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  1. Pink Parrot says:

    My God! What kind of society do we live in when human beings are reduced to a %rate on a scorecard, and even the existence of that was lied about.
    Was the denial of this scorecard’s existence made in the house of Commons? If so, then surely the DWP will have to answer for it. If not then why weren’t they asked about this officially by the Labour Party?
    It has sickened me. And I’ve not forgotten that the civil service union was asking for support…some of whose members would have been implementing this scorecard? I suspect though, most Civil Servants would be horrified by what has been going on, at least I hope they are, and also ask that they remember that it could be them on JSA, workfare or WRAG at some time in the future.

  2. jay says:

    IDS and Hoban have denied that there are any targets. In the past politicians would have been forced to resign because of lies such as this but no our untouchable Con Dems carry on unperturbed and with impunity.

    I saw a stat that said over 800,ooo sanctions were made by the DWP in one year, these included people sanctioned more than once but it is a horrifying figure.

    This sanction regime has to end. These are people trying to get a job in an ever decreasing pool of available employment. Even the staunchest Tory / Lib Dem cannot really believe that 800,000 sanctions are because people are not trying to look for a job.

    All three major parties seem to be in support of this DWP sanction regime. The Labour party have the same ideology as the government hence the silence and lack of opposition.

    Keep on going DWP and the youth will eventually revolt, left with nothing they will have nothing left.

  3. jay says:

    The final paragraph should read

    “left with nothing they will have nothing to lose.”

    Getting a bit tired….

  4. jed goodright says:

    apparently this is all done in the best possible taste to reduce the deficit


    so why doesn’t the government deal with the real culprits – oh, it’s them and their mates ….

  5. jay says:


    The following is from the article link above:

    “Meanwhile, it has emerged that Jobcentre staff, who are doing their best to get benefit claimants into jobs, are being told by their bosses they must fulfil targets and prevent people getting the benefits they are entitled to.

    A leaked email shows staff have been warned by managers that they will be disciplined unless they increase the number of claimants referred to a tougher benefit regime.

    Secret league tables could only have been drawn up through information provided by senior managers in the Department for Work and Pensions. AND ONLY GOVERNMENT MINISTERS COULD HAVE SANCTIONED THESE MOVES.”

    1. robertchewter says:

      @jay two things: 1 walthamstow is just up the road from IDS constituency 2 IDS had already been to walthamstow JCP..go figure..

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