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  1. Elaine W says:

    OMG When is this man going to get into the REAL world? What about all the people he has taken off benefits – they are getting no money because they are caught in a catch 22 situation between ATOS and Jobcentre. One says they are fit for work the other says they aren’t – this means they are living on nothing and very grateful for food banks. I also know working people on very low wages that have had to go to a food bank as their salary doesnt last the month. Why doesnt he let them live on his salary for a few weeks??

  2. RMC says:

    ‘Set at a level where people can afford to eat’? Well, yes, if they don’t do anything else. The Rowntree Foundation states that in 2012 a single person needed £91.58 per week for food, fuel, clothing and transport … a single person on benefit gets £71 … and unless they have been lucky enough to get social housing or have a non-mortgaged property, they also have to find at least a proportion of their housing costs out of that £71 too. I’ve seen a figure of £200/wk as a reclaimable food budget for MPs bandied around – if this is true, it’s disgraceful … I feed a family of five on less than half that, including special toiletries/diets … I wouldn’t know where to start to try and spend £200 just on food, there’d be so much wastage.

  3. alan says:

    starve mps then put them on 71pounds see how they manage they will die understanding how to live on 71pounds

  4. Cyberwolf says:

    This man will NEVER get into the ‘real world’ until there are people tearing down the gates to Number 10, barricading the entrances to the House of Commons or skeet-shooting Tory Politicians.. The FACT is that these are NAZIS.. The Nazis didn’t listen, didn’t WANT to listen and won’t listen without the application of automatic weapons, incendiaries and fragmentation devices. THIS is a JUNTA – a nasty, fascist-inspired, hitlerite, wannabee Fourth Reich imitating Government of Occupation. People ARE dying. The most vulnerable are being put into ghettoes from which there is NO ESCAPE.

    So either we fight, tooth and nail and get rid of them all – or we wait for the end.

    They wanted a Darwinian/Nietschian Country.. let’s f*cking give them one!!

  5. Boadacia! says:

    Isn’t it strange that in all the TV programs about these skunks trying to live just ONE week on the pittances we do, they ALL failed miserably! One glass of wine they gorge on, after every meal, can be two weeks worth of DLA.

  6. bens my baby says:

    david cameron needs to get a touch of reality. i have various health issues and i have a 22yr old son who has spina bifida and hydrocephalus with severe learning difficulties. just 3 weeks before christmas my husband after 8 yrs in the same job was handed his notice with no warning at all. without the local foodbank we wouldnt have been able to eat. for a man who had a disabled son himself and had no problems claiming benefits he was entitled to i think it is disgusting how he is treating families in a worse situation. my husband has a daily battle looking after a very sick young man,holding down a demanding job as a chef and looking after a wife with fibermyalgia and severe depression who has to fight the thoughts of suicide on a daily basis. we live with stress constantly and these cuts are pushing us over the edge. this is being done to hundreds of families on a daily basis and its not as the government says because the system is being abused. instead its a way to make people take their own lives because deep down cameron and his bully boys hate the poor sick disabled and mentally ill. its not that long ago that a leader called the sick disabled and mentally ill useless feeders and got rid of them by putting them in gas chambers. thousands of them. sons and daughters sisters and brothers who had people who loved and cared for them. if this was about money why didnt the government go after the bankers and the corporations who pay little to no tax. the PM and MPs are elected by the people and are supposed to work for the benefit of those same people. isnt it time to get rid of these posh boys and get rid of them all and trust me they are all the same and elect a completely new party who will be our voice in the wilderness. the longer this madness is allowed to continue the more blood these men and women will have on their hands. i read an article a couple of days ago when a MP said that several conditions had no right to life including children with spina bifida. my husband and i love our son dearly and he has as much right to life as the next person. i pray i see this madness ended before more lives are taken. as a final note this took me several hours to write checking for mistakes trying to get my point across all because i feel so strongly about this. i pray someone comes to our rescue soon before its to late.

