5 thoughts on “Owen Jones On How Community Organising Can Challenge Welfare Reform – Video

  1. alan says:

    good, this man speaks for everyone, the future, i myself; you, your children, sick disabled , pensioners , we must unite now all groups even workers which i shudder to think why they pay national insurance theirs no welfare for them if they get sick/industrial injury, we the disabled are right now are showing you the future and its
    hell. when you retire you will have nothing like us now, be warned well done mr owen

  2. Mike. says:

    Duncan-Smith is no credit to the Tories; they should get rid of the fascist.
    One other video concerned capital punishment.
    Priti Patel spoke of proof being needed before any conviction.
    That should be the case, unless accused of a sexual offence, where it is proven that an ( usually male) offender is guilty unless proved innocent.
    Only the word of a complainant is required to get a person convicted now; with NO evidence required. An estimated 8% of the pri.son population are in fact, innocent

    1. robertchewter says:

      priti patel? that would be the tory mp who wanted an anti workfare protester arrested is it?

  3. Mike Llywelyn Cox says:

    By coincidence I downloaded a new Kindle book last night just by author reputation. It is completely different from his usual themes. It supposes that in 1940, Chamberlain agreed a treaty with Hitler avoiding a war and setting up joint rule over Hitler’s territories and Britain’s dominions. The book’s action is set in 1952 following 12 years’ joint rule with the Nazis and is frightening in its metaphorical similarity to the UK under the ConDems today. Shudder for the future! The book is ‘Dominion’ by C.J.Sansom.

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