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  1. Laz says:

    The very reason these industries were nationalised in the first place was to avoid profiteering fromshareholders against citizens and to make sure yhe countries assets were within the control of the people .Even when nationalised there are lessons to be learnt from the past.Re-investment in future public demand due to growth must be factored in to costing to pay for future expansion and repair of existing systems .No inflated wadges to management being paid for by cutbacks in service .Re-ectablishing the use of our Mineing and geological recources.The property sell off that came with the de-nationalisation of the railways cannot be reversed but the Rail Networks ,Water(Sewerage/drainage),Electricity
    genoration & supply along with Gas must be taken out of the hands of speculators.Additionaly the Banking sector should be reigned in to prevent the boom ,bust & profiteering that often in the past has sponsered and encouraged conflict.French & German bankers are in prison now for their reckless behaviour that created the crash and following recession and yet our bankers are free which indicates the colusion between our politicaly elected representatives and these criminals.


    Whatever figures that these companies disclose, have already been adulterated before they get into print……
    The only therm that interests me when i get my gas bill, is the therm in hypothermia.
    How many pensioners have succumbed to this horrible fate over the cruel winter, whilst the greedy fat cats fill their bulging wallets…

    Have they no conscience?, obviously not. Greed has no conscience, just an overwhelming drive for profit, regardless of the victims.

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