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Posted on March 19, 2013 by Rev. Stuart Campbell

The usage of Nazi terminology to refer to any actions of a democratically-elected UK government is nearly always an absurd and unhelpful exaggeration. Today, however, one such analogy is absolutely literally justified.


The words “Arbeit Macht Frei” were emblazoned, usually in iron, over the gates of numerous concentration and extermination camps in 1930s and 1940s Germany, most infamously Dachau and Auschwitz. The phrase is usually rendered in English as “work makes you free”, though a more precise translation of the first word is “labour”.

That the same exhortation is used in Britain in 2013 by The Salvation Army tells you all you need to know about the ideological climate of the modern United Kingdom. 

Today the House Of Commons will vote to pass legislation denying compensation to people the Westminster government was found guilty in a court of law of mistreating by forcing them onto unpaid-labour schemes. The measure, brought forward by the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition administration, is expected to be tacitly backed by Labour MPs who will, under a party whip, abstain rather than oppose it.

The “workfare” programmes involved order the unemployed, sick and disabled to work for both charities and large commercial corporations without pay for varying periods of time, effectively as punishment for continuing to be unemployed. (Regardless of the fact that there are millions more sick, disabled and unemployed people than there are job vacancies available.)

For the disabled in particular, that period can be indefinite, and refusal for any category of “offender” can be – and is – met with the removal of all state benefits, leaving the subject with no means of paying for food or shelter. A public outcry over the inhumane policy has seen many charities withdraw from the scheme, but a remarkable statement from the Salvation Army this month took a different view.

“At The Salvation Army, we have a history of believing in emancipation through employment”

“Emancipation through employment”? Or, put another way, freedom through work. In the eyes of the Salvation Army – and also of the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour – it seems that citizens of the UK (sometimes known as “subjects of the Queen”) no longer have the unalienable right to freedom, though we don’t recall the passage of such a law. Liberty apparently must be earned, by stacking shelves in Poundland or sorting old jumpers in charity shops for nothing, against your will.

Successive right-wing governments in Westminster, urged on by even more right-wing newspapers (such the Daily Mail, which last year quoted “Arbeit Macht Frei” directly and approvingly before hastily coming to its senses), have succeeded in creating an atmosphere whereby the unfortunate, ill and disadvantaged are seen by the British public as parasitic, workshy scroungers undeserving of state assistance.

‘The same survey, incidentally, shows that support for Scottish independence among Scots has grown as UK attitudes towards social security have hardened. Contrary to the oft-aired media narrative of stagnant or falling numbers in favour of independence, the data shows that support in 2011 was at the second-highest level recorded since the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999′

With no major party opposed to it in the Commons, workfare is unquestionably the future for the United Kingdom’s poor. Labour introduced it – and has made it explicitly clear that the party doesn’t represent those who aren’t in work – while the Tories have naturally embraced it with alacrity as part of their drive to return Britain to a feudal age by turning the disadvantaged into serfs.

We should be clear, for the benefit of the faux-offended who invariably spring from the swamps at the first sniff of an an analogy involving the Nazis – we’re NOT for a moment suggesting that the UK is on a path to extermination camps, or that the Work Programme is equivalent to the Holocaust. But that doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to the plain facts.

When even the Christians find themselves able to advocate government policy by asserting that “work makes you free”, in days when the vulnerable and frightened end their own lives in growing numbers rather than endure any more state persecution, and thousands designated “fit for work” die of their illnesses while waiting for the DWP to send them out to unpaid forced labour for the “charities” who are supposed to be their last hope of protection, a chill runs up our spines just the same.


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Please sign and share – this petition is being handed in to Liam Byrne at the Labour Party’s Disability Summit in London on Monday morning!

Joint Statement and Petition by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights on the Labour Party Anti-Bedroom Tax Campaign 


Urge all disabled and non-disabled activists campaigning against Tory welfare reform and in particular, the Bedroom Tax, to call on Labour members, constituency parties, plus affiliated and non-affiliated unions and political groups, to:

Challenge the Parliamentary Labour Party in the strongest terms, on why it considers compulsory labour necessary to combat the Bedroom Tax.

To start with, they should be told:

1. To use the current protests against the bedroom tax by disabled activists and others as a Trojan horse from which to promote a policy of benefits that is conditional on compulsory work is utterly beyond the pale.

This means that those unemployed and disabled men and women, who campaign against the Bedroom Tax within the Labour Party will, in effect, be campaigning for their own forced labour under a future Labour government.

2. We have to be absolutely clear: There is no such thing as a civilized society that treats people in inhumane and degrading ways.

A welfare ‘safety net’ conditional on exchanging labour for an uncertain standard of material life is a contradiction in terms.

3. No real job is compulsory – does the Labour Party understand the economic meaning of free labour? If not, how can it run any kind of economy, let alone a socially just economy?

A Labour Party welfare policy should support those whose lack of social power has reduced their circumstances, not compete with a Tory-led government to smear them as feckless and undeserving of a living wage.

4. Liam Byrne should immediately strike out all references to work conditionality or compulsory work, attached to the Labour Party Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax.


(This is an open document backed-up every few seconds. Simply add your name by typing below after the last signature. Thank you.)


