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  1. Annos says:

    It is only a matter of time that if anyone becomes homeless the government will offer them accommodation in another EU country, well, we are all EU citizens, with all that is going on at this moment in time I fully expect this to happen in the near future, if you don’t take the offer you will be deemed to have made yourself homeless and out onto the streets!!!.

  2. Serenity says:

    Meanwhile the Rachman landlords and seedy B&B owners rub their greedy paws with glee, so they want to give them tax breaks also now ????
    The government have no interest in saving the taxpayer money as if they did they would provide enough social housing which would save money in the long run but no they would rather fill the pockets of greedy, exploitative property owners.

  3. Al-chamaa says:

    I myself am a Briton who has been subjected to such maltreatment I applied for housing on Nov 27 2012 and have been placed in a temporary B&B all the way near heathrow and with shared facilities being pregnant with sever medical conditions polycystic ovaries and endemetriosis giving me a high risk pregancy I am vulnerable and isolated from any friends and cannot even get to the hospital I I go into labour lost all hope been waiting for months to be told my Westminster housing application is still under investigation and told by my case worker he will take the case on when he feels like it and that I will never be housed has been a traumatic experience and made me Ill throughout my pregnancy I am 27 single mother and do not have any support around me and the council are leaving my case unattended work part time and studied to get my degree and never got the dream job but paid my way until I became unlucky and have been treated the worst. Someone who is a future taxpayer and born in the UK should be prioritised. I was told I could not have children and this was a miracle but has become a living nightmare being stressed and in and out of hospitals the whole time. I have to walk 20 mins down a dark isolated road to get home every night with young teenagers following me and trying to steal things from me. My baby is due May 2013 and Im so scared to be where I am, live with robbers addicts and scared to continue with my life and worry about bringing this baby into this environment I have constant sickness and poor health my midwife can never reach me I asked to be moved to central London b&b but they told me they do not have any nearer b&bs time is running out and I hope no one has to suffer this. The council have let me down and do not care about my health or my child and hope they can live with thselves when so many young women will loose their lives and their families. I wish I got my dream job with my degree but some people are lucky and some people are not if I had a job in the council I would make it my job to change lives. Wish the lady in the story the best of luck in her future God bless xxxxx

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