Iain Duncan Smith's department has introduced legislation to 'protect the national economy' from a £130m payout to jobseekers. Photograph: David Fisher / Rex Features
Iain Duncan Smith’s department has introduced legislation to ‘protect the national economy’ from a £130m payout to jobseekers. Photograph: David Fisher / Rex Features


To ‘protect the national economy’ ?

~ Die ‘Volkswirtschaft’?


IDS just can’t help himself from using Nazi jargon!!!


On Tuesday Iain Duncan Smith will attempt to rewrite history and introduce new regulations to override the recent Appeal Court judgement which declared many previous benefit sanctions illegal and therefore repayable. 

Sources have suggested Labour may support this vile move. 

The Lib Dems almost certainly will. 

Contact your local MP tomorrow (Monday 18th March) to urgently demand that they will not vote for this bill which steals money from the poorest and makes a laughing stock of an independent judiciary.

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PCS : Stop the workfare law change

15 March 2013

Having lost the battle on workfare in the courts, the government is trying to respond by changing the law

On 12 February this year Cait Reilly and Jamie Wilson won a case against the government’s proposals which force people to work without pay in order to receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

The government is now trying to change the law, to act retrospectively, so they don’t have to pay those from whom their illegal welfare laws removed benefits.

This bill was rushed out on Thursday (14 March) and will be debated on Tuesday (19 March).

The government is hoping to bury this news in the coverage of the budget.

Ask your MP to stop the government changing the law on workfare.

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  1. Gabriel Strange says:

    A system of law setup with the sole purpose of protecting that system, it has become so useless and self serving and those in the halls of power should step down or be forcibly removed by the people they are supposed to serve. Creating laws just to protect its own failings is in itself a failure of the system and the governance of the land. Any law after this that is allowed to pass is nothing more than a way to serve and protect the system and those in power and does nothing to protect the people.

    Our government is supposed to be run by civil servants, not civil lords. The concept being they are servants of the country and its people not their own interests. If the enactment of this emergency law doesn’t enrage people and make their blood boil, then the people in power have won and the country is lost. Wave goodbye to any idea of rights or fairness, wave goodbye to having any form of decency in your life, you are nothing more than pond scum to those who walk the halls of Westminster. And your only one stroke of the pen away from licking their boots and feeding off the scraps they don’t deem worth to pass their lips.

  2. Christina Klein-Bissett says:

    “Forcibly removed…” when and how? What are we waiting for ? All of us and many many more who can not write here feel exactly the same…but things need to change and we need to figure out how to change them.

  3. jay says:

    Further down the road to complete State Control we go.

    “The government is hoping to bury this news in the coverage of the budget.”
    How convenient for them. I wonder how many newspapers will even mention this!

  4. Bluesky says:

    This makes my F###ING BLOOD BOIL the arrogance of IAN DUNCAN SMITH is out of controll. He needs to feel the BOOT of the BRITISH PUBLIC on his scrawny neck…..god help us all if he get’s away with it again with PIP’s and universal credit..revolution is gettig closer and closer. IDS your days are NUMBERED…….

  5. Ban the Liverpool Death Pathway says:

    They’ve been planning the involuntary euthenasia of entire patient groups with the liverpool care pathway since they took office…all certain sub groups of the population will get is ‘end of life care’ at home….read the advice they issued for the NEW nhs commissiners in 2011…..this was supposed to come into force this April. Page 4 explains that they could extend ‘end of life care only’ to the following nebulously worded patient groups….its basically anyone who needs expensive treatment but doesnt appear worth it to those triaging you in A & E ……http://www.ncpc.org.uk/sites/default/files/AandE.pdf…60,000 consent forms missing already ….and once they’ve done it …you’re dead!

  6. Humanity2012 says:

    Shame on All who Support this Measure of Nastiness

    It is the Politicians who are the Scroungers Not the Poor

    No More Suffering under the Con Dem Regime


    If retrospective legislation is passed to circumvent the outcome of a trial, then the understanding of the word legal is diminished to mean nothing at all.

    Theft has now a new meaning when applied to the poor. Suddenly it becomes acceptable to rob by statute…….

    Serfdom has acquired a lower level of protection than that afforded to the rich, bullying by regulation………

    If supported by the Labour Party, this heinous move would be the thin end of the wedge. It opens the floodgates to radical reforms being implemented at a whim, a state without boundaries…..

    Laws were written to protect, the laws are being rewritten to attack. Power corrupts. It always has and always will.


    Our coalition government and the Labour party are just like Hospitals and Manufacturers, out of touch with what is going on at the lowest level……..

    They are all the same inasmuch as they dont know whats happening at the bottom. They think they know what the problems are, but never think to ask………..

    All of them squander vast amounts of money and ask third parties, in the form of consultants, to formulate a view.

    The view is always tainted in the favour of the paymaster who loves to carry on ignoring the shop floor in favour of men in suits who have no idea…….

    Problems exacerbate because nobody is listening. The shop floor blame the management, who in turn blame the workers..

    Nothing is ever achieved……….

    The time to listen is now. Not when the the machinery of life breaks down…..

    They call it Democracy, a simple word having endless solutions……

    For Fucks Sake Listen……….


    If the members of the Labour Party were in a german concentration camp it wouldnt be hard to imagine which ones would be hiding in corners, eating bars of chocolate from the guards, whilst their friends starved.

  10. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    One has to feel really sorry for the likes of Mr Meacher and a handful of the real, die hard socialists. They exhibit real, old fashioned labour values which seek to protect the most vulnerable in our society.
    Contrary to this, we see the merchant banker, out of touch policies that are exhibited by certain factions of the party.
    Sadly this faction is erasing the original values of the party. In effect they mirror the aspirations of the other side.

    Considering the vote taken to deny £130 million to the poorest, whilst giving a trillion to bail out the bankers, my faith has faded into obscurity……….

    Mr Meacher must be in a lonely position where he is really trying to retain labour values whilst being knifed in the back from his colleagues.

    The vote in question, laid down a precedent, whereas any court action brought by the people will now, almost certainly, be overturned at a whim!

    Suffice to say, the vote almost certainly cemented opinions of labour voters, in that we have been pissed upon from a great height from the very people that purport to air our views……….

    Shame on you……..

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