1. AYE ~ John McArdle, Black Triangle Campaign
2. AYE ~ Dr. Stephen Carty, Member and Medical Adviser, Black Triangle Campaign
3. AYE Dale Latimer
4. AYE Steven Eyre
5. AYE Richard Watson
6. Jill Marks
7.AYE Joe Kane
8. “Aye” Ian Polatin-Reuben 
9 Aye, Antony Fern
10 John Smyth aye
11.Aye P
12. AYE Nina Ammundsen
13 “Aye” Polly Birmingham
14 AYE Pauline Gallagher
15. AYE Lesley Rhodick
16. AYE Scott Miller
17. aye june ogden
18. AYE, Nic Murphy
19. AYE John Graham
20. Aye Jackie Bell
21. AYE Lily Zotou
22. AYE Al Reading
23.AYE kay smith 
24. AYE Darren Lorimer
25. AYE Robert Spence
26 AYE john adey
27. AYE S Porter
28. Graham Casey
29. AYE – Sam Downie, Labour Party member (could become a ex member, it depends…) 
30. Aye – Andrew Price 
31. AYE Mark Linfield
32. AYE Johann Owen
33. AYE David Owen
34. AYE Anne Selby
35. AYE E. Wilkinson
36. AYE A Fergus
37. AYE P Peters.
38. aye Sam Sharman-Dunn
39. AYE Chris Hoggins
40. AYE Helen Brown 
41 AYE Stephen Wilson
42 AYE Susan Smith
43 AYE Paul Livermore
44 AYE Ben Maslin
45 AYE Kim Johnston
46 AYE Elizabeth Johnston
47 AYE Henry Johnston
48 AYE Sara Payne
49. AYE Dawn Smith
50.AYE Sian Rees
51. AYE Hazel Quinn
52,AYE Clive Sadler
53 AYE Angie Leach
54 Aye Pam Sanby
55 Aye Debbie Jackson
56 Aye Allgrove Tracy
57 Aye Cooper Carol
58 AYE Glyn Williams
59 AYE Amdy Beer
60 AYE Trish Wilkinson
61 AYE Mark Charles
62 AYE Jennifer Rowe
63 AYE Leornard Rowe
64 AYE: Nigel Burke.
65 AYE David Geraint Lewis
66 AYE Helen Southwell
67 AYE Andy Cooper.
68 AYE Fiona Collins
69 AYE Jude Olds
70 AYE Victoria McMaster
71 AYE Martin Wiggins
72 AYE Michelle Skinner
73. AYE Nicci Cowdell-Murray 
74 AYE Elspeth Parr
75 AYE Chris Arnold
76 AYE Sharron Gray
77 AYE Jan Bailey
78 AYE Sandra Arnott
79 AYE Suzanna Cook
80 AYE Philip Watson
81AYE David Scott
82 AYE P Connolly
83 AYE Jason Vaughan-Philipps
84 AYE Imogen Allsopp
85 AYE Ruth Gilburt
86 AYE Martine Yates
87 AYE Dawn Willis
88 AYE Sue Longley
89 AYE Russ Hill
90 Aye David Mullen
91 AYE David Barry
92 Aye Gordon Eagling (will be an Ex Labour Member)
93 Aye Neil Anderson
94 Aye Dianne Jones 
95 Aye Richard Williams
96 Aye Stephen Allsopp
97 Aye Sue Fortune
98 Aye Craig Sams
99 AYE Dayle Hill
100 AYE Judith Viikna
101 AYE Edward Viikna
102 AYE Gareth morgan ( labour voter soon to be ex labour voter)
103 AYE Moira Rusell (Labour voter but soon ex-Labour voter if he side with Tories)
104 AYE Alice Devaney
105 AYE Jacqueline Butterworth
106 AYE Jan Dodds
107 AYE Tim Cooke
108 AYE Julie Forshaw
109 AYE Mark Woolley (Will never vote Labour again)
110 AYE Kevin Leonard(We need a revolution to erase the liars cheats and self-servers)
111 AYE Rosie Baran – UNISON member Leeds
112 AYE Helena Hamilton 
113 AYE Jacob Richardson
114 AYE Brenda mccormack
115 AYE Vincent Seag
AYE Geoff Crummy
117 AYE Mark Rogers
118 AYE Andrew Phipps (and while you’re at it why don’t labour just amalgamate with the tories and stop pretending to be an alternative)
119 AYE Gareth Parfitt
120 daye paul hitchcox
121 AYE debbie hitchcox 
123 Joe Zussman 
124 Aye. Arbeit Macht Frei-We must not grant Hitler posthumous victories. John Bennett
BA Hons) Dip. Ed. 
125. AYE Elizabeth Bower. RED UNTIL DEAD.
126. Aye – Rachel Guest
127. AYE – Christine McCabe
128. AYE! – Craig Lundie
129. AYE! – peter rogers
130. AYE – Sarah Ledsom. No more votes for Blue/Red/Yellow Tories!
131. AYE! Mark Earnshaw (Full-Time carer)
132. AYE – Rebecca Smith
133 AYE – Pam Mitchell (disabled person)
134 AYE – Colin Smith 
135 AYE – June Sullivan 
136. AYE – Ayshen Arif 
137. AYE- Tim Assheton-Smith 
138.AYE- Lisa Thewles 
139. AYE – Emma Segar 
140. AYE – A. Elliott (These are cloaked Tories, and as socialist as the Third Reich!) 
141 AYE – S Barksby Never vote Tory, Clearly can’t trust the LibDems anymore and Labour not supporting the working man…who the hell CAN I vote for…?? All 3 parties there to self serv in ‘POWER’ rather than to ‘SERVE’ …DEMOCRACY IS DEAD IN THE UK! 
142. AYE- M. Lawler (mental health patient)
143. AYE Pat Onions (Pat’s Petition)
144. AYE, Steven F Nemeth. (Worker)
145 AYE Andy Bean
146 AYE John Hargrave.
147 AYE Roger Stoker
148 AYE M. Delain Carroll II the disparity in treatment will have grave results if not corrected!!!
149 Aye Christina Sosseh labour need to remember why they were started in the first place and get back to their roots, instead of where they currently are 🙁
150 AYE Jayne Linney
151 Aye Paul Rodgers
152 Aye Anita Bellows
153 Aye John Howard
154. AYE Guy Taylor
155.Aye Susan Archibald Archibald Foundation & 
156. Aye Chris Brough
157. Aye Kerry-Anne Brough
158 Aye Doug Amos
159. Aye Stephen Harris
160. Aye, Emma Brough
161. AYE, Forrest Gump: Please remember that this is the NEW Labour party NOT the TRUE Labour party, New Labour is a different political party from the old or “true” Labour party, if you want to vote “Labour” then you need to vote for the RESPECT party who are actually TRUE Labour.
162. AYE. Tom Webster
163. Aye, Steven Gow
164. AYE! & SO SAY WE ALL! Chris George
165. AYE. Gary Dunion, co-editor,
165. Aye. David Churchley.
166. AYE. Martin Tolley ( Disabled by A/S)
167 AYE Lucy Furlong
168 Aye. Richard Haley
169 AYE Graham Barnett
170 Aye Gary Oldmeadow
171 Aye Judi Bowen
172 Aye Richard Livingstone
173 Aye Paul Bowen
174 Aye Tony Dean
175 Aye Michael Skinner
176 Aye Bill Scott, Manager, Inclusion Scotland
177 Aye Graham Billing
178 AYE Geoff Reynolds
179 Aye George Sturdy
178 Aye Steve Farrell – Recovery Coach and volunteer support worker (drug and alcohol misuse).
179 Aye Sarah Wiles
180 Adam Johannes, Co-founder, Cardiff Unemployed Daytime Disco
181 AYE John Robinson
182 AYE Julie Hutchinson
183 AYE Adrian Todd
184 Aye Sarah Tomkins
185 AYE Charlie Reynolds (leaving school soon to stack shelves) Thanks but no thanks……..
186 AYE Anastasia Zakar
187 AYE Dee Ross, pensioner and disabled with disabled son and a daughter with long term condition who is a carer for me. both being charged council tax. bedroom tax not applicable to me or son but could eventually be to daughter in private rent.
188 Aye Tony Hamon, Director Disability Enabling & Empowerment Project Ltd (DEAEP)
189 AYE Charis Hawkins human rights activist
190 Aye Lorraine Antwis, human being who values compassion and decency over profit.
191 Aye Andy McNab (Disabled)
192 Aye Cllr Dr Susan Barton
193 Aye Ms. Ni Cadlaig Disabled woman 
194 Aye. Bill Hunter, Thornliebank. First time unemployed in 40 years, can’t find work.
195 Aye. Dave Rowlands
196 Aye Martin Jones
197 Aye Stephen Jewell
198 Aye David Kenna
199 Aye R. Newsome, fed up with the lot of you. You are supposed to work for us.
200 Aye. Anneliese Paterson (Disabled, and living in terror of these “reforms”)
201 Aye. robert smith
202 Aye Tina Nickeas. (Injured in work ) 
203 Aye Paul Ashworth 
204 Aye Naiara Bazin
205 Aye Richard Comaish (Labour Party & NLBD member)
206 Aye Dominic Grace
207 Aye Ralph G Morgan
208 Aye Karen Gray
209 Aye Marion Fallon
210 AYE Bridget Ismail (soon to be ex Labour voter)
211 Aye Michelle Brown
212 AYE~ Maureen Howlett
213 Aye Helen Trick
214 AYE Sophie Morse
215 AYE Ronnie Williams
216 AYE. Andrea Rae
217 AYE Susan Roberts
218 AYE Patricia Gibbs
219 AYE Darren Jones
220 AYE Linda Green
221 AYE Tracey McLeod
222 AYE Jay McLeod
223 AYE Carol Jones.
224 AYE Gillian Wildman
225 AYE Sedley Bryden.
226 AYE Stanley Wildman
227 Aye Sue Wilkinson
228 AYE Dave Thomson
229 Aye Sharon Fawcett
230 Aye Mary Jackson
231 “Aye” Mary Dillet
232 Aye Sid Davis
233 Aye Helen North
234 Aye Mark Smith (
235 AYE Hugh Newsam
236 AYE Debbie Farrelly
237 Aye Paul Stygal
238 Aye Cynthia Phillips disabled and full time carer for disabled son.
239 Aye lynn dudley, emotionally ravaged and spent.
240 Aye. Craig Cameron-Fisher, disabled former police officer. 
241 AYE Louise Cassidy disabled
242 Aye Charles Sutherland-Boyce Disabled with a disabled wife and disabled grandson (who stays with us)
243 AYE john turnbull, newcastle upon tyne
244 AYE Lynn Dye
245. AYE Nicola Soen, Kent.
246.AYE Patrick Hughes
247. AYE Jacqueline Evans
248. AYE John Evans
249. AYE Neil Scully
250 AYE Christine Winnan
251 AYE John McCarthy
252 AYE L Thomas (seriously ticked off by our government)
253 AYE Keith Cooper.
254 AYE Adam Ramsay
254 Daniel McGarrell
255 Cameron Foulis AYE(pay my wages and/or benefits to me, not to a bank account. I will not be enslaved to the banks!)
256 AYE Teresa Smith
257 Aye Rosemary O’Neill
258 AYE Anam S Hurley
259 AYE Declan Hurley
260. AYE Joyce Boyd
261.AYE John Boyd
262.Aye Kimberley Jones
263AYE Carole Frost disabled from birth,i will not be used as forced labour.
264 AYE Charlotte MacTavish 
265 AYE Jane White
266 AYE Andy Platt
AYE Lydia Duddington
268 AYE Martin Bove
269 Aye Glenn North
270 AYE Paul Francis McKenna, Secretary of the Glasgow Defence Campaign 
271 C.Larcombe 
272 AYE Bill MacLeod
273 AYE Jill Morgan
274 AYE Francesca Newton
275 AYE Paula Donovan
276 AYE Eileen Green
277 AYE Jim Cranshaw
278 AYE Ivan Thomas
279 AYE C. Hall
280 Aye David French
281 AYE Fergus McInnes
282 AYE Suzanne Ferguson
283. Tony Greenstein, Secretary Brighton & Hove Unemployed Workers Centre
284. AYE Andrew Wood
285 AYE Jacqueline Rust
286 Aye Gregory Fenton
287 AYE Philip Grant, ex-Labour voter
288 Aye Graham Askew ex labour
288 Linda Steers. Nearly 60, worked for 40+ years, nobody wants to employ me
290 AYE Kevin Mullins retired mental health nurse, ex Labour member forced out in late 80sexNEC retired member of COHSE now UNISON .Wife disabled and victim of ATOS still fighting. I am 64 and disabled as well
291 Steven Lockhart – appalled by Labour and their ceaseless apologists. No justice. No peace.
292 AYE Steven Csete
293 AYE christopher of the baker family , liverpool 
294 AYE philip wood
295 AYE Thomas Kelly
296 AYE Andrew Healey
297 AYE Susan Meadows
298 AYE Boulton, Leicester 
290 AYE Don MacDonald, Newcastle
291 Brian F Kirkham, Salford – Deemed Medically Unfit and Overqualified by the state, Appalled by Labour’s support of conservative policies against the disabled. 
292 AYE Darren Phillips – Disgusted by Labour, appalled by Workfare, sickened by Condem!
293 AYE Louise Sutcliffe – Until I see evidence that forced labour improves quality of life and societal cohesion in any way I will disagree with the Parliamentary Party over this. I proposed an anti-workfare motion to Newcastle City Council for a reason – I do not believe in slave labour for less than minimum wage, it is not only not morally right, and contravenes minimum wage laws, but I do not believe it is a functional way to deal with unemployment. Policy should be driven by evidence, not by pandering to scaremongering Daily Mail rhetoric on “scroungers”. 
294 AYE – Mark Wymer
295 AYE Matthew McVeagh
296 AYE Ian Raggatt
297 AYE Andy Turner
298. AYE Alex Greene
299 AYE Peter Watson
300 AYE Graeme Slater
301 AYE Sharon Rigby
302 AYE Maureen Pilbeam disgusted by the savage cuts to welfare 
303 AYE Jon Wilson
304 AYE Mary Jackson, Socalist to the end, betrayed by Labour
305:AYE julie aldcroft,make sure you vote for ousting the government out
06 AYE Chris Munro, the last straw for this Labour member
307 AYE John Varley
308 AYE Gerry Doe
309 Aye M. Pelfrey
310 Aye M. Greig
311 AYE Pip Tindall (Brighton Benefits Campaign)
312 AYE Ali Moon
313 AYE Paul Higgins, Tamworth, Staffs.
314 AYE Sharon Hingley Staffs Disillusioned ex Labour voter

