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  1. wunnell says:

    ” What’s your plan for these people whose lives we apparently can’t afford?”
    We kill them…

  2. jed goodright says:

    Iain Duncan Shit was heard to say today that those complaining are only mindless obsessives who can be dealt with by offering them three courses of CBT each. That will solve the problems and of course save the taxpayer millions. I love it when I’m right!! ……

  3. NoOneIsListening says:

    I have read many of the comments being posted on The Guardian’s own page, and it is obvious to me that very few people have real experience of disability, or of caring for someone with a disability or any concept of what life is like. As a carer of 27 years and a child with a lifelong disability, you wouldn’t wish my life on anyone. That said, the experiences have been a real test of what truly matters in life and all the money in the world isn’t going to change the reality of our child’s life, not now or in the future when we are no longer around to fight his corner. What matters to us is stability, consistency and continuity whether that be in respect of finances or care. This Government have undermined every facet of our child’s life and of ours, his carers. Their policies have bought fear, uncertainty and isolation. If you don’t live our lives, you have no idea of the unrelenting stresses of every day existence with or without money. Life with a disability is different. Families who care for someone with a disability know that their life is different and as such we value different things. Our child won’t drive, won’t go to University, won’t get married and we won’t have grand children. We accept these limitations, but at the very least, after having juggled and struggled to work and pay into the system for 50 years, whilst at the same time, saving thousands of pounds by taking the main responsibility for care, we feel we deserve some peace and our child deserves to be looked after especially when we can no longer maintain the caring role. We find it hard to believe that any government of this country can behave the way they have towards genuine vulnerable people, and that policitians across are noticeable by their silence. Is it any wonder that people will point the finger at the exploding population because of immigration? Hasn’t anyone noticed that we have too many people in this country, particularly in the south east? That the services are already struggling to cope with need now so what chance does our child stand against the rising tide of need if we get more people coming over? If you think this is bad now, we ain’t seen nothing yet! And all the while those that have no experience of disability or long term caring will carry on with their financial rhetoric, their judgement about something they have no experience of and dismiss the needs and plight of disabled people as an inconvenient economic drain on society. So, yes, what is the plan for disabled people if the country has decided they can’t afford them anymore?

  4. Thomas says:

    I wonder if they will bring in euthanasia? First for those who really do want to die, and then forcibly extending it to the seriously disabled and then people like me, who is only lightly disabled but effectively unemployable.

  5. alan says:

    people you tell about pain, even doctors, general people you meet when your out dont have sympathy for you, and generally hurry away, even friends dont have time for you, you know what im talking about ,

  6. jeffery davies says:

    when they came for them nobody said bod all when they came for my mates no shouted but when they came for me I screamed but nobody heard jeff3

  7. jay says:

    The plan is to deny that sickness, ill health and disability exist.

    Hence Atos complete denial of pain on having any effect on your ability to function.

    The change from INCAPACITY benefit to Employment Support allowance.
    DISABILITY living allowance to Personal Independence payment.
    GP’s SICK notes now being called fit notes.

    Note the name changes again a means to deny Incapacity, Disability and ill health.

    In the future illness according to them will not exist, their plan is to destroy and deny our very existence.

  8. Allen Vincent says:

    Clearly the plan is to drive vulnerable disabled people to suicide. I’ve always struggled to overcome extreme ignorance, discrimination, victimisation & unlawful denial of services as has my 76yo Mum Beryl.
    So many unlawful things happened to my Mum and I since I was unlawfully dismissed from Doncaster Nissan in 2010 when I was formally diagnosed with aspergers syndrome & dyspraxia. Unlawful treatment from Sheffield Employment Tribunal & I appear to be one of the first to dare sue the corrupted discriminating patronising ignorants at the Solicitors Regulation Authority using a deaf communication system that records and prints verbatim telephone calls under the Equality Act 2010 case 1SE06800 which was hushed up.
    Unlawfully arrested AGAIN at my Edlington, Doncaster house on 28.2.2013 by the same awful policewoman who’s on my telly allenvincent489 vids of 13.2.2012 she unlawfully used an enforcer to smash my front door, ripped off my disability sheet that I had printed onto my chest, they put my Mum in hospital for 3 days and 2 nights. I was underfed and tormented at Doncaster Police cell and then they transferred me for first time to Doncaster Marshgate Prison till Monday 11th March 2013. The Police and Courts lied about my Date of birth they put down 25.5.72 and this is NOT my dob and clearly attempt to hide who I really am.
    Extreme violations of PACE, numerous codes of conducts/practices, EC Human Rights, EC Disability Rights, Public Sector Equality Duty, Equality Act 2010.
    I am on autism spectrum, dyspraxia, born deaf, adhd, clinical depression, asthma, pts, my face does not work properly, high stress & anxiety, need glasses, supposed to have a support worker personal assistant.

    http://telly.com/AllenVincent489 Fighting EXTREME Kent Aylesham, DOVER, Folkestone, Margate and South Yorkshire Police Doncaster, Judicial, Solicitor corruption, discrimination, ignorance, victimisation etc.

  9. Humanity2012 says:

    The UK is a Bloody State of Evil

    An End to All this Bureaucratic Codswallop Tyranny must Come through the End
    of the Regime

    Stuff Free Market Economics Freedom is a Higher Worth from Hunger and

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