  7. Ann Wood says:

    i agree RMC, i work as a welfare benefits advisor, my role is funded and this, from the looks of things, will be cut from April and i will be out of work. I have a mortgage which i have to pay on my own since my husband had left me and out of the £71.00 per week jobseekers allowance i will receive i will have to put most of this towards my mortgage and i have calculated i will have £1.00 left to buy food, pay for utilities, clothe and feed my family each week. Cameron has no idea of how people have to budget when they receive benefits, i speak to clients who are struggling every day and go without even the basics, this Government has no idea, no idea whatsoever of the pain and misery they cause.

  8. jeffrey davies (@jeffrey33333)e says:

    YEP WHEN THE POPOULATION gets it whot they have done to every one then they will get a fight on their hands as those being denied benefits need the food banks to live while those working just surving on their wages will find out they are affected by this lot so about june july when they had it up to their teeth the pot going to blow me,s think but then they still got their caviar and salmon on their tables while we got owt about right jeff3


    The country we live in is based on a network of corruption.It starts at the very top and permeates all the way down, from the mightiest on our benches to the town halls and to contractors.
    Its not really obvious to normal people because the web of deceit is carefully hidden in such a way to deceive at first glance. Every time someone makes a donation to a party their is an overriding reason why. Be it a well placed bung for a knighthood or a manipulation of a building contract or a change to the law to help employers sack workers more quickly….
    Last night i started to look at links to ATOS, what i found was not startling, but somewhat expected to say the least.
    Connections to this firm and UNUM corporation is like something that everyone should be aware of. It really opens your eyes and makes you aware of who is making what and why,
    Venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft was my starting point. i wondered why someone would want to donate £593, 000 to David Cameron and his party and what would he achieve?
    The answer seemed simple, he wanted employers to be able to sack for no apparent reason. Well the reasons are only too obvious, to line the pockets of the wealthy, kick the unions and bring pay down even further.
    Afterwards, it seems, there were doubts of who had actually written it. Was it written by the man himself or was it a plot by the tories to distance themselves from it in case the populus became angry. After all they dont want to be seen as the nasty party even though they have gone far beyond this…
    Beecrofts company,Dawn Capital, holds large stocks in WONGA.
    Yes the very company who is ripping off the very poorest in our communities. Alas the government were going to act on these unscrupulous loan sharks and the disgusting amount of interest, but hey, this guys a personal friend of dodgy dave…
    Bernard Bourigeaud was the founder and former ceo of ATOS ORIGIN. ATOS completed the acquisition of KPMG consulting in 2002. In 2003 ATOS ORIGIN acquired SCHLUMBERGER SEMA.
    In 2008 Mr Bourigeaud moves to APAX FRANCE as senior advisor. APAX apparently
    invests exclusively in Telecommunications, I.T., Retail and consumer products, Media, Healthcare and Financial.
    2011 sees the same guy elected onto the International Paralympic Games Committee.
    p.s. Guess who the sponsors were?, none other than ATOS..
    Can you see where all the links are?
    Mr Beecroft was for many years Chief Investment Officer at APAX and represented APAX on the boards of 20 private and public companies.
    City of London is awash with an intricate web of certain banks and businesses that operate covertly to their own ends.
    Most of the links emanate from the very privileged who attended the higher seats of learning at Oxford, Eton and Cambridge.
    Its possible to see theTransfer of Wealth amongst these, so called, elitists if you dig deep enough.
    Everyone of them has their snout in the trough. Major building contracts inLondon at the moment have links to the Lord Mayor, Boris Johnson, that stretch back to Oxford university.
    Seek and ye shall find.
    Why not start with Dr. MANSEL AYLWARD and how he was the CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER for the now infamous, DWP. His links to ATOS and how he helped to design the software that renders people to a life of poverty, despair and even, suicide…

  10. kath gray says:

    ok then, Swappsies! any one of them can have my £ for a month, I’ll have theirs- enjoy having a lecky metre! o yes- they also have to carry a couple of stone of rocks in a rucksack whenever they walk somewhere- soo they get the hang of backpain. 🙂

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