316 AYE Roger Stoker

317 Aye david hutchinson,single parent
319 Aye Eileen Short Benefit Justice Campaign and Defend Council Housing
320 AYE Katherine Perlo
321 AYE. S.Gold. Supporter of DPAC and Black Triangle. 
322 AYE Jo Urquhart, disabled widow and ex Labour voter.
323. AYE. Jacqueline Holland.
324 Aye Raymond Tough
325 aye alan groggins
326 Aye Bernadette Pyne
327 aye. Bill Kerr
328. AYE Pete Lumb

329  Aye Louise Wright

330 AYE Sue Rees

331 AYE Eileen Kingstree

332 AYE Tony Crago

333 AYE Shaun Carter

334 AYE Janet Carter

335 AYE Anthony Naylor

336 AYE Martin Sumner schizophrenic

338 AYE Tom Armstrong

340 AYE Caroline Lockie  

341 AYE Gabriele Kreichgauer

342 AYE  Kate Gordon ex liberal concerned citizen parent of 2 bipolar children, daughter of elderly parent killed by Nhs neglect

343 AYE  V Evans

344 AYE Leon Carter – Disheartened Labour Supporter –

345 AYE sue spencer disabled and full time carer 4 my son

346 AYE j sneddon (soon to be ex labour voter if they join this goverment)

347 AYE Hannah Basson

348 AYE Celia Lawton-Livingstone (Life long labour voter no longer)

349 AYE Anne Byrne Degenerative spinal disease

350 AYE Sally Benyon- full time carer for husband with MS and soon to be ex labour supporter if you don’t start looking after those in need instead of kicking them when they are down

351 AYE Lyn Phillips – Disabled by MS Worried sick about the future!

362 AYE Denise Bellamy

363 AYE Merry Cross

363 AYE John T. Horsfall.

365 AYE David Litherland

356 AYE Carole Carrick ME for 15 years and also cancer survivor. Not on any benefit for myself

357 AYE Clive Carrick Paraplegic 31 years Cancer survivor …afraid for the future

358 AYE Franchesca Todd Not sick or disabled, but I stand in solidarity with those who are

359 AYE Alan Fergus.

360 AayeYE Joan Twelves


362 AYE JoiE

363 AYE Nick James,

364. AYE Susan Pashkoff, London

365 AYE Jane Clout, Brighton

366 AYE Tracey Booth Birmingham Fighting Atos after lies and falsified information put on my assessment by atos doctor

367.AYE Alec Middleton, Birmingham

368.AYE Steven Laing – disabled person

369.AYE C White Took 3 ½ years to appeal at Upper Tier level to finally get the DWP to declare me incapacitated/unfit for work. One tribunal was an interrogation. My son’s also been deliberately sanctioned by jobsworth advisors’ actions numerous times. He’s been on the work program

370.AYE Fergy Brannigan

371.AYE Victoria Smedley


373 AYE Charlie Forth Hartlepool

374 AYE Sinead Keenan disabled since birth – Family are Labour Party members

375 AYE Maria Nelson , Newcastle-upon-Tyne

376 AYE Kim Dexter    London

377 AYE Tony Bengtsson, South Shields

378 AYE Donnacha DeLong, London

379. AYE Jean Nash, Hemsworth

380.AYE Kath Gray, Aberystwyth, head trauma survivor fighting for ESA

381.AYE  Russell Hughes Brighton

382.AYE Richard Butchins London  

383. AYE Jayne Brown Newcastle

384. AYE Kevin Brown Newcastle

385 AYE Alan Wyllie Paisley

386 AYE Martin Howitt, Ex Labour voter, health professional, recently disabled and discriminated against by employer (NHS), ATOS, and the DWP.

