployment figures are being manipulated.

  2. Serenity says:

    If the people unjustly santioned were too win a court case they would have to make another retroactive law to prevent them getting their money also!

  3. jan says:

    I could throttle my previous advisor @ clacton job centre for “kindly” offering me the chance of going to “Ingeus” !! I asked who they were and was told they could supposedly help with disabilities more than she could so I stupidly agreed and have fought for last 16mths to be put back on supported benefit instead of work related as my emphasemia wont get better no matter how many forms they send me (now on 4th lot) to fill in .I get indefinite dla yet some1 with none of my medical history deems me fit to work !!!! I’m not even allowed to ask my own dr for info to send in now either as they request if needed !!

  4. Margaret says:

    My ESA has stopped. My adviser told me that in our area no one was put into the Support Group so I accepted a place in the WRAG. But, what I wasn’t told was that it lasted for 12 months only.
    I have been back in touch with the adviser, he still says I’ll never be place din the Support Group, so I’m going it alone.

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