Ed Miliband sought to intensify the pressure on the prime minister by contrasting his decision to defend bankers’ bonuses with the cutting back of housing benefit for disabled people. Photograph: PA
Ed Miliband sought to intensify the pressure on the prime minister by contrasting his decision to defend bankers’ bonuses with the cutting back of housing benefit for disabled people. Photograph: PA

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  1. murphy says:

    For God’s sake who’s doing Labour’s research for them: they’re totally unprepared and letting Cameron get away with lying in Parliament. Disabled children are NOT exempt, some pensioners under universal credit are NOT exempt, only those needing externally provided care are exempt; families who give their loved ones round the clock care are NOT exempt. Same happened last week when Liam Byrne got all his facts mixed up. If this is the opposition on a subject that should be an open goal for Labour then God help them.

    1. Bluesky says:

      the good MPs who have been trying to help(John McDonnel MP one of the good guys and a few others) in parliament have all been ‘blinded’ by percentiges(%) and averages (so they don’t know the full extent of this con/lib evil and contempt for the poor and disabled. if you look at the real amounts involved, as we the people in the real world do, you get sums like this=person with 1 spare room (depending on how much HB you get) will lose £740+ per year. people with two rooms will have to find (depending on how much HB they get will lose £1.109.28 per year (this last amount is based on actual ammount that my disabled friend will lose every year), this is why MPs throw arond percentiges/averages like it’s confettie, becouse it hids the real cash ammounts that people are being robbed of….i have friends in the local council even they are compleatly confused by the whole thing, they want to help but their hands are tied by central government and know that the whole thing is going to blow up in everyones face=everyone loses, councils/tenants/etc.. local council also know that the DHP is not going to help one bit it won’t cover the shortfall in HB it won’t even cover the full stop at the end of my little rant. And as for going to the DWP for help and advice on your rent problems(as some councils are advising tenants) it’s a compleat and utter wast of time, DWP help no-one exept to trick you out of what is yours by law.


    I am classed as disabled for life, yet recently had my ICA reduced to nothing because of the connivance of atos and DWP.
    We are falling into a trap and starting to fragment by looking at disability and the bedroom tax…
    Disability has nothing to do with the issue, the issue is that the government are planning to penalise ALL.

    We should stay united and follow an agenda to disgrace the politicians to think again. They are a minority, we the majority. Sticking together we can easily force them into a corner. People power is an almighty tool.

    Neither party are listening so it is time to make them aware of their mistakes……

    It can go down several routes to achieve our goal, namely the obvious, public demonstration and peaceful picketing and use of the media, failing that, taking the law into our own hands.

    Personally, i see the first route as already being blocked due to the containment of the media to suppress the information on the onslaught of the poorest.

    Radical things will have to be considered. It may not be seen as wise by many, but the bullying will not stop till the bully is tackled head on!

    Factually, if the bully is seen to get away with it, then the bully will strive to bully you even further…..

    People are suffering and dying as we speak. Its no good hiding, we must come out as one and nip the bully in its tracks.

    Smug elitist factions of this country are hell bent on putting you into the history books. You have a right to live a normal life, yet they are not happy with this, demanding poverty and squalor……..

    Its no good telling them to f**k off. We might have to f**k them off…………

    1. Danny Slade says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. These parasites in government and the ones in opposition are just full of hot air and broken promises! It’s time to show them what we really think of their poor excuses and make a stand against them. They need to be taught a lesson and fast!


    Nice to see Job Centre Plus employees going on strike…….

    The bullies must be being bullied…..


    The serpent is chewing its own tail, so to speak…….

  4. Serenity says:

    Rent controls on the greedy Rachman landlords who grow ever fatter on the profits from substandard private rentals charging astronomical rents, they are the only ones who benefit from the housing benefit bill as it goes straight into their pockets, free money with no obligation or responsibilities on their part to modernise or make fit for purpose said property. Many more families will die from such things as carbon monoxide poisoning from living in these slum dwellings as if you ask for repairs from your landlord you will get two months notice to leave the property as this is all that is required by law to evict.

  5. Thomas says:

    The media will only report protests if they get totally out of hand and injure innocent people or destroy buildings.


    GEOFF REYNOLDS March 10, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    Unfortunately the solution to the problem is not the problem of the solution? We are mired in what you would call, an unsolvable enigma.

    No matter what we are supposed to do, we find ourselves in a situation with no escape!
    Stealing the money of the disabled is an ongoing trauma, the legacy of Gunnyeons twisted computerised policies.

    The statute allowed to steal from the very weakest in our society….
    Whilst we fight the unnecessary evil the chasers demand the right to redraw the laws to hide behind the curtains of toryism, theft by stealth……

    So much is being said about the so called, bedroom tax, obviously, not enough….
    Introduce an unpopular policy, pretend to doctor it to suit the masses and “voila” , a new statute is accepted.