387 AYE Eric Knight

388 AYE Daniel Linger Spalding

389 AYE Thomas G. Clark (Another Angry Voice)

390 AYE Diane K   kent


soon to be ex labour voter.It seems we both worked over 40 yrs for nothing and NO, disability is not a life choice.Stop propping up this evil coalition.

392 AYE Laura Backhouse, Carlisle

393 aye robert smith glasgow

394 AYE Iain Murray Dumfriesshire

395 Aye Gary Urquhart Glasgow

396 Aye Colette Mengiles Edin

397 AYE John Connett, Cambridge

398 AYE David Chowcat, Brighton

399 AYE Vivienne Smith Edinburgh

400 AYE Tony Greenstein Brighton

401 AYE Thomas Ratcliffe

402 AYE  Iona MacAulay-Carer for spouse-both over 60

403. AYE Maggie West

404 Aye Beverley McKenzie

405 AYE Margaret Stanley

406 AYE Cynthia Lloyd, Wirral

407 AYE Kez Gibbons

408. AYE Laurel Duut

409. AYE louisecassidy

  (Next type here please..  

410.AYE dwatkins ex labour voter(paralysed)

411 AYE andrew j pepler

412 AYE Marie Knight

413 AYE Linda green

414 AYE Amanda Warham, Bolton

415 AYE peter schevtschenko

416 Fiona Menzies

417 AYE John Ingamells

418. AYE Sandra Eveno

419. AYE Lisa Sear

420. AYE Lauren Hayes

421. aye Francis Healy-McAdam

422.. Aye Anne Healy-McAdam

424 AYE bob english

423 Neal Roberts

425 AYE Susanne Deumig – disabled, wants to work but can’t.

426  AYE Ed McArthur

427 AYE Debbie Jolly

428 AYE Rudi Affolter

429 AYE Alasdair Murray

430 AYE Philip Englehard

431 AYE Joy Gwillym

432 AYE Jamie Maloney, Glasgow.

433 AYE Sue Kelly, Edinburgh

434 AYE Dorothy Hobbs, Crawley –

435 AYE Carol Milner, Coventry

436 AYE Jo Bull Birmingham
437 AYE  Denise Longman Norwich

438 AYE Terry Snailham Telford

439 AYE Alison Herrera, Edinburgh

440 AYE H M deniz  London

441 AYE Jim Thompson, Edinburgh Sanction regime is leading to destitution

442 AYE  Gordon Whalley lancashire

443 AYE K Sharpington, Essex, keep up the fight people

444 AYE Christine Coley, Scotland

445 AYE Michael Coley, Scotland

446 AYE Jill Marks Shropshire

447 AYE Ian Evans Flintshire

448 AYE Doreen Johnson Devon disabled Atos victim, I signed a contract when I left school for NI, this was too look after me if I became ill. YOU HAVE BROKE THIS CONTRACT..

449 AYE JULIA SMITH (disabled Atos victim)

450 AYE Elizabeth Haley, London

Many people already have paid employment and cannot get enough hours, despite being registered with various employers. They are constantly applying for jobs and attending interviews and having to get support from the DWP when their hours are not enough to support them, Despite being signed off for weeks on and off depending on their circumstances, they are threatened with having to take part in unpaid work schemes. This is insane barking bonkers the lot of you.. We also pay tax too and go for weeks to get reinstated on benefits whilst waiting for our meagre wages at the end of the month

451 AYE lorraine homayon-jones one of millions of carers who are devalued and stigmatised for defending our cared for

452. AYE Ernest Ross, Easter Road, Leith, Edinburgh. Black Triangle Campaign Edinburgh  member. Solidarity to all here for this magnificent expression of support for sick and/or disabled people under attack! Let us hope against hope that the Labour Party will listen to our united voices! Solidarity with John McDonnell and Michael Meacher MPs and the 41 Labour MP’s  who proudly voted against IDS’s Emergency Bill last week, honoured the founding traditions of the party and particularly, we praise Iain Mearns who resigned from his post as PPS this week rather than support the iniquitous complicity of Liam Byrne and the Labour front bench with the ConDem’s so-called ‘welfare reforms’. These so-called ‘reforms’ with which Labour is complicit are driving disabled people to the brink of annihilation. Let us end the barbarism now. NO to the ‘Progress’ faction and Neoliberal Labour! Let the Labour Party return to its roots! To The Spirit of 1945! If not, expect the break of the United Kingdom on 18th September 2014 as we, disabled Scots, cannot tolerate this this one second longer! People are dying! ConDemLab: IF YOU ATTACK US WE WILL DEFEAT YOU! SOLIDARITY! WE ARE NOT YOUR VICTIMS! THIS IS A QUESTION OF DISABLED PEOPLE’S SURVIVAL! YOU SHALL NOT PASS IN SCOTLAND! LET ALL PEOPLE IN THE UK UNITE NOW AGAINST THIS BARBARISM! 

453. AYE Roy Davis Jobcentreplus Employee PCS Rep. P.S. Worst job I ever had.

454. AYE Anne Selby, Fleet, Hampshire. Leukaemia sufferer, Gulf War veteran, served in the Army 11 years

455 AYE Carol Lindsay,  Fife

456. AYE John Sweeney, Ucatt

457. AYE Ken Walters, Lancashire

458. AYE Jim Larkin, Edinburgh

459. AYE Sue Taylor, Manchester

460.  AYE Alison Jones, Swansea.  Disaffected Labour supporter.

461. AYE Robert Craig

462   AYE Cliff Whitefoot

463. AYE Sandra Martin. Derby

464. AYE Stephen Rice. Derby

465  AYE Peter Tullett Newbury

468 AYE Rose Seabury County Durham

469 AYE rosalyn adams

470 AYE Jimmy Elder

471 AYE Undine Downie I work as a care assistant and have seen and heard the grief these policies cause!

472 AYE Griff Roberts if you want my vote you need to start being an opposition to the condem’s

473 aye angus clayton,, its shame on our gov.

474 Aye Tina Anthony

475 Aye Phil Bates.


476 AYE Helen H Green

477   Aye Simon Roberts

478 Aye  Ann Parkes

479 Aye Sandy H Scott

480 AYE Jackie Davis, Cardiff Bedroom Tax Protest

481 Aye Graeme Speirs

482 Aye Karen Speirs

483 Aye Anthony McCann

484 Aye Mark Bates

485 Aye Stuart Stephenson

486 Aye Tina Stepenson

487 AYE Elizabeth Johnston

488 AYE Henry Johnston

489 AYE Kim Johnston

490 Aye Ray Jones

491 Aye Jane Jones

492 Aye Mick Bedford

493 Aye Avril edmeades

494 aye john Edmeades

495 aye Richard StClair

496 Aye Andrew Fyall – London – This policy is disgraceful.

497, AYE ken cowell berkshire

498.AYE Wendy Dunmore

499. AYE Joe Dunmore

500 AYE Gavin Westwood

501. AYE Gareth Westwood

502. AYE Daryl Westwood

503 AYE  Janine Callier

504. AYE Kelly Westwood

505 AYE Lynne Sutton

506. AYE Marilyn Storer

507 Aye Pete Gibson

508 Aye Lynda Barber

509 Aye Rose Ferguson

510 Aye Anne Dees

511 Aye Jez Millen

512 Aye D perry

513 Aye K Worral

514 aye N Rolsten

515 Aye H Robinson

516 Aye R Sutton

517 Aye R Culbert

518 Aye P Culbert

519 Aye D Storer

520 Aye K Storer

521 aye S Storer

522 Aye D Storer

523 Aye A Storer

524 AYE A Rice

525 Aye M Storer

526 Aye S Storer

527. Labour Councillor Peter Lockhart. Labour Councillor for Ward 8 Cowdenbeath Fife. Cowdenbeath is one of Scotland’s most deprived areas and suffers a range of problems associated with poverty. Welfare reforms are having a devastating effect on the lives of my constituents and the Labour Party should stick to what it was founded to do, protect working class people from the attacks of international capitalism. The welfare reforms espoused and pursued by the Tories are an affront to civilisation and should be  fought at all costs. Stand up for the working people Labour.

