Scottish Trades Union Congress to Demand AtoS’s 2014 Commonwealth Games Sponsor Status be Revoked


Motion submitted to the STUC Annual Conference 17th April 2013 in Perth


Congress notes: 

* Sponsors of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow include ATOS. 

* ATOS has been the object of sustained campaigning by disability rights activists, for reason of its conduct of Work Capability Assessments on behalf of the Con-Dem coalition, with the goal of driving people with disabilities off benefits. 

Congress believes ATOS should not be allowed to exploit the Commonwealth Games as a source of publicity. 

Congress therefore resolves to: 

* Instruct the General Council to write to the Board and Executive Team of Glasgow 2014 calling on them to cancel ATOS’ sponsorship of the Games. 

* Instruct the General Council to write to Glasgow City Labour Group urging them to support the demand that ATOS should not be accepted as a sponsor of the Games. 

* Support campaigning by disability rights groups against ATOS sponsorship of the Games.


Glasgow Trades Council
Glasgow Trades Council

Glasgow Trades Council passed this motion and it is now Trades Council policy.

Next we look for ACTION on this motion!

Solidarity with all our comrades in the Scottish Trade Union Movement!




7 thoughts on “Scottish Trades Union Congress to Demand AtoS’s 2014 Commonwealth Games Sponsor Status be Revoked

  1. steve davies says:

    Will never happen !!!!! Atos are to far entrenched and “thick as thieves ” with Westminster government and either is or will be with the Scottish assembly. As a wheelchair user I would be delighted with Atos losing any form of contract……they are Gestapo equivalent in an extreme right wing junta.

    1. JJ says:

      Solidarity Steve! They had better think again or there will be MASSIVE TROUBLE at the Commonwealth Games! They would be extremely FOOLISH to continue with AtoS’s sponsorship. The feeling against them will reach BOILING POINT if they go ahead ….

  2. Boadacia! says:

    All throughout history the poorest have been hammered to pay for the criminal incompetence of rulers, but few ever learn this. It’s just a continuous recycling of such, over and over!

    From the ‘bedroom tax’ to all sorts of ways to fleece the ignorant masses. Ask yourselves why many old buildings have bricked up windows. It’s now time for change as we have so much better communications for education! Let us use these to make an unbearable noise and humiliation for these political thieves who laugh at us all in our ignorance!

  3. jeffery davies says:

    we had the nazi party we got the tory party and now we got the atos dwp partnership killing more every week if thats not a evil frim then how come more die by their hands yep make way just pick up your bar of soap and towel and follow to were they say no more pain yep it makes yo uthink how they can and do get away with it week in week out but then it only takes one to open their eyes but then our politicians walk around with their eyes closed and hands in that till jeff3

  4. David Moynagh says:

    Surely with the evidence of ATOS related deaths and suicides ,all those responsible in westminster who continue with the ATOS horror should be facing charges of crimes against humanity. Is there not a european court than can be used to bring them to pay for their evil.

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