14 thoughts on “BBC Video: Iain Duncan Smith ambushed by blind disabled protesters at Edinburgh workfare conference

  1. hindleA says:

    Liar and blatently so-a thirty percent reduction in income for us “the protected” thus far-we have no conditionality to work but under UC at best less than currently and at worse a further reduction-the very opposite of what they claim.I have no problem with debate,but in order to do so facts rather than lies are needed.

  2. jay says:

    “Managing the growth at a lower level”

    When is a cut not a cut? When it’s a reform or managing growth at a lower level!

    MP must surely mean Master of misleading and meaningless Propaganda

  3. Qashie James says:

    What jobs is he talking about one asks He is clueless and talks through his backside one should never trust him and what he says?
    He is just full bull sh*t and braindead!

  4. Right To Bare says:

    As they say in America “if we dont have guns the Government would not fear the people”

    so I pose the question would Iian Duncan Smith do the appaling things he is doing to the sick and disabled if all these disabled people had guns ?

    answers on a card please to
    Iian Duncan Smith MP
    House of Commons
    London SW1A OAA


    A promontory, hidden ledge or an embankment, disused building or tower. Quarter mile radius, slight breeze permissable. Laser sight or cross hair, head shot or middle chest……..

  6. Barry says:

    Yes I agree things have to change but this Tory Lib mixed parliament is the scum of the earth lining there pockets with the poor mans misery and strife pushing hundreds and thousands of people well below the poverty line wile the rich get off scoot free No benefit cuts to MPs in parliament NO taxing of the rich land owners or corporate company’s, letting illegal immigrants enter this country and giving them the green light to rob use of our jobs and giving them our benefits and free NHS treatment – yes F**K use poor sick disabled British persons who have British blood running through there veins, who are we to question your reforms and your cuts wile you sit down to three sqear meals a day in a worm home with your well dressed family wile millions of others barely manage one meal a day in the unheated damp homes in rags… who are you to jug use you stuck up scum-bag!

  7. Heather Painter says:

    What would David Cameron’s son have to say about his wonderful daddy and his army of dummies if he were alive, disabled and daddy, mummy, nanny and all were poor.

  8. alan says:

    under occupied flats/houses by private landlord should pay tax for under occupied houses/flats like the poor people of england with all the overcharging they do b……ds and profits they get for box rooms landlords should be targetted

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