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    1. rachel says:

      maybe the only way is to create situations where they feel the need for quick legislation , get them tied up in that and so busy that they have no time for any new Draconian measures
      seriously though ,we are no longer in a democracy when government changes the law when the ruling by a court does not suit them and the only redress is protest and push for an election and pray for a suitable opposition…worrying times we live in

  1. Mike Caics says:

    Freud.. Lying bastard criminal.. Got out of jail ‘free’ because Cameron wanted him in the lords to steer through all these shit policies. (My opinion..)

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    The Arrogance of these ” People ” Defies Belief

    Better the Abolition of the House of Lords than Poor People Suffering

    The Case For Revolution is that Things have Not get Better without Revolution

    What a Diabolical State of Affairs Less than 3 Years or Rather after Nearly 3 Years
    of a Poxy Lousy Tory Government

  3. John Lanigan says:

    Lord Freud is looking silly now that we all know the truth on the Jobseekers sanctions targets. Is it simply a case of him not knowing whats going on or sheer arrogance in the knowledge that he can say what he likes with impunity?

  4. Dissabled dave says:

    The phrase that comes to my mind is “Ignorant, arrogant, incompetent, arseholes.” I wonder why that should be?

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