528. AYE, P Young

529 AYE, L Rolfe

530 AYE, Charlie Small

531. AYE, Nigel Tuke, full-time carer.

532.AYE Amanda Stannard.  Stand up for the people who need you

533.aye. Pete Matthews

533.AYE, Carolyn Treadwell

534 AYE andy snape Liam Byrne should be sacked instantly

535 AYE John Adey

536 AYE Terry Bishop

537. AYE  Zak Richard Jones, Swansea

538. Aye Jeremy Brand


539. AYE Rachel Blake support us in this darkest hour

540. AYE Peter Crane, Southampton

541. AYE Colin M. Dye

542 AYE Michael Stratton

543 AYE Keith Brownsword

544 AYE David Mullen, London.

555 AYE Pauline Gallagher, Peterborough

556 AYE June Dickson, Livingston

557 AYE Lucy Sparks

558 Aye Pete Jayes (soon to be ex Labour voter unless they change tack quickly!)

559 AYE Michael Jones

560 AYE Craig Bonney

561 AYE Belinda hinchliffe Carer to a husband and two children. Mother to one more.

562 Aye Jem Farmer

563 AYE Jan Hall. D

564 AYE Michael Pethard

565 AYE Robert Lister

566 AYE Maxine Cunliffe stop punishing us all.

567 AYE Richard Southwell

568 AYE Paul Woodhouse

569 Aye Peter Russell

570 AYE David Woodhouse

571 Aye Maureen Mills

572 AYE Alan Mills

573 Aye David Churchley Co Founder Black Triangle

574 AYE Julie Price

575 AYE Sean Carey

576 AYE Marie Eccles

577 AYE Craig Eccles

578 AYE Ebony Marsh

579 AYE David Owen, Margate

580 AYE Johann Owen, Margate               

581 AYE Elaine Waldron, Hackney, London, against the cuts, “austerity”, Neo-liberalism and class war on the poor.

582 AYE Chrissie (Margaret) Fryde, worked hard most of my life, like thousands of other disabled claimants. This injustice cannot last.

583 AYE Grace Whyte: Carer to partner who has Bipolar Disorder who has paid into the system for most of his working life. As have I.

564 AYE Paul Sheppard Barnsley ME sufferer.

585 AYE As a worker in social care, I know the tough-mindedness  required  ofmy clients to resist these tabloid-appeasing reforms- the agencies enforcing them are breaking their original contracts, which were clearly easy to amend, and entirely counterproductive to the point of sadism.

586 AYE Geraint James. Expel Liam Byrne from the party.



588 AYE Roseanna Grayston, London – a person’s ability to work is not just about their physical ability to complete certain tasks; it is also about their ability to be employed – whether or not those with the power to give employment think a person is “fit to work”. Until the Labour party announces a comprehensive strategy for tackling discrimination against those with physical and/or mental impairments in the workplace, the expectation that everyone must get a job or lose their means of sustaining themselves is not just unreasonable, it’s verging of eugenicist.

589 AYE M. Youll South Tyneside.

590 AYE Michelle Moloney, Notts

591 AYE M Holt, Glasgow

592 AYE Paul howes Cinderford

593. AYE Paul Ashworth, Greater Manchester.

594. AYE L Watson, Glasgow

595. AYE P Watson, Glasgow

596. AYE J Watson, Glasgow


598 AYE Sam Grayston, London

599 AYE Lorraine Shakespeare, London

600. AYE Paul McGlynn, Brighton

601  Aye  Terree Selby London

602 Aye Elaine Wilkinson. Dorset

603 Steve Wilkinson Dorset

604 AYE S Broomhall, RCT – sick of hearing the sound of Nye Bevan et al turning in their graves at what is happening to this once great country. Ex NHS medical technician and ex teacher –  I didn’t ask to be disabled by secondary progressive MS and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (amongst other things) nor did I make disability and the inability to work a lifestyle choice. Had voted Labour all my life, but think it’s time to switch my allegiance to Plaid, now that Labour have switched their allegiance from the ones they are supposed to represent and are allying themselves to the ConDems!!

605 Aye Richard Livingstone Bristol

606 Ayr Karen Gentleman Isle of Wight

607 Fenya Fischler London

608 AYE Jean Holland Merseyside Disabled plus long term illness

609. Aye J. Graham, Scotland

610. Aye Jacqueline Hewing England

611. Emma Whitford Dorset

612. Steve ?

613 AYE Sheenagh Lee O’Dwyer

614 Aye. Dee Wilde-Walker

615. Aye Yvette Cooper  disgusted Life time Labour supporter

616. Aye Jane Hawksworth disabled with disabled children

617. Anthony Hagger carer for disabled wife.

618 AYE Pam Sanby disabled

619 AYE Lucie Rogers   

620 AYE Layla Glantz, Disabled, Herefordshire

621 AYE Sean Prentice, Disabled, Herefordshire


624 AYE LYNN HANCOCK Liverpool. Labour’s stance on this is disgusting.

625 AYE Sharon Vincent  Appalled by Labours behaviour over workfare

626 Mark Wallace

627 AYE Susan Haslett

628 AYE Linda Merron Swansea

629 AYE Kenneth Blong, Lancaster

630 AYE Natalie Lyndon, Devon

631 AYE Carol Jennings, Liverpool

632 AYE Kevin Stainton, Scarborough

633. AYE Paul Smith

634.Aye Judith Heron

635. Aye Sean Gilgallon

636. Aye Emma Branley

637. Aye Dawn Taylor

638. Aye Pia Feig

639 AYE Daniel Branley

640 Aye Carole Hope Tewkesbury Glos

641. Aye Jean Buckham

642 AYE  Jodie Timson

643 Aye Doug Troup

644. Aye Faye Currey

645 Aye Bob Robinson

646 Aye Thelma Punton

647. Aye james Cameron

648. Aye Nichola Peake

649. Aye Rebecca Farr

650. Aye Judith Smith

651. Aye Vanessa Morris

652. Aye Hayley Morris

653. Aye Tracy Smith

654. Aye Dawn Teasdale

655. Aye Jemma Marriot

656. Aye Tim Webb

657. Aye Sam Stelling

658. Aye Ian Ward (currently working part-time and living in social housing).  I like the idea, in theory, of a job guarantee for the truly long-term unemployed.  However it should be catered to individual needs and interests.  I do not have enough details about Labour’s latest idea so I am signing this petition.

