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  1. JJ says:

    RupertBH 27 January 2013
    Great cartoon about terrible law.
    Forcing vulnerable people (including those with severe mental illnesses who might have suffered abuse) to share with strangers will make life hell for tens of thousands. Again the Tory-libdem Party are tettering on the edge of genuine evil.

  2. JJ says:

    lightacandle 28 January 2013 12:09am

    Oh thank-you for this cartoon, cartoonist – just spent a day reading articles and tweets detailing just how awful this is going to be – from an MP in a surgery having to deal with someone who will lose their home and has nowhere to go, to another person telling of how their disabled mother is crying because she won’t be able to pay it and many others too.

    But the consensus seems to be that this is the one that will break the camel’s back and like the poll tax people will have no choice but to come out on the streets. And I do hope so – at last.

    Btw – liking the towels and towel folder – hopefully they are what he’s come to the room to pick up and will take them, and himself, back off to Selfridges from where he never should have left.

    Please lock him in there in the next cartoon, and then we might just all be safe….

  3. JJ says:

    mschin1 28 January 2013 12:52am

    From Shelter:

    Under the new housing benefit rules, the size of the home you can rent without being affected by this cut will be:

    1 bedroom for a couple
    1 bedroom for a person aged 16 or over
    1 bedroom for 2 children aged under 16 of the same sex
    1 bedroom for 2 children ahged under 10 – boys and girls are expected to share a room)
    1 extra bedroom if you or your partner needs an overnight carer to stay.

    A severely disabled child who needs a room of their own may not be required to share a room. You should get advice from a welfare benefit adviser if your benefit is cut.
    You won’t be allowed to claim housing benefit for rooms above this limit that are used for:
    foster children
    couples who use separate bedrooms because of illness
    children visiting a divorced or separated parent
    disabled adults.

    FFS, other than pensioners, who are mercifully protected (but for how long?), this odious policy is going to drive many over the cliff.

    And aside from the humanity of this plan, just where the hell do these buffons in government think all this one-bedroom social housing is to be found in rural areas, never mind the cities?

    Why the hell are we uprooting disabled people who have adapted properties to smaller ones which will have to be fitted with the aids & facilities they need, and for which we the taxpayers, will pay again? What is the bloody point of making people’s lives a misery … oh,
    I forgot, it’s the Tories and their coalition sidekicks (or should that be bedposts).

    Lower than vermin.

  4. JJ says:

    28 January 2013 1:56amLink to this comment
    Im going to have what is for me an early nigh. Thought Id dump some apt links I had collated (fearful Ill be taxed whilst sleeping for spare capacity):
    This initiative sounds like a lot of red tape. Pretty petty and vindictive, this is not how to motivate people out of what in many situations are already uncomfortable situations.
    Loving the cartoon, so much to discuss…the next morning

  5. Ian Davies says:

    The tenants of social housing & in receipt of Housing Benefit (which goes to landlord) are already struggling to keep their heads above water, this policy will cost them money they don’t have as they will have to buy carpets & curtains. It will also impact the environment as thousands of tons of perfectly good stuff gets thrown away, it will cost some councils more because smaller properties often cost more than larger ones.

  6. Aletheia says:

    If the gov were purely interested in cutting the housing benefit bill they would put more effort into stopping private landlords charge astronomical rents. But as many MPS rent theirown properties out and charge what they like, including allowing other MPs to rent it at tax payers expense, they would not do this. As usual this is another example of how to exploit the vulnerable whilst protecting the already wealthy…In the words of George Harrison (Beware of Darkness)..”beware of greedy leaders, they take you where you should not go …..”

  7. murphy says:

    It’s disgraceful that the mainstream media and MPs are only just waking up to this policy which has been on the cards since last year. Many tenants are still waiting to be told about it. Local authorities are in utter disarray and don’t seem sure about exactly who discretionary housing payments are meant to be for. Not surprising as central government have failed to clarify eligibility in the most recent guidance for decision makers. Doesn’t matter anyway as DHPs will only help 35,000 households out of an estimated 660,000 affected. The policy will not save money either; like most of the ‘back of the fag packet’ Tory notions it could easily end up costing more. The equality impact assessment clearly showed that this will disproportionately affect chronically sick and disabled tenants yet there is no mitigation, justification or elimination of this indirect discrimination. This is contray to several Articles of the ECHR and the UNCRPD as well as the Equality Act. You’re right; this will be the final straw, there has never been a benefits policy like it. There is no transitional protection, no right of appeal, no exemptions other than those needing constant overnight care. People can economise (just) with buying less food or not having the heating on; you cannot economise with the rent, it has to be paid. This is set to cause hardship, arrears and homelessness from April 1st. I hope it will be this government’s undoing.

    1. PJO says:

      Spare a thought for the government, think how hard it was for IDS & his Tory cohorts to draw up these proposals while they were splitting their sides laughing at the thought of all the heartache, misery & despair their welfare reforms would inflict on people.
      If everyone whos says they, “can’t be bothered to vote because it makes no difference”, would just get off their arse and do it then we can get rid of this filthy elite at the next election & the Lib Dems will be confined to the political wasteland where they belong, a well deserved reward for the spineless liars that they are!

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