Internet access: 'with more than 200 public libraries closing last year and skilled staff being replaced by untrained volunteers, even this freely available support has been gradually dismantled.' Photograph: Jeff Blackler / Rex Features
Internet access: ‘with more than 200 public libraries closing last year and skilled staff being replaced by untrained volunteers, even this freely available support has been gradually dismantled.’ Photograph: Jeff Blackler / Rex Features

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  1. Jim Edge says:

    It seems that Iain Duncan Smith and the Conservative party either do not understand that their plans exclude many thousands or they do not care. I think it is the latter Idiot D Smith is a second Eichman and he is proud of his eugenics program disguised as work fare.

    1. JudeB says:

      He couldn’t care less! He’s just out to trample those of us who don’t have the where-with-all to fight back!

  2. Qashie James says:

    From October when Universal Credits come in everybody who is on whatever benefits will be expected to pay their rents / council tax first online as you will not be able to setup D/D’s and if you don’t have a PC you will have use a neighbours or families.
    So much for IDS thinking that everyone has a PC?

    1. Bluesky says:

      Many people don’t have bank accounts but have a Post Office card account, these people won’t be able to make DD payments so thats another group that will be screwed, I won’t even place IDS in the same group as A Hitler as IDS is worse than him………

    2. Brian F Kirkham says:

      Un less of course, there’s some crackpot scheme to give everyone eligible for benefit a free computer to fill in all these forms….be careful if this arises, remember Orwell – Big Brother will truly be watching you.

  3. Boadacia! says:

    Be nice if these comment boxes were in a font that wasn’t squashed, and the line spacing sorted, admin’s? We wouldn’t want IDS to skip them because he didn’t have his NHS glasses at hand.

  4. Bluesky says:

    I think that the real reason that IDS wants universal credit etc to be done on-line is that he knows many people don’t have internet access, and in that way alone he WILL BE SAVING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS by taking away benefit from those in most need. IDIOT DUNGHEAP SMITH is a menace to every person in this country, he is causing immence harm to vunerable people, I personally think the government should take him to the ‘VETS’ and have him put down, or even better have him castrated so he can’t reproduce, then have him put down cos he suffers from THE WORST CASE OF VERBLE DIOREA that i’ve ever seen…………………..

  5. Justin Thyme says:

    IDS only has a job because Cameron sees some political mileage in being able to divide the population on the topic of benefits. It suits Cameron to have someone there, who he probably thinks , like us, is a twat who can nevertheless be dragged out on those occasions when it suits to hide or disguise a problem. Tactically it’s quite astute and seems to be working – it is after all only the disabled and the poor who are suffering. What IDS is doing is complying to keep his job. In some vainglorious way he thinks he’s doing well.
    Actually people are dying which highlights Cameron’s lack of sincerity and his ability to be a tool of the elites. Cameron cannot escape the carnage of the British people because he is complicit in their murder. IDS is the tool through which it is all happeneing. It is ideological warfare. It is not about the defecit reduction

  6. Bluesky says:

    Bit of news, Eairlier this month the PM attempted to reshuffle IDS to the job of Justice Secretary as fears over the progress and costs of the Universal Credit circulated in Parliament, however he was rebuffed by IDS who is Determined to see his reformes through.
    But on monday(25/2/2013 IDS is to appear before the cross party work and pensions Select Committee, Dame Anne Begg MP said IDS WOULD FACE A ‘GRILLING’ when he goes before members… I will be watching it with great interest if only to see him throw a wobbly yet again when things don’t go his way when he has to answer questions he doesn’t like… Hopefully this evil little man will get his comeupance at last….The recording will be aired on BBC PARLIAMENT @ 12:50 monday lunch time so please everyone watch it, if his radio interview was anything to go by this will be rather explosive..

    1. Bluesky says:

      Well ain’t this bit of news a turn up for the books. The cross party work + pensions select committee grilling of IDS ‘HAS SUDDENLY BEEN REMOVED’ fromm BBC Parliament channel on sky to be replaced by live london assembly-buget and scotish first ministers questions??? IDS has probably managed to ‘WEASEL HIS WAY OUT OF IT (AGAIN), can’t even find any mention of it on BBC iplayer?????? strange but true,,if i can find anything to do with the Grilling he was ment to have i’ll let everyone know…..(Well MIFFED OFF ABOUT THIS) 🙁 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

  7. Stephen Jewell says:

    No set of figures or statistics that are produced to show the inadequacies pf Ian Duncan Smiths plans for wefare reform will be listened to, considered or acted upon. The guy is pig ignorant!

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