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How to occupy a power station: exclusive footage of No Dash For Gas as they prepare to shut down the West Burton plant – video

AND: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9kTZgMIn4Go

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Ofgem blasted as they warn energy bills are set to soar yet again Posted on February 20, 2013


For public ownership of all strategic utilities in the public interest! NOT the interests of fat cat bosses and ‘shareholders’! 


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    Its starting to happen, the pieces of the jigsaw are all dropping into place. This could signal the beginning of the end of this plutocratic monstrosity that try to impose a grand hushing order on the plebs……
    The police are between a rock and a hard place, not knowing which way to turn. Their masters are issuing orders but i expect that, in truth, they support the actions of the protestors.
    Given the huge swathe of cuts that are hitting the police, its starting to fester in their minds. Do we follow our orders and lose credibility, or do we start to help the community?
    Coppers pay energy bills like everyone else, they are not blind to the greed of the big six…
    In France the protestors arent molly coddled either. They protest big style and get organized properly, everything comes to a standstill when they voice their opinions.
    The combined efforts of the energy giants and police are there for one thing only, namely to protect the wealth of the owners, directors and shareholders.
    They couldnt give two fucks about the consumers, we pave the way for their lavish lifestyles. Never forget this….
    Nevertheless, they are completely knackered without our money, it oils all machinery, however distasteful.
    Watch any warring factions on tv, when the shit hits the fan the police or militia always end up splitting ranks and going back to the people….
    Its common sense, carrying on fighting for the government and risk getting badly hurt or killed or seek safety in numbers and rebel…….
    Life has to go on. Unity is a force to be reckoned with….
    They know this and are trying to take the venom from our bite, they aint seen nothing yet…..

    1. John Hargrave says:

      Good on yer mate, I agree entirely…we have the right to protest, and we will use this right.

  2. If we can name streets after fallen servicepeople, why not those who fell to Atos/DWP? says:

    The Labour Party’s Shadow Defence Secretary, Jim Murphy, has proposed that local authorities consider naming streets after deceased members of the armed forces, who died on active service.

    Together with Hilary Benn, the Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary, he said this would offer a lasting commemoration, showing the value we place on those who have served and been lost.

    It’s a good idea, as far as it goes, and shows that Labour is following through on its ‘One Nation’ promise – here bringing us together through patriotism.

    Why not take it one step further?

    How about encouraging local authorities to name new streets – or rename current streets – for people who have died after the Department for Work and Pensions declared them fit for work (on the advice of Atos assessors)?

    The street signs could feature an explanatory statement, showing how the named person died, what their illness was, and how the DWP/Atos had treated them.

    It would be a lasting reminder, to Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians, of the blood on their hands.

    The possibility of commemorating the Atos dead, as some have named them, has been on my mind lately. I had been considering contacting the national action groups to ask if there was a wall somewhere, decorated with photos and tributes to them (newspaper reports of their deaths would be enough). If not, I thought one could be created quite quickly.

    Or a mobile display, that could be taken to the Houses of Parliament for demonstrations. That would be effective.

    I remember when I visited Bosnia, back in the 1990s, they had a building up in the hills that was a memorial to everybody who had died for their country during the war in the former Yugoslavia. It was maintained by a lady who knew the details of every single person whose picture was on the walls – and there were hundreds lining them. The stories were terrifying, and touching, and it was impossible not to be moved by them.

    Now Messrs Murphy and Benn have raised this street-naming idea.

    Wouldn’t it be meaningful to have, on street corners across the country, memorials to one of the most shameful purges in the UK’s history – the time when the government turned on the most vulnerable in society and hounded them to death?

    What sort of message would that put out to Conservative and Liberal Democrat election candidates, canvassing voters on streets named after people their policies, effectively, put to death?

    Should it be made to happen?

    What do you think?

  3. Justin Thyme says:

    It’s funny how the capitalists always presume the support of the police against the people in these matters when in fact the people should be assuming the protection of the police from the criminals!! I cannot think of a time generally in my life when the people are presumed to be criminal, guilty before innocent, in need of control and abuse by the authorities – and I’ve lied through the Thatcher years and the abuse of the miners by those despicable bastards in government. Today it feels the abuse is endemic, the north of Ireland and the miners were practice grounds for the elitist thugs.

  4. Humanity2012 says:

    Redistribution of Wealth from Rich to Poor is the Answer

    Break the Obscene Wealth of the Rich Break their Obscene Arrogance

    End Obscene Poverty and In Justice Now and Forever

    A World Free of the Cancer of Capitalism A Nicer World

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