'As people with disabilities, we are no longer citizens but leeches: a drain on a society we’re seen as not contributing to and is said can no longer afford us.' Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian
‘As people with disabilities, we are no longer citizens but leeches: a drain on a society we’re seen as not contributing to and is said can no longer afford us.’ Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian


‘Human beings are more than numbers and a welfare system should be based on more than utility. Every person has worth and is a member of society. As April brings more disability cuts that promise to deprive, isolate, and degrade, it’s something to remember’

~ Frances Ryan

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  1. bobchewie says:

    do you know whenever i see stuff like this i am reminded of the most sickening post ive read on the net..it was about a disabled person who left there car to get shopping..when they came back written on the window was DISABLED ARE SCUM..


    Last night i dream’t i was better than an ordinary human being. I dream’t i was a peer in the House of Lords.

    I dream’t i could inflict pain, desperation, poverty and death on the weakest in society.

    I dream’t of a life with no boundaries, where money was at my fingertips, each and every bill was paid and i owed no-one…..

    I dreamt i was enjoying the finest taxpayer subsidised food whilst wearing the most expensive fineries of my office……

    I dream’t of my £300 expenses, my chaffeur driven limousine and my Edwardian mansion, nestling near the woods and stream and acres of open landscape…..

    I dream’t of a life so opulent with friends in high places……

    Then i woke up to stark reality, shivering on the floor, clothes in tatters, clutching a food voucher…………..

    1. Abbey Lane (@AbbeyLane5) says:

      You make your dream come utterly, wonderfully, billiantly alive, it sounds incredibly georgeous! But that’s just an MPs luxurious lifestyle, not ours.You should be able to find employment in authoring books and such. But all credit to you,you are not as interested in youself as you are in trying to help other disabled folk. You can’t really help now that this government’s sickening pschological ‘whisper and blame’ campaign has effectively and deliberately wiped out the Englandman’s sense of compassion. We should all permanently observe this government as the exact same money grabbing theives, so expertly described in the Massive Expenses Scandals. Unfortunately, the British public have a very short, selective memory and people ravenously gobble up all the spiteful benefits updates freely provided by this guilty, whinging Tory government. I have heard of a huge increase in the number of attacks upon the disabled. The attacks on the disabled by that foreign (French) firm ATOS are also extremely troubling and should be taken on Apeal to the Court of Human Rights at Strassberg. I hope you do manage to bring about a much needed change in the average Englishman’s outlook toward disabled folk and perhaps turn their anger towards the actual beneficiaries of massive wage reductions, huge unemployment figures and horendous mass immigration.

  3. Abbey Lane says:

    What’s the point in complaining when the country seems set on hero worshipping the Tory traitors………

  4. Qashie James says:

    Thanks to most of the Media coverage of this over the last few years since Camerons illgal Government and because they just cover ones who are pulling a fast one hence people are of opinion that all disabled people are pulling the wool over their eyes?

  5. You Cant Hide Whats in the Heart of a Man says:

    What you focus on you get more off, the able bodied people of Britain desire in their heart to read news stories about benefit scroungers, the German people wanted to believe in the filth and lies Hitler and his cronies spewed out, this Tory Government is only giving people what they want what they want to hear what they want to read, makes you think doesn’t it.

  6. Paul Mason says:

    Very nicely written as a disabled person i have never felt so bad i feel like the scum of the earth , it reminds me of how Hitler went about demonising the jews and how he treated the disabled

  7. Paul Mason says:

    have corrected my email address
    Very nicely written as a disabled person i have never felt so bad i feel like the scum of the earth , it reminds me of how Hitler went about demonising the jews and how he treated the disabled

  8. JudeB says:

    So, I keep asking …………… WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT???

    We need to raise awareness, how about those who CAN going to their local shopping centres, waving banners? I don’t know, I personally couldn’t do it, as I’m in so much pain I have to spend a lot of my time in bed, but I know my husband would participate.

    Thoughts anyone??

  9. David Moynagh says:

    Disability is not so disabled that it cannot be the spearhead that will destroy those who vilify the disabled. It will destroy Cameron and his henchman, Iain Duncan Smith if group actions are taken to the european court of human rights for state sponsored Atos inflicted despair and suicides amongst the sick and disabled. In a fairer world, they would both be convicted of crimes against humanity and subsequently pay the price of their evil.

  10. Margaret says:

    I can’t watch the news anymore.
    All the Government talks about are hard working families.
    They say we are in it together, all of the hard working families.
    I don’t belong anymore.
    Universal credit, says it all. We are being given credit. Not given assistance or benefit but credit. No recognition of our past contribution. No consideration that it might be you next. You might be the one who needs a soft place to fall.
    Language manipulates the mind. Of me, a mentally disabled person and of those who are lucky enough to be, as I once was, fit and healthy and able to work.

    There is no longer compassion. Just rules and regulations. Finger pointing. Prove you are unwell. No one believes us. You can work because you breath.

  11. michael skinner says:

    There must be something we can do to get these Nazis and there policies stopped and removed. I am not disabled just too ill to work so even though I would put my life at risk, I am well prepared to protest and help my fellow man.

  12. jay says:


    Translated this poster says:
    “60,000 Reichs Marks is the cost to the people’s community for this hereditary disabled over a lifetime; People’s comrade, that comes from YOUR gold.
    Read ‘New People’ – The monthly periodical of the Political Office of the National Socialist German Workers’s Party.”

    “The cost of disability benefits is simply UNSUSTAINABLE” – Maria Miller, Minister for Disabled People in an interview with the tabloid press in November 2010.
    another here scroll down and look at the tenth poster titled

    This Is What You’re Carrying


    “This pro-eugenics Nazi poster says that the ordinary citizens are bearing the costs of looking after the ‘genetically sick’. Up to the age of 60, a mentally or physically disabled person will cost the state or their family 50,000 Reichs Marks. The campaign started with forced sterilisations of disabled people to prevent ‘further weakening of the genetic pool’ – and ended with the gassing to death of people who failed the Nazi health tests for able bodied citizens.”

    The Nazi supporter and sympathizer is alive and well in 2013.

  13. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    The root cause of this tragedy was perpetrated by none other than BILL GUNNYEON , the CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER of the DWP…….

    Each and every death of a disabled or poor person bears the hallmarks of this “twisted individuals” term of office.

    He has put his signature to everything fetid and rotten………..

    Hopefully, history will have him as a marked man, a key player in his NAZI organisation.


    1. robertchewter says:

      @GEOFF RENOLDS in an FOI request i saw that gunyon was connected to so many private companies it was absurd..as well as FOM who are connected to Atos..

  14. dennis says:

    It is not about the ‘money’. The whole notion of ‘if we remove the “manifested evils” (disabled and other ‘societal poxes’) from our world, then everything will be wonderful’ is evidence of Magic(k)al thinking – that instinctual reaction which uses legitimizing myths to proclaim itself ‘The God’. As such, it regards disabled people as incapable of providing it with the worship it thinks itself entitled to – and hence, such “evils” must be punished for their malice-aforethought rebellion rebellion evidenced by their deformities seen and unseen.
    I am one of those same evils, and I feel this insensate rage continually. This is how I can speak of it as I do.

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