‘When you add in the cuts to core public services, tax credits, housing and disability benefits that will hit the poorest hardest, this isn’t just an economic disaster. It’s a human one measured out in blighted lives for years to come, delivered in the service of a programme that has already failed in its own terms – while shrinking the state and cosseting the corporate sector.

‘Given the Cameron coalition’s legacy and the cuts and tax rises it’s planning well into the next parliament, the danger is that Labour locks itself into continuing austerity in a bid for credibility.

‘As the experience of its sister parties in Europe has shown, that would be a calamity for Labour – but also for Britain.’

~ Seumas Milne

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  1. John Lanigan says:

    Seumas Milne writes – Given the Cameron coalition’s legacy and the cuts and tax rises it’s planning well into the next parliament, the danger is that Labour locks itself into continuing austerity in a bid for credibility.

    As the experience of its sister parties in Europe has shown, that would be a calamity for Labour – but also for Britain.

    What rubbish! New Labour are not the answer. They are sell out merchants who care not a hoot for the working class and the sooner people realise this the better.

    What we need is an end to capitalism in the UK. It’s time for change.

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    I cannot Stand Gormless Grinning Politicians

    I am Disgusted by the Spineless Docility and More Lifelessness than Zombies
    Great British Public

    I am Not a Fan of Capitalism

    Scrap The System Scrap The Problem


    Whilst it has come to light that over 600 employees at Barclays bank have received over a million apiece, we are told that we may have to accept negative interest rates.
    The very thought of this happening in the seventh richest nation in the world is completely retrograde….
    Inequality in modern day Britain is growing day by day, yet the politicians stand back and retreat into rhetoric.
    Everyone knows what is going on but nobody takes a stance to stop it. You are being sold down the river at an alarming rate….
    Our governments, and i mean governments, both old and new, are complicit in a cover up on a vast scale.
    Next week a bill we be pushed through parliament that gives more power to suppress information.

    What happened to the Iraq Inquiry, Cash for questions, MPs expenses, the links with the Met, journalists and Murdoch, Hillsborough, Stephen Lawrence, Litvinenko…….
    So much is being kept from the public, are we a secret state or a state with secrets?

    Banks are utilising our money but why are we kept in the dark about the seedy dealings that caused the collapse of our financial institutions, necessitating public tax payer bail outs?
    RBS have announced gigantic losses yet they have created a bonus pool to pay the senior workforce. Again the size of the pool is absolutely astronomical!
    How can anybody be rewarded for failure?
    Furthermore, what gives the banking sector the privilege of a bonus when the true hard working of our land, end up with nothing. Often putting in extra hours for no pay.
    The rich control each and every avenue that we walk. Italy are starting to realise they are being pissed on from a great height, its time we woke up and started to address the redress of power.
    People power is an amazing tool. Utilise it before we go further into the mire.

  4. John Lanigan says:

    Geoff, I agree totally with your comments. The UK is a satellite of America and look at the dumbed down nation over there. The Americans have had the Bill of Rights torn up and are now amongst the most worst off in the western world in terms of wealth, jobs, education etc. etc. not to mention being totally kept in the dark about anything of interest that is happening in the wider world.

    The scenario in America is being played out here and it’s time that the people of this land said “enough of this b+++s++t” and got themselves organised to change the political system.

    Make no mistake there is not a single mainstream party in the UK that will desert Capitalism and therefore not worth a vote.
    People need to act now to make the changes. Get involved everyone.

  5. Thomas says:

    Our voting system squashes any small parties, be they evil like the BNP or good ones. To even get any seats any new party would need a third of the national vote.

    1. John Lanigan says:

      With all due respect Thomas I don’t think you get the point. We don’t need to engage in electioneering politics. There are other ways of changing things and it’s called revolution.

      1. Thomas says:

        And a revolution might happen if the government carry on bothering everyone who is not vastly rich.

  6. Qashie James says:

    Those smug baskets in the photo just goes to show their contempt they have for the British voters?.
    No matter as to whatever Party wins the next general elections the first thing will give themselves a pay rise? Its time to bring this ConDem Idiots down once & for all concerned and have them charged with crimes against the people of the UK.

    I would like to point out that under the freedom of information act the Govt’ment obliged to open the accounts for year by year? which we never see why because they have a lot to hide full stop!! their 2nd & 3rd homes & all their other expence they fleece us for!!!!!!

  7. Humanity2012 says:

    It Makes my Blood Boil to Hear Gormless Politicians Say about Cutting Welfare Not

    Welfare Helps People whereas the Bloodbath in Afghanistan Kills People

    It is the MPS who are the Bloody Waste of Money

    Scrap MPS Expenses Enough is Enough


    If you glance quickly at the rear of osbornes head you will notice a slight bump in his hair.
    The colour of his skin is another giveaway, pallid, an eerie white.
    Beneath his hair is the central control unit that controls the stainless steel muscular skeleton. Energy to power the centralised motor comes from a unique, state of the art, solar panel in his groin.
    The groin in tandem with his back passage, control speech.
    The central control unit used to consist of a memory bank from a vintage saturn rocket but has been replaced with a spoonful of pink blancmange.
    Sadly this robot had many faults, mainly the power to differentiate right from wrong and the simple task of running an economy.
    Iain Duncan Smith, however, contains none of the components fitted to the mark one. He is just a naturally ignorant, horrible individual. Future development may see the removal of his existing, inert brain for the implant of a terrapin unit, failing that, two ounces of pease pudding.
    George Lucas is interested in signing them both, hopefully in a galaxy far away……..

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