659. AYE Diane Jones

660. AYE Jillian Cranston

661. AYE: C. Archard  

662. AYE Ryan Burkwood

663 AYE Graeme Slater

664 AYE Gordon Brown

665 AYE Bill Kruse

666 AYE Steve Smith ( Oh dear )

667 AYE Michelle McLeod

668 AYE Philip Todd MIMI

669 AYE Mark Scally



668 AYE Mary Stuart

669 K J Budworth

670 AYE Marie McKay Glasgow

671 AYE Mike Cleverley.

672 AYE Caroline Hudson.

673 AYE David Picknell

674 AYE Vicky Ayec


675 Aye Andrew Patrick Longworth-Dames

676 AYE Lisa Pieca Cake

676 AYE Linda Leyshon

677 AYE Jonathon Maguire

678 AYE Anne-Marie Wigley

679 AYE Sam Francis

680 AYE Gill Berry

681 AYE Linda Hill

682 Aye S Dyer

682 Chris mack, bullied by Mp
683.AYE Lindsay McKeown

684. AYE Ian Smith

685. AYE janice devlin

686. AYE Karen Ashbery

687 AYE Paul Backhouse

688 AYE Louise Ellis – Labour Party member

689 AYE Sharon McCarthy

690 AYE Sam Pateman

691 AYE Rachel Offley

692 Aye Malcolm Burt.

693 AYE Steven Wright

694 AYE Karyn Smith

697 AYE Olive Bennett

698 AYE Carol

699 AYE Saoirse MacSeoin

700. AYE Carol Larkin

701. AYE Wayne Blackburn, WOWpetition Campaign Team

702. AYE Kevin Larkin

703 Aye Kathleen Archibald

704 AYE June Partleton

705 aye paul gorgon ex forces and disabled

706 Aye John mills.

707 aye teresa stewart gorgon carer

708 Aye KPBishop

709 AYE Daniel Langford

710 AYE Michaela Armstrong.

711 AYE Kim Burns. Disabled and unemployed.

712 AYE Jan Burchell ex-labour supporter

713 AYE Margaret Burden Disabled

714 AYE Carl Eckett Employed and disgusted

715 AYE June Hackett

716 Lee Berry Cornwall

717 Aye Sally Wallis Gwent/

718Aye Trevor Garman North Devon  

719 Aye Councillor Denise Michell Glastonbury Somerset

720 Rosie Berry Cornwall

721 Aye Colin Wilson, Liverpool (Chronic pain syndrome, Aspergers Syndrome)

722 Aye Melody Brown, London (Bipolar Affective Disorder)

723 Aye Rob Wills, Bath
724 Aye- Vicki Nikoloska, Wiltshire.

725 Lyall Hakaraia london


726 Jean Stones

727 Aye Beverley Rawsthorn, Merseyside

728 Aye Paige Rawsthorn, Merseyside

729 Aye Margaret Keavey, Merseyside

730 Aye Eddie Keavey, Merseyside

731 AYE Russell Williams – Newport

732 Aye Maxine Oliver, Wales

733  Aye Nichole Brennan

734 AYE C. WELTON, 81 and carer for my wife.

735  Aye Michael Sheridan

AYE Elaine Edwards

736 Aye Debbie Pearson

John Mortimer, High Peak

737 AYE Amanda Warham

738 Peter Thompson Bristol

739 AYE Liz Sannachan

740 AYE pat morris



AYE Angela Theresa Marie Trainer

742 AYE Steve Winter

743 Aye Peter Smith

744 AYE Mal Sainsbury

745 AYE L Corballis
746 AYE E Stratton

747 AYE S Hunter

AYE v sales

748 Aye M Sergeant Hull

749 AYE Roisin Robertson Green Party – the only party calling for taxes to pay for education, health and protection of the vulnerable and the only alternative party to the ConDemLab troika

750 aye marie hitchen

751 aye ray fellows

752 AYE J Holt, Glasgow

753 AYE K Holt, Glasgow

754 AYE C Devlin, Glasgow

755 AYE Colin Symonds

756 Linda McCully, cheshire

757 Valerie Waring, Cheshire

758 AYE Jenny Abbott Manchester

759 AYE J.Williams London.. Liam if you do not support the rights of the unemployed, sick and disabled to be treated as human beings, resign and join the Tories. This is not a Labour Party I will support without the fundamental protections of a civilised society.

760 AYE derek defalco, hertfordshire.

761 aye Sonia Thatcher, herts

762 Vicki Cooke, Dukinfield Cheshire (Disabled, Long term ill)

763 AYE Mike Craig

764 AYE Ian Gaylard

765 AYE  Trish Dennis (severe pathological anxiety due to years of domestic violence

and controlling abuse)  Norfolk

766 AYE Mike Caics, Cumbria.. If the Labour Party do NOT oppose any of this Coalition’s heinous policies – it will be judged by them and we will bankrupt them!

767 Rosanna Singler, London. 768

Stephen Williams – ex labour supporter, Merseyside

769 Tracy Nash. London

770 Jon Driver, London

771 AYE Laura Henretty, Edinburgh

772 AYE Kate Thomson,disabled High Peak

773 AYE Shannon Thomson High Peak

774 AYE Sarah Lawry

775 AYE Mark Destry, Glasgow

776 AYE Patricia Matthews Bedford

777 AYE Lynne Maguire Gloucestershire

778 AYE Flora Cumming Glasgow

779 Gaynor M Owen,  Rhondda, S Wales.

780 AYE Georgina Carrington Birmingham Disabled – severe Fibromyalgia and severe Depression cared for by my hubby and 9 year old. I have no hope for the future, in fact I’m downright terrified!

781 AYE Mandy Carty, Leeds

782 AYE Andrew Ingram  Benfleet, Essex

783 AYE Lewis Monk, Malvern

784 AYE Karen Orosky Bedford


785 AYE ALF RAMSFIELD, MANCHESTER – They are coming for all of us, abled bodies and all.

786 AYE Craig Willis Norfolk

787 AYE Iolanda Masuccio

788 Tim Cooke Manchester

789  AYE Barry Whittaker Norfolk

790 Susan Skinner, Manchester

791 Jade Airey, Manchester

792 Emma Adshead, Whitworth, Lancs

793 Lorraine Hammonds, Shawforth, Lancs

794 Samantha Duffy, Rochdale

795 Suzanne Davis, Guildford, Surrey

796 Anita Westwood, Dudley, West Midlands

797 Kay Smith,west yorkshire

Gavin Harrison   Midlands

798 Caroline Egglestone, Bracknell, Berkshire

799 AYE Ann Driver Tyne & Wear

800 AYE Peter Driver Tyne & Wear

801 deborah dunne keighley west yorkshire

802 karen mccrudden west yorkshire

803 stephen lee west yorkshire

804 Carol Mallon, Glasgow

805 Geri Underhill, Wiltshire
806 Peter Maddison (Carer), Derby
807 Janet Maddison (Disabled), Derby

808 Anya-Nicola Darr (UNITE)

809 Colin Finch (UNITE)

810 Janet Mandeville (disabled)

811 Sue Doyle, Widnes

812 Tracy Allen (carer)

813 Chris Hoolihan, Salford

814 David Thompson, Southampton

815 AYE Janet Varley West Yorkshire

816 Aye Derek Beveridge, Sotland

817 Jeanette Young, Essex

818 Aye Danielle Young West Yorkshire

819 Aye Hazel Measures West Yorkshire

820 Aye Stephen, Barkby, Manchester If we’re going the american way on welfare and Health    Care, lets at least have a President who can be impeached when he breaks the laws like Scameron and IDS