    Bedroom tax, whatever way you look at it, is a complete piss take!, an absurdity on the very lives you lead.
    One step away from taxing the air you breathe……
    For fucks sake, wake up and be counted!

    Ministers , like Shapps, the worthless piece of shit, amongst the clergy, the caring side of tory propaganda, are now shouting foul play. This is all part of the con. Together they pretend to be on the side of the oppressed and bring to light the unfairness…..
    This is absolute bollocks, part of the plot, an exercise in making the voter feel that something is being addressed.

    Nothing is being addressed whatsoever, you are being led down a path that accepts unfair taxation by resolve, complete political bullshit!
    Whether they accept a policy with adjustments to the disabled or poor is totally irrelevant, they are robbing the majority………..

    Its all part of the political script, appease them and they will feel as they have gained something………..
    Whatever way you look at it, you are being professionally shafted and pissed upon from a great height!!!!

    The modern prophets of doom, Bill Gunnyeon,the ANGEL OF DEATH, Josef Mengele of the keyboard is taking away the lowly value of your lives.
    Disability is not an award, its a discipline thrust on a person, not by choice, but fate.
    Understand this and be proud…………. you are unique.

    You have come to realise your shortcoming whilst they pretend they dont have one. We are the victors, carrying the medal of what we have given to life. Disability should not be a burden, surely an understanding of ones commitment……

    Shame is the burden of a people who cannot get to grips with the uniqueness of what we gave……….


    Bloody Hell!, Can’t believe it, the BBC news actually mentioned that the majority of people are starting to say the raft of austerity measures in the form of welfare cuts, might be unjust…….
    Don’t hold your breath. The tide might be turning……

  8. Serenity says:

    The greedy land owning government have feasted their greedy eyes on the Rachman BTL landlords and the effortless, shedloads of money to be made from substandard in need of updating property in the private rental sector where you have no rights or security of tenure. The private rental sector where a one bed property in the north of Scotland can be £650 pm in Camden town a two bed £3000 pm.
    The greedy land owners in power will not be happy until the social housing market is brought into line and made as profitable, the only solution is a nationwide social house building program which is unfortunately the antithesis of what the government want.


    Upon reading other blogs, it seems the bedroom tax imposed on children with disability may have slackened…..
    The Guardian reports that IDS has relented and it says that if the local authority agree that the child does have a recognised disability and does need a separate room, it should be waived.
    While sounding too good to be true, it probably is!

    Another blogger has asked if ATOS would be used to ascertain the level of a childs disability or special needs.
    In other words, nobody would qualify…….

    Further to these announcements, it has been made clear that DWP are playing both sides of the field, wearing two hats.

    They say they can go along with the relaxation on kids bedrooms, scared of the breach of human rights kickback, whilst actively challenging the same right at supreme court level……

    In a nutshell, hypercritical by definition.

    In my words, two faced thieving bastards………..

  10. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    It must be said, if the children with a disability get the right to a bedroom free of tax, an application will go forward for all disabilities………

  11. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    More good news this morning!!!

    The High Court is to begin hearing a challenge to government plans to scrap a £320m scheme that helps people with severe disabilities live independently.

    The six disabled people bringing the judicial review will question the legality of the move to close the Independent Living Fund from 2015.

    More than 19,000 people in the UK get payments from the ILF.

    The government says councils, which administer most social care, will take over funding this help.

    The claimants fear disabled people could be forced out of independent living arrangements and into residential care, or trapped at home by the fund’s closure.

    Questioning the legality of the consultation and subsequent decision by the government, the court challenge will argue:

    There have not been clear reasons given for closing the fund
    The consultation featured inadequate information on the differences between the fund and local authority assessment and provision
    There has not been proper assessment of the impact of the change on disabled people’s ability to live and work independently

    The Department for Work and Pensions says help for disabled people has been fundamentally changed by personal budgets, intended to give recipients more control, and that it makes sense to have a single system administered by local authorities.

    The ILF was established in 1988, but the government decided in 2010 that it had become “no longer appropriate or sustainable” to keep running the scheme outside the mainstream social care system.

    The fund closed to new applicants soon afterwards.

    Richard Hawkes, chief executive of disability charity Scope, said councils could not afford to “pick up the tab”.

    “Local care and support for disabled people is already underfunded to the tune of £1.2bn and councils are already struggling to cope.

    “Not getting the support to wash, dress and leave your home is unacceptable. The government needs to invest more in social care to prevent disabled people being condemned to a life without basic dignity and invisible from society.”

  12. Nick Hamble says:

    The Conservatives should just walk in the shoes of the poor and feel their distress when they haven’t got any money for food/heating. Cameron simply isn’t bothered about poor people is he?

  13. Serenity says:

    Music may be a good non violent way to raise money, a ballad for those on Calums list and put on utube or such-like!

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