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  1. Boadacia! says:

    It *sure is* time for change! Before we’re all cheated and bullied out of our contractual rights, and lying dead out here alike the Battle of the Somme!

  2. John Lanigan says:

    Len McCluskey is pleading with Milliband to come up with something that will look like Labour is going to do something for the working class. What a joke! Far too late for that!
    McCluskey is fearful of losing his extremely well paid position in the Unite Union but lose it he will, as Jerry Hicks who is a real socialist, fighting for real representation for the members of Unite, is about to oust him. Jerry will take on the job and only claim a workers wage not the vastly inflated sum that McCluskey robs from the members.
    Check it out for yourself.

  3. jack johnson (@jackjoh01219520) says:

    There is already a Peoples Assemembly being formed with union support, that could be
    the name for a real party of the people.Labour should eject their Conservative infiltrators
    before it’s too late and they lose union support.The latter is what members of Progress
    want, the Tory wing of the Labour Party.Smell the coffee before it’s too late.

  4. owen meharry says:

    Eye sum Union, do to the Labour Party what they did to you…..DUMP THEM they could not care less about you only your money

  5. Humanity2012 says:

    Labour is Letting People Down by Not being a Proper Opposition instead of Consensus

    Labour does Not Deserve Support when it Fails to Protect the Poor and Vulnerable

    We Need the Con Dem Cuckooland Dictatorship Out of Office Pure and Simple

  6. Robin Macfarlane says:

    BSCParty have been commenting on the lack of policy to protact the 99% for last 2 years. We also have been suggesting Unions field their own candidates. New Labour let the ppl down & lost the confidence of their voters.If Unions don’t get them back to the left of Politics Then BSCParty will.

  7. jack johnson (@jackjoh01219520) says:

    I just read Anne Black’s NEC report expecting some sort of apology from Ed Miliband for
    his treason against the working-class via his tacit support for slave labour via the Jobseekers Bill. No chance, he had to follow New Labour policy of the last Lab.Gov!

  8. TEDDY McNABB says:

    Big Ben Len only chimes, never strikes, @JerryHicksUnite for GS no to fat cats, no to unelected officials, and as for Labour No Honey No Unite money!

  9. cynthia lloyd says:

    Waiting until the next election is not good enough. Milliband will promise anything to win it then backtrack just like this lot. Withdraw your funds now and give to Peoples Assembly. Labour don’t deserve your support, they no longer care about the workingclass

  10. Dissabled dave says:

    The problem is that, even if the Labour party do start making opposition noises prior to the next election, can they be trusted to carry out what they have promised if they get in?

    The Tories got in with a promise of a referendum on Europe, and there are no practical reasons that have prevented this referendum from taking place, but has anyone seen the ballot paper yet?

    It is too easy for political parties to make wonderful promises pre-election, and then to completely renege on those promises once in power. We need someone with loads of cash to sue all lying politicians for breach of promise and breach of contract.

    Although I suppose that having lost such a case, the Government would simply rush in a retrospective law to get themselves off the hook as they have done over Workfare.

  11. jeffery davies says:

    ed millipede is all tory in labour clothes like blair bfore and still blairites rule the party the days of labour has we now it has gone broken by blair another thatcherite until the unions come up with something special then its more the same unless the population shows them they not wanted but then will they jeff3

  12. michael skinner says:

    Labour are an absolute disgrace. They are now no different then when they were in power before Thatcher. Feathering their own nests before that of the people they are supposed to represent the working classes. What is different now however is that they know their mistakes but continue to make them. The unions are sterile of ability or desire to kick out the coalition if it means their leaders losing their cushy jobs. The working class has been replaced by the poor and vulnerable with no one willing to fight for them. Labour must remember that this state of affairs will not stay as it is. They will become a party just like the lib-dems, mistrusted and ignored as a political force. Just because the poor are persecuted by the tories, it will change when those same people say enough is enough.. It is only time that keeps these people in power not desire. In the 1920s when there was depression throughout the world, what happened- Hitler. Churchill victorious but remembered by the people it was the fault of his party that the war came to be at all. Watch out for another Franz Ferdinand incident that will provide the catalyst for war and unrest. In my opinion it is just around the corner..

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