susan denton london

mary quant london

821 AYE mel atkinson

822 AYE Warren Simpson Lancashire

823 AYE Michelle Byrom PTSD/Depression assessed fit for work

824 AYE Christine English

825 AYE Stuart English.

826 AYE Michael English.

827 AYE Denise McKenna Mental Health Resistance Network

828 AYE Stuart Cox Deal Kent Labour Party member Dover/Deal CLP, we need real jobs not sanctions and workfare.


830 AYE Ian Springham, London, Mental Health Survivor

831 AYE Rosalind Alexander befriend a

832 AYE Jane Carroll

833 AYE Helena Hamilton Mental Health trying to get better


835 AYE Bill Lawrence, Stevenage.  Disabled not through choice.  Ex Mental Health Worker

836 AYE Emma Schumann,London

837 AYE Rachel Gallagher, Gravesend, Kent

838 AYE Chris Delcourt, Belgium

839 Sue Jones, County Durham
840 Tariq Ahmad Cambridge

841 Janet Varley, Halifax , West Yorkshire

842 Jay Evans, disabled, Scotland.

843 Usama Dafaalla, Malvern, Worcestershire

844 Alf Ramsfield, Salford, Manchester

845 Debbie Jackson Accrington Lancashire

846 Rachael Kirby, Darlington, Co. Durham

847 Michael Bassett

848 Gai

849 Aye  Linda McGivern

850 Judy Bright Cornwall

851 Donna Burrows Manningtree Essex

852 Danny Mitchell Clacton on Sea

853 Tommy Mitchell Clacton on Sea

854 Johnny Bannon Clacton on Sea

855 Layna Bannon Clacton on

856 Sean Bannon Clacton on Sea

857 Mark Smith Weston Super Mare

858 Kim Bennett Clacton on Sea

859 linda mcully, cheshire

860 Sarah Wiles Peterborough

861 valerie waring, cheshire

862 Elizabeth Bowers Jedburgh Scotland

863 Michael Grimes

864 Caroline Dougan   disabled Scotland

865 Colin Walker

866 Sharon Roberts

867 Kathleen Archibald   

868 Elizabeth Packham

869 Vincent Parker

870 John Mills

871 Tracey Ann

872 David Skinner

873 Ryan Cregan

874 Mary Harrison

875 AYE John Harrison

876 AYEGreen Councillor Denise Michell

876 AYE LORD steven haddon

877 AYE Trish Wilkinson, Doncaster

878 AYE Helen Sims, Bristol.

879 AYE Roddy mac kay. Glenrothes, Fife

880 AYE Hulme, Chorlton, Manchester

881 AYE Michael Sheridan,

882 AYE  Drew Miles, Romford, EKay Slane, Hastings.

883 AYE maureen gardner newcastle

884 AYE English Isleworth

885 AYE Tina English Isleworth

886 AYEKate Thomson, disabled, high peak

889 AYE David Lindsay Sheffield

890 AYE cheryl guillot west yorkshire

891 AYE Jenny Abbott, Flixton Manchester

892 AYE Stephen Williams, Merseyside

893 AYE Susan Skinner, Shawforth, ROCHDALE

894 AYE Emma Adshead, Whitworth

895 AYE Lorraine Hammonds, Shawforth, rochdale

896 AYE Jade Airey, Whitworth, Lancs

897 AYE Shannon,Thomson,High Peak

898 AYE Eleanor Skidmore, Darlington Co. Durham.

899 AYE Roz Fenton Cocks, West London (signed on her behalf by her fond neighbour P.     Pelfrey because Roz died of a heart attack on Feb.4th, two months after being found fit to work.)

900 AYE Jenni Small Edinburgh

901 AYE P. Pelfrey, West London

902 AYE Ali Moon, Harlow, Essex, Disabled

903 AYE Yvonne Parmenter – Leicestershire.

904 AYE Darren Nelson – Suffolk

905 AYE John Heckles – Halifax west yorkshire.

906 AYE Lisa Snaith ~ Disgusted in County Durham

907 AYE David Jones~ voluntarily not claiming JSA in County Durham

908 AYE Jonathan Snaith (currently sanctioned) Consett

909 AYE Matthew Snaith (currently sanctioned) Consett

910 AYE Helen Pilgreen ~ Isle of Arran

911 AYE Jennifer Mc Partland ~ County Durham

912 AYE Nicholas Pilgreen ~ County Durham

913 AYE Freda Clarke ~ County Durham

914 AYE Yvonne Troth, West Midlands

915 AYE Lynn Bleasdale, Essex

916 AYE Dave Thomson, Gorebridge Midlothian.

917 AYE Ann Thomson, Gorebridge, Midlothian

918 AYE  Julie griffiths South Wales , worked hard all my working life, until ill health stopped play.

919 AYE Joanna crowe, North Yorkshire

920 AYE Linda Benbow, Northampton

921 AYE  Claire Newton, London.

922 AYE  glasgow against atos

923 AYE Theresa Small, Edinburgh

924 AYE please let the labour party regain its soul, without care and compassion for the most vulnerable in our society the labour party is nothing sharon cooper lancashire

925 AYE Angela Mallon glasgow

926 AYE Janette Clancey glasgow

927 AYE Derek Clancey glasgow

928 AYE Chris Small Edinburgh

929 AYE Mary McGregor glasgow

930 AYE Heather Small Edinburgh

931 AYE Brian McGowan Glasgow

932 AYE Christine Albert Dorset

933 AYE Rachel Hoare, Bridgend

934 AYE Jodie Hoare, Bridgend

935 AYE Jonathan Mitchell, Bridgend

936 AYE Margaret Pemberton

937 AYE Stephen Cousins

938 AYE Nichola Rumble

939 AYE Colin Dadswell, Stoke on Trent

940 AYE Danielle Dadswell, Stoke on Trent

941 AYE Caroline Brown, Gwent

942 AYE Susan O’Mahony, Milton Keynes

943 AYE Lucy Macdonald, Glasgow

944 AYE Rose Hall

945 AYE KEVIN SMITH stowmarket

946 AYE Sally Burton, Leeds

947 AYE Denis English, disgusted. Isleworth

948 AYE Mark Giblin, Nottingham

949 AYE John McGroarty, Glasgow

950 Yasmin Jasiak Newcastle

951 AYE Carol Spragg Newcastle upon Tyne

952 Debbie Winfield, Kent.

953. Damon Lee, Totton

954. AYE Malika Steed, Broadland Labour and disgusted about the whole workfare!!!

955. AYE Lynne Forgie

956. Aye; George Caldow, Fochabers

957. AYE Lucia Pawlak South Wales

958 AYE Albie Davies Gloucestershire

959 AYE Cassie Garner

960 AYE Collette Ashworth S-O-

961 AYE   nicci page full time carer for disabled partner

962    AYE Lou Phillips disabled since 1999 live on my own, cope just, medical 6th April I expect to be failed regardless of DRs Notes and other evidence, then go to tribunal, how I will live I have no idea, im petrified!

963 AYE susan denton

964 AYE Sandra Tuer

965 AYE John Evans South Wales

966 AYE Stephen Thompson – Hull Full Time Carer

967 AYE Annette Brown

968 AYE Lynne Davis, disabled, cold and hungry already, you will never get my vote again

989AYE julia austin terrified at all this…….

970 AYE Kara Brown

Babs Aye

971 AYE Helene Ayton

972 AYE lewis Reid

973 AYE Sacha Reid

974. Darren Kennedy …ashamed of our gov

975 AYE Laura Barrow

976 AYE Carl Harris, very ashamed of our government

977.AYE David West.

979 AYE Malcolm Hunt
980 Chris I



981 AYE J Thornley full time carer and afraid for our future

982 AYE Merv Smith  disabled, heart problems and stripped by ATOS of my benefits.

983 Jeanette Young

984 AYE Karen Bolton.several health problems  including fibromyalgia and copd been called in for work focused interview

985 AYE christopher baines    bad with nerves stopt ATOS

986 AYE Kate Ashdowne – I am no longer proud of the country I’ve served all my life.

986 AYE Janine Gorin-Macneil.

987 AYE Susan Giddings

988 AYE George Young

989 AYE Allan Giddings.

990 AYE Elizabeth Douglas

991 Lorn Slack

992 AYE pauline Baines

993 AYE  Steve Wallis  

994 AYE Alexandra Quinn


996 AYE Morag Cumming

997 AYE Glyn Foulkes – this will not be forgotten !!

998 AYE Linda Cox (King’s Lynn Against Welfare Reforms –

999 AYE Cheryl Foulkes

1000 AYE Chloe Foulkes

1001 AYE David Cox (King’s Lynn Against Welfare Reforms –

1002 AYE Jeanette Brown.

1003 AYE Emma Matthews, Cardiff UK

1004 AYE Mike Veitch

1005 AYE Graham Clarkson Hemsworth Pontefract West Yorkshire

1006 AYE Paul Mellors Mansfield Nottinghamshire

1007 AYE Dave Murphy, DPAC, Unite Community Portsmouth

1008 AYE Rob Carolan

1009  AYE Deborah Hall

1010 AYE thomas connors pontypridd south wales

1011 AYE charlotte connors pontypridd south wales

1012AYE Helen Benson, Cumbria…Disabled, Depressed, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia & now without hope for the future!! Worked all my life until physically unable.Praying for decency at last in those in power

1013AYE Alison Chesterton Aylesbury Bucks

1014AYA Pete Perkins + We-the-People Campaign 1720 Members & followers throughout the UK

1015 Aye Barry Hall Cannock Staff’s

1016 AYE Carolyn Oke Disabled Devon

1017 AYE Sue Crutchley Stoke on Trent

1018 AYE Graeme Reid Edinburgh

1019 AYE Alison Phillips Berkshire

1020 AYE Barbara Mellors Mansfield

1021 AYE Kyle .E. Mellors Mansfield

1022 AYE Geoff Duncan, Edinburgh

1024 AYE J Edwards, Stafford

1025 AYE I Wilson Caithness

1026 AYE Alice Wedderburn, Edinburgh

1027, AYE, Ann Sanderson, Leeds

1028, AYE Alan Sanderson, Leeds

1029, Aye, Ruth Hulme, Leeds

1030, Aye, Lee Porter, Leeds

1031, Aye, Barbara Guyan, Leeds

1032, Esther Hulme, Leeds

1033, AYE, Laurence OReilly, Norfolk

1034,Aye, Bryn Kinnaird, Dyfed

1035, Aye, Jason Garside

1036 AYE Dominique Payne, Bicester

1037 AYE Jenny Martin, Kings Lynn

1038 AYE Nick Howitt, Cardif

1039 AYE David Fallan Wishaw

1040 AYE Debbie Sayers Cornwall

1041 Mary Jones, SWANSEA.  Seriously concerned for my future and the future of other citizens in this country.

1042 AYE Pauline Martin Canterbury kent

1043 AYE  Hazel Fallan Wishaw

1044 AYE Kathleen Hunt Disabled Devon

1045 AYE Rosemary Spencer                                                   

1046 AYE Geraldine Giles Lancs

1047 AYE Thea Watson


1049 AYE J Gordon

1050 AYE Rosie Oxley Cardiff

1051 AYE Jon Mason Brighton

1052 AYE janice anderson manchester cancer and bipolar patiant

1053 AYE clive smith

1054 aye gwyneth morse

1055 aye t morse

1056 AYE Linda Strickler

1057 AYE Owen Walsh

1058 AYE Anthony Turtle

1059 aye margaret burke

1060 AYE Andy Murtha

1061 AYE Jason Gilzean, Herts

1062 AYE Alan Bennett, Cheltenham

1063 AYE Margaret Bennett, Cheltenham

1064 AYE Dawn Street Guildford,Surrey

1065 AYE Pam Douglas London

1066 AYE Tracey Curtis Norfolk

1067  AYE Chris Hubbard South Yorkshire

1068 AYE Yvette Broadhurst Wolverhampton

1069 AYE Christina Klein-Bissett, Edinburgh

1070 AYE  Andy Jones, Malvern, UK

1071 aye noel o’mahony northampton.

1072 Aye Patricia Jaega, Littleborough

1073 AYE Richard Harmer, London

1074 AYE Dr Vole, disability rights campaigner, Cymru

1075 AYE Xia Lane, Wiltshi

1076 AYE Yasmin Raphael

1078 AYE Giuseppina Salamone, Brighton and Hove Unemployed Workers Centre

1079 ,k c beard

1080 C E Bramwell

1081  AYE  Sam Cugie (struggling disabled student – terrified reforms will wreck education to go  

                  onto unemployment scrapheap with little prospects because education

1082 AYE Vincent Mattis

1083 AYE John Lorimer, My mother suffers from severe COPD, , doesn`t have a spare room at

the moment but will have soon, as she needs it so we can take turns to help care for her. She worked most of her life paying her way, brought us up on her own!! Didnt claim benefits but now she needs them and cant get what shes entitled to!!!!

1084 AYE Rosamond Broad

1085 ‘AYE’ Debbie Simmons.

1086 Aye  Jacqueline Redgewell, Stoke on Trent

1087 AYE Denise Garner  Leicester

1088 AYE Steven Garner  Leicester

1089 AYE Graham Hughes Peterhead. Politicians of all parties have been unable to create anything like full employment for half a century. Stop blaming those who don’t have a job and start thinking up policies that reflect the reality that paid employment no longer serves as a satisfactory means of circulating wealth around the economy

1090 AYE John O’Mahony

1091 Aye Jack Ferguson

1092 Aye John Lezemor

1093 Aye Liz Davies

1094 AYE Bill Bowring

1095 Aye  Russell Fraser

1096 Aye  Zekiye Driver

1097 Aye  Halil Driver

1098 Carol Laidlaw social welfare law practitioner

1098 Aye Sarah J Barnett

1099 AYE carol larkin .

1100 Marta Wazynska

1101 AYE Steve Brain

1102 AYE D Maher

1103 AYE Linda Benbow. I always worked, never claimed benefits. I DID NOT CHOOSE to become disabled, and in my nativity I have always voted Labour because they were the ALTERNATIVE to the Tories, they were the ones who were on OUR side. What has happened to the Labour Party?






9 thoughts on “Work makes you free

  1. AL PILLAY says:

    The repellent Tories and Religion are inherantly fascist and they must be stopped they have made Contempt into a virtue,towards the poor the less well of the sick and the disabled this government is sociopathic and truly Sick. everything will rebound on them and hopefully before they have totally unsettled the nation before it kicks off and i think it will,if people have litterally nothing to lose why wouldnt they?..

  2. Serenity says:

    The war against us has been won with the successful implementation of the ATOS/T4 program.
    The next targets are already being lined up.–council-home.html

    It’s funny how they can deny them homes but when it comes to benefits they have to change the rules for British citizens also?

    Look up government in the dictionary, our government implements these laws then acts as if the results are no responsibility of theirs!
    If they had been doing their job the building of infrastructure would have matched population increase. Instead they use our frustration at their policies to stoke up hate campaigns. There would be no need for this resentment at all if they had been doing the job for which they are so richly rewarded by taxpayers.
    It’s more like a fascist regime with every day that passes as we untermensch know only too well!

    Where are the UAF when you need them?

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    It is Not an an Exaggeration to See where the Actions of a Tinpot UK Regime
    are Nazi when they Clearly are Nazi such as the Suppression of Public Protest and
    the Persecution of the Poor and Vulnerable

    As for ” Democratically Elected ” Neither the ” Conservatives ” nor the ” Liberal
    Democrats ” have a Clear Majority on their Own

    The National Socialists Persecuted the Poor and Vulnerable and used such
    ” Work makes You Free ”

    Suppression of Political Dissent People Turning a Blind Eye and Acting the Ostrich
    All that Helped to Keep the National Socialists in Power when Common Sense
    and Revolution Combined would of got that Lot Out of Office

    Shame upon the Thick Sheople who Believe Regime Propaganda they are Part of
    the Problem as Well

  4. jed goodright says:

    “”The usage of Nazi terminology to refer to any actions of a democratically-elected UK government is nearly always an absurd and unhelpful exaggeration. Today, however, one such analogy is absolutely literally justified.””

    I am sick of this comment. The assumption that we live in a democratically elected state are totally false. The presumption that we have a royal family, monarchy if you will, that presides over and interferes with our so-called democratic process, for its own ends, is plainly problematic. This man offers NO ANALYSIS of the state rather makes assumptions that all is basically well. IT IS NOT

    Neither is it absurd to use terminology refering to the fascism inherent in our state apparatus. It is describing and analysing the state of the uk in it’s REAL term. These comments are used to deride and divide – as if there is only ONE explanation and analysis of the state. Purient comment from a vicar

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