Margaret Hodge, chair of the public accounts committee, said the Department for Work and Pensions was getting far too many decisions wrong on claimants' ability to work. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian
Margaret Hodge, chair of the public accounts committee, said the Department for Work and Pensions was getting far too many decisions wrong on claimants’ ability to work. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian

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  1. mark says:

    Ok, they inherited it. But, they also took it on board as is, ran with it, AND used it as a weapon to demonise claiments under the guise of cutting the welfare bill, which they say is “rife with fraud” and spiralling out of control”. Don’t know much about Hoban, but his reply was that of a disgusting wimp.

  2. Christopher Guest says:

    The public account’s committee are yet another waste of space.Whats the good of telling the Government they’ve got it wrong but fuck all gets done about it besides bullshit talk.This as gone on for years now.If MP’s aren’t going to listen to expert advice from various sources members of the public who are experiencing first hand the financial hardship and stress being forced on them by ATOS/DWP and each other then nobody stands a fucking chance of righting any wrongs.These bastards get paid for fuck all.They aren’t telling the Many thousands of us who are fighting to get rid of ATOS a dam thing that we aren’t already aware of and have been so for ages and they themselves have been fully aware of also.If the MP’s public accounts committee was set up to hold the Government/MP’s and those who run the institutions that we rely on to account but don’t do the job they are suppose to do and which it was set up to do then its nothing more than a white elephant and as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

  3. RtHomGetlemen says:

    Just think of all the thousands of people who have been thrown off benefits by DWP, are they going to get their money backdated???
    not fucking likely, this is a bull shit fuck hole royal ass licking excuse for a country, we are now witnessing crimes against humanity in this country, we need a Nuremberg style trial for Cameron Clegg, IDS and all the other slippery slimy silver tongued lying filth who are called Rt Hon Gentlemen and women.
    The ,lies spew froth their mouths like vomit, How much more are we going to take off this.

  4. laz says:

    AXE Atos & save the country a fortune both in the tests and appeals .
    Medical evidence from a patients health proffessional should be adequate to make a decision with the DWP questionaire that we have all filled in .Any doubts can be adressed to to Patients Medical professionals for further details or tests for confirmation.Better to have a few extra honest public servants within the DWP than a private company that will always try to produce faverouble figures to suit political adgendas.
    This Country has blaytantly has blatantly ignored the rites laid down in both the UN & EU conventions and because of the Deaths that have resulted from the stress and despair caused by the Atos faulty test results are guilty of murder by political adgenda:ie DOMICIDE.Cameron ,Ids and all others the who pushed this Nazi bill through should be concidered Murderers along with Atos chief Medical officer.They were told of Deaths post Atos decisions but by not suspending all Atos medicals have sanctioned the indirect assasination of further victims .Labour may have introduced the tests but this has proved to be well intended but should have been scrapped.


    I am wondering if the CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER for DWP BILL GUNNYEON, has stated a conflict of interest, given that he is a director of CAPITA HEALTH CARE, who share many links with ATOS, on securing lucrative government health contracts.


  6. Linda Ashford says:

    No mention of the people who have died as a result of this process, or the sick and/or disabled people who have been left with little or no income to weather this winter, or the utterly distressing circumstances under which these tests have been undertaken. No mention of the benefits that have been cut off because offices were inaccesible, and Atos would not rearrange appointments in many cases, or the truly ridiculous one size fits all points system that is not fit for purpose. The people in government who are responsible for this state of affairs ought to be held to account for it. We have had nearly three years of distress, fear, and utter despair for disabled people across Britain dismissed by Mark Hoban. I really do not know how to describe what has happened here, to disabled people and people who are out of work, but it is the closest thing to fascism that I have personally seen. The people responsible should be tried for human rights abuses, and I would include public and private sector perpetrators as both being equally culpable. I would also say the media has played their part in this ongoing situation, because as of today there is no indication that any of this is going to stop. This is just a report. It is not action. The Welfare reform bill needs to be repealed urgently too, so this cannot happen again, and cannot continue to happen.


    Is it just a coincidence that UNUM, who have a track record of DISABILITY DENIAL, links to ATOS and our own, DWP, have links to BILL GUNNYEON, the DWP CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISER.
    Unum were linked to occupational health insurance scams in the USA and GUNNYEON is involved in talks with British Insurers. Incentives required to improve employee healthcare benefits
    Source:Occupational Health Date:01-02-2012 Type:surveys and statistics

    Incentives required to improve employee healthcare benefits Nic Paton The majority of employers would like to see tax breaks introduced in order to encourage firms to invest in private medical insurance, new research argues. The concession by the DWP’s Dr Bill Gunnyeon was made at a conference organised by the Association of British Insurers in January 2012.

  8. jeffery davies says:

    well put geoff r but unum and all its policys are coming to fruit but are labour if in power do anyhting about it i serious ly doubt it either how can we be ruled by milllionaires as most are they keep their life stye taking of us so all has got to be change as they got to greedy and this is mot good enough from people put in to look after us no humanity no feelings just greed thats a no no jeff3

  9. chindit says:

    apparently the government have to run these new proposals past the queen for her approval .that says it all .lets get rid of these scroungers at the top.

  10. GEOFF REYNOLDS says:

    Members of the House of Lords get £300 per day expenses. I fail to see how they can even exist on this amount of money.
    Maybe they skimp on the caviar and truffles in the taxpayer subsidised restaurants and bars? Who knows?
    As for me, i suppose its another Findus Cheltenham Gold Cup Lasagne, after all, what can one expect on £70 per week?

  11. R. Robinson says:

    Why do this government not take responsibility for what THEY are doing? They put the WCA into action, they had every chance to change it to what would have been reasonable but they did not. Stop blaming the previous government and deal with the mess YOU have made to people’s lives with a “Not Fit For Purpose” WCA! You have been in government nearly three years now for goodness sake!!

    The government are in power to make decisions that HELP the public! Have they helped anyone with Atos, the WCA, They decided to impose upon sick, unemployed and disabled people. Because the government have approved the WCA over a thousand people have died because of the stress of losing their lifeline, which is what their benefits are, most benefits are “means tested” which means most people do NOT have ANY

  12. R. Robinson says:

    savings, they live from week to week. I don’t think anyone in the Conservative government would understand that! We have all heard that the so called WCA doctors are getting £9,500 for placing a disabled person in work! People are human beings, not EVERYTHING is about money! You are paid to make decisions on the public’s behalf.. This now needs dealing with immediately, people have committed suicide and died because you didn’t read or amend a document that needed amending. A beautiful 21 year old lost her life because she sent off for 200 jobs, she didn’t get one, she was being called a scrounger by the government (who are supposed to be there to help the public) she was degraded trying to claim benefits. This poor girl committed suicide and there are many many more stories like this. It’s high time sorted out the mess YOU have made and the “bedroom tax” is another “not fit for purpose” atrocity that you have dreamed up to demonise poor people. That needs to be scrapped too! Another demonisation to poor people. How can you make decisions like these for people who are already on the breadline? Make the Right decisions and deal with this now! Mr Cameron, George Osbourne, Ian Duncan Smith, YOU are all responsible for the people who have died since YOU were in power!

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