Stress of Atos/DWP ‘assessments’ have driven people to self-harm – in shocking ways ~ Atos Victims Group




Fuck Atos Arm

Atos Victims Group write:

‘If anyone has any doubt as to the consequences of what Atos and the UK government are forcing people to endure then please look no further than this picture above.

‘I don’t know the full background to the picture but I do know that it was done by someone who has problems with self harming etc, they obviously decided to show their anger and frustration in this way.

‘Shame on this bloody arrogant coalition government, shame on the politicians of all sides who continue to say that the Atos system just needs a bit of reforming, it needs to end right now before any more people lose their lives or harm themselves like this poor soul.

‘I suggest you all send a copy of this image to your local MP, let those who are so arrogant as to not believe what vulnerable people are driven to do….’

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    Under the Freedom of Information Act, I have requested how the NHS intends to examine claimants of PIP.
    I have asked if the exam will be by a fully qualified doctor, knowledgeable in the conditions of the patient, will LIMA software be used and will ATOS staff be utilised.


  2. john stott says:

    help. goining to my court appeal the 17 – 1- 2014..phoned wellfair rights whome i was told will help….told sorry we cant help.advise nothing. i asked — well mr stott the last contact we had was last year in may 2013 we need two months.but u told me back in may 2013 u cant do anything untill u know when my court date is…i only just got it mid december 2013 just before xmas. mr stott we cant help and u are wrong we sent information to u…which i did not get…i raised that this wrong i recived nothing…no mr stott we know everthing this is abought u beining placed in the low support groupe…then i repleyd ehhh thats allso wrong iam in the high rate support groupe they want me placed in the low support groupe…she paused well to be honest i dont know in fact i dont have any deatails abought you….HONEST.i shouted u what how can u say when you say that iam wrong when u said that u dnt have infomation abought me…thats when she put the phone down…eaven my dwp triburnal advisers gave info to them back last year…they have done nothing….i have all letters etc prompt etc…this call too day was recorded n witnesed….what do i do now no legal reprasentaion….what country iam i in….plz